DICE Will Not Rehash Battlefield 3 for PS4 and Xbox One

“Nothing better in Battlefield 3” to go back to after Battlefield 4.

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Whoever demanded a remake or port for Battlefield 3 for next gen consoles after Battlefield 4 releases, then bad news: DICE executive producer Patrick Bach has revealed at Gamescom that they “would not rehash [Battlefield 3 for PS4 & Xbox One].”

“It wouldn’t be worth it. I think it’s better to bring back the maps like we’re doing and then maybe there’s some other fan favourite that people really want and we can probably bring that back as well. But the feature set and the core game of Battlefield 3 versus Battlefield 4, it would be going backwards in time.

“There’s nothing really in Battlefield 3 that’s better than Battlefield 4, in my opinion. Of course, people might not agree, but in my book there’s nothing that is better in BF3, so why bring it back? That would be a very retro thing to do. Maybe two generations ahead we can do that and do like a retro rehash, but then I think people will always pick Battlefield 4 to do that.”

Battlefield 4 releases on October 29th for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, with a PS4 release on November 15th in North America and an Xbox One release slated for later.


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  • Geferson Dietze

    All the BF3 maps are better than the BF4. Once second assault was launched never played maps from BF4. I pray to launch a version of BF3 to my PS4. Greetings from Brazil.

  • TheRedMan

    Bf3 is the better game in my opinion and I’m gutted to read this.. when I read about backward compatability coming I was realy happy thinking I’d be able to play my favorite shooter again.. hope they change there minds :'(

  • Charles Malo

    BF3 > BF4, everyone agrees. This guy is really out of touch with the fanbase…

  • I’ve been trying to persevere with BF4 but it is awful in comparison with BF3. The vehicle controls are terrible.

  • Anibal Casanova

    bf3 is 90% better than bf4 smh.when im getting shot at in bf3 it sounds way better and intense not like bf4, a million times better campaign vs the bf4 shit.all bf3 maps are better and there’s co-op in bf3.i hope that it comes to xbox one backward compatibility at least.

  • Marko Novak

    They now play the same ball as EA: “If you can’t do better, than make it worst, and sell another one with us hopping, the new version will be better than the last”…!! And there you go, and the main weapon attachments in BF4 are what? Right IR, clearly hated and removed (nerfed) in BF3…! So why this turn in BF4 than!??? It’s made deliberately to be hated, so they can sell the next BF version, “hopefully better” version to us! Nobody earns money if you only play one game! But guess what Dice, I did not bought Hardline, I sure wont buy BF5 specially! Dice even wen’t so far that they broke the BF4 deliberately near releasing Hardline (I think it was “Winter Patch”, game became completely unplayable, till their next patch). And, because you deliberately made BF4 game worst (sound, weapons, IR all over the place etc.) The BF5 and in that matter any kind of future releases from Dice or EA will be banned from me! No matter how cool “movie sequences” you create and how many award you buy (remember BF3 release? despite broken game, best game rewards from all over the place…now that was funny! And now they are releasing BF3 maps in Hardline…it’s the point where one would take that BF4 CD out of the PlayStation and just break it on half and that’s it for you Dice cheaters! To buy another Dice game? NEVER EVER AGAIN !!! They are in EA (Earn Again) modus… And one more think? Did you know there is a Sever side setting (can’t be ripped to prove it) that boosts the low ranks against higher ranks? They are cheating higher ranked players, for to the noobs to recommend the game…Higher ranked players are taking all the headshots and ridiculous ms. kills from “spinning noobs”, for Dice to boost it’s sales….This has nothing to do with delivering cool games to the gamers, rather a big nasty cheating system!

    • hehe

      you sir, nailed it
      thank you

    • Marko Novak

      Share…spread the word! Let them know, that we know what they are doing….

    • hehe

      theres no point, lets just hope dice returns to its sense and EA stops stalking after cod players
      im probably gonna be disappointed but i have high hopes for BF1 where dice can prove they still have some originality in their games just like BF3 before they started messing with it

    • Marko Novak

      Do not buy BF1! Don’t support their doing! Among other thinks , I can already tell you that it will be a boring game, WW weapons are low hit-powered (need more hits/time to take opponent down) and vehicles are slow. It will be a flop, remember my words!

  • Mathew Piper

    So basically when they state “all your favorite games WILL be backwards compatible” they lied. They know how much better BF3 was compared to 4. they know if they do that people won’t play BF4 anymore because in comparison to BF3 its TRASH!


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