Dev On What Sony Has Done Right This Gen Compared To Microsoft, And The Changing Waves of Tech War

‘In some ways, Microsoft tried to be more ambitious…’

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15 Ways to Enhance Your Experience on PS4 and Xbox One

Iterative consoles such as the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One Scorpio are all the rage right now, prompting a new shift in how the traditional generational life cycle of a console is perceived- and it seems as though developers may be coming around to the merits of a rolling upgrade approach like this one, too.

When GamingBolt had a chance to sit down and talk to Forrest Dowling of The Molasses Flood, the developers behind Flame in the Flood, in an exclusive interview, we asked him about the upcoming iterative consoles. Until now, Sony has had the more powerful console, and has led the ‘resolution wars’ and the ‘performance wars’- but that could all change with the upcoming Scorpio and the already released PS4 Pro. What, as a developer, are his thoughts on the changing paradigms of technology?

“One thing I’m excited about is the idea that the consoles may be moving more toward the sort of evolving platform that is common on mobile platforms,”he said. “Major generational shifts are extremely difficult to weather as a developer, so moving toward a more incremental approach hopefully will be less impactful on development.”

We also asked him about what his take was on why Sony is ultimately doing better than Microsoft in this round of the console wars. “I hesitate to armchair quarterback too much, as I’ve never been behind the scenes of a major console launch, or even the ongoing operation of one, but I think Sony just had a stronger message out of the gate,” he said. “Microsoft in some ways tried to be more ambitious, and it seems like consumers weren’t that interested in some of their marquee features like the Kinect. I think both have hit their stride a lot more, but as we’ve seen historically whoever is strongest out of the gate in a generational shift tends to keep their lead.”

I think I agree with his assessment- in the end, Sony had more focused, stronger messaging that resonated more with customers, and the momentum then translated into inertia, which has led to Microsoft’s inability to mount a proper comeback- then again, with the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, who knows how things might change? One thing is for sure, we need all three console manufacturers to do well within this industry- and right now, it seems like each is doing pretty well for themselves within their defined niches after all. It’ll be interesting to see how the new tech they have each released – the PS4 Pro, the Nintendo Switch, and the upcoming Scorpio – changes things.

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  • The truth-ier

    I wonder if this idiot is ever going to acknowledge the x1 is doing fine, its selling faster then the x360..which was not considered a failure, and that just because you are not number 1, doesnt mean you are not succesful. With this sites dumb logic, on a worldwide basis the galaxy s phone line is a failure, because its outsold by the iphone.

  • Mohammed Allha

    Microsoft need just to focus on what they are good at and they need diversity




    Its called superior exclusives! Its not rocket science for Christ sake!

    • Gamez Rule

      Some of the Xbox fan base seems to be pinning all hopes on P-Scorpio as if it was a complete successor to what some would see as the somewhat ill-fated Xbone. Remember when MS hyped up *power of the cloud* that it was many time more powerful then Xbone hardware when used in gaming? Some of the Xbox fan base wanted this cloud power just as much as they want P-Scorpio.

      Some people really believe that P-Scorpio will defect PS4 consoles? While others know that this gen already belongs to Sony and their PS4’s.

      I just believe some people are putting to much faith in MS with *power of the cloud* and P-Scorpio. Best wait and see in the long run how well P-Scorpio does when compared to not only PS4 market share, but also how well it does against base Xbone models. Xbox fans know there’s lack of exclusive titles, and some people also know that no amount of extra power will make up for that.


      All power with no games = no fun!

      The only thing that could save them now is if they somehow snached a big 3rd party like Red Dead 2 as a timed exclusive. So I sure hope they dont get that.

    • Gamez Rule

      PS4 has a few timed exclusive deals like Destiny 2 so if MS get something good on them, but I can’t see it myself as Sony have this gen tied down already and devs know that this.


      Sure! They could probably secure some 4k patches and that’s all.

  • Hunter

    Scorpio = Steam Machine W10 = xbone = FLOP

    • Pattynbrown

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  • Mr Xrat

    An actual dev versus J*zz Corden’s shilling and spinning.

    • kma99

      Salt level is high with this guy

    • Mark


  • Gamez Rule

    Xbone needs more full exclusive titles which can only be played on the consoles while releasing more games in general as otherwise nothing will change because Sony will continue to get more market share and more support, while Xbone slows down in the sales department and drops below 360 sales overal while showing less support.

    Now just like PS4-Pro the Scorpio may not sell as many units as the Xbones base models, and that should really show that extra power sometimes doesn’t matter to people that already own a base model console. We need full exclusive games more than ever on Xbone asap. Sony has released game upon game and that’s why Sony done right when compared to lack of games from MS.


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