Diablo 3 on PS4 Aiming For Highest Possible Frame Rate And Resolution

“We will have to make adjustments to take advantage of the console architecture versus the PC.”

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diablo 3 reaper of souls

During a the launch event of Diablo 3: Reapers of Souls, GamingBolt got in touch with the title’s lead producer Alex Mayberry. During our 15 minute chat with Alex, we were able to ask him about how the PS4 version of Diablo 3 was shaping up.

With the PlayStation 4 and the games that have been released so far, there’s been a lot of talk regarding frame-rate and resolution. We asked Alex whether there will be a case of scaling back certain things on the PS4 from the PC or is it going to be full HD with high frame-rates like what everybody wants.

“Our goal is to always have the highest resolution we can get and the fastest frame-rates. We will have to make adjustments to take advantage of the console architecture versus the PC. They do behave slightly differently but whatever changes we make should only be for the benefit of the platform and not something that players would really notice, more under the hood kind of changes. We really look at trying to make the game experience great from holding a controller in your hand and it kind of starts from there. You know having the dual-sticks and being able to drive your character, the gameplay of the console version feels inherently different anyway because they are different controls. So we will really cater the game to take advantage of that, of holding a controller in your hands,” Alex explained to GamingBolt.

We also asked him about the chances of seeing an Xbox One version of Diablo 3, to which he replied:

“I can’t say when or if that will happen only that we develop for both platforms as part of what we do. If it does come to Xbox One we’ll make announcement, once that’s for certain.”

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is now available for the PC platform. Stay tuned for our full review of the expansion pack later this week.

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  • Psionicinversion

    Good luck with diablo PS4ailers, when it first came out on PC some people i know were looking forward to it for ages and they were let down in every way said it was good the first time then got boring and retitve cus the only way to level up is to keep going back through the same stuff over and over and over so dont have hi hopes cus you will be let down

    • Rivv

      Console diablo is better then on PC so im sure ROS will be better again on PS4..

    • Psionicinversion

      how is it, graphics has absolutely nothing to do with it, its the boring repetitive gameplay to get anywhere that was the major problem unless theyve overhauled the whole game just for PS4 cus it was a terrible failure

    • Greg Smith

      Really? You obviously haven’t played it on consoles. It took a console port to make this game really awesome. And user friendly.

    • Greg Smith

      The PS4 version is diablo 3 with the ROS expansion plus a bunch of bonus goodies only for the PS4. If you didn’t already know that.

  • Anders

    Did you ask him about a release date for ps4?

    • GamingBolt

      Yep. But nothing on that front yet.


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