DirectX 12 Gives A Boost of 330% To Draw Calls On 3 Year Old Hardware, More Details Shared

A Reddit user has got his hands on a Windows 10 build with DX12 installed.

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xbox one amd

A user on Reddit has got his hands on a preview build of Windows 10 which has DX12 functional. There has been a lot of talk regarding the amount of performance improvements that the API brings in, so the user tested out his 3 year old GPU, the Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 and Intel i7-2600k on this build and the results were surprising.  He revealed that his tests gave a boost of close to 400% in draw call throughput.

As seen from the image below, results of DX 11 on a single thread were 1,515, 965 draw calls whereas on a multi-thread it was 2,532, 181 draw calls. However, when the user switched to DX 12, the number of draw calls increased to 8,562,158 which is more than 330% increase in performance.

dx12 benchmark results

He stated that he was surprised that DirectX 12 is already working well despite it being a preview build. He also explained how the benchmark software is calculating the improvement in performance. “There’s no actual point score. All it’s doing is increasing the number of draw calls by increasing scene complexity. It just keeps going until the framerate drops to 30, then notes the calls/sec and bails. Since it’s only issuing calls for primitives (apparently anyways) it’s actually giving you a solid idea of how raw output is limited by the number of draw calls that can be dispatched.”

On asked how the new API will impact the Xbox One, he stated, “The problem there is the Xbone is hideously GPU bound and while multithreaded performance SHOULD be good, the CPU is operating at a painfully slow clock rate.”

On a related note, take this information with a grain of salt as this benchmark is not coming directly from Microsoft but given the numbers above closely resemble to those of the official benchmarks, the information is most likely legit. DX12 launches later this year.

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  • Cenk Algu

    There is no doupt that the XO is designed with DX12 in mind.DX12 will give a huge boost to XO.Look what he says the XO currently hideously GPU bound due to unable to efficient multi thread on CPU side.Is CPU weak? Definetly yes but I have no doupt there are some specific tools in DX12 to be able to win CPU bottlenecks.Good times are coming.They are talking about %400 boost on a regular 3 years old component.Now lets wait and see what will it do on a hardware sepecifically designed for it.Can’t wait.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Indeed XOne WILL see improvements in performance but I don’t think that’s the major benefit. If anything it’s the tools providing developers far more capabilities at creating very awesome games, that’s next-gen not resolutions.

    • BoyBigEyes

      I’m really excited to see that! 🙂 And with the power of cloud? There is no need to release a XBTwo in the next 15 years!!! lol

    • jznlv

      300% boost on draw calls does not equal 300% overall performamce boost. Other components can make any increase in one area insignificant if the others can not keep up . Only time will tell what the real life situation will be for xb1. It can only do so much in the first place. Any improvement is good but to hype up something and not deliver will only hurt them at this point. The funny thing is it isnt MS doing most of the hype, it is fans or outside influences

    • red2k

      I agree with you but at the same time a 20% “more power” of GPU doesn’t mean 20% of the whole system. I think Microsoft have a secret solution to take advantage of that 300%.

    • NuLogic

      Consoles have no problem making draw calls. The xbox one lacks shading power no software will make it have more shaders.

    • Cenk Algu

      emmm right and wrong.Right because the consoles can queu draw bundles much better than PC with low level API.Wrong because we are talking about completely different API so you cant compare DX11 against DX12 in this situation.Both have completely different features and efficiency

  • XbotMK1

    Too bad DX12 isn’t going to help the Xbox One. Xbox One all ready uses a low level version of Direct X and DX12 doesn’t help the Xbox One’s weaker GPU. DX12 was made for PC and to keep developers on Windows. It wasn’t meant for Xbox One specifically. Developers aren’t going to use DX12 unless it allows easy portting to everything.

    Either way, Direct X needs to die because it is a proprietary API that holds back innovation. Vulkan is the future.

    • GHz

      XbotM1 vs MSFT & their partners.

      Who to believe? OH MY GAAAWD! What a hard decision -________-

    • red2k

      Vulkan, Vulkan… that is the new damage control of Sony fanboys. Your lies cant stop the progress.

    • Orion Wolf

      The thing is the ps4 API is according to Wardell lower level (because that’s the only important thing and not the new features
      that the APIs will bring /sarcasm) than Vulkan and according to Johan Andersson (Frostbites technical director at EA) the ps4 API is better or as good as mantle which Vulkan is derived from.

      In addition, the statement from the metro redux dev:

      “In general – I don’t really get why they choose DX11 as a starting point for the console. It’s a console! Why care about some legacy stuff at all? On PS4, most GPU commands are just a few DWORDs written into the command buffer, let’s say just a few CPU clock cycles. On Xbox One it easily could be one million times slower because of all the bookkeeping the API does.”

      Both consoles will improve, but the ps4s API was good from the get go and considering the statement up there, I don’t know
      how much more could Vulkan do in that regard, but dx12, according to the same statement, well it’s going to be quite a jump.

    • XbotMK1

      Why would Sony fan boys care about Vulkan? The PS4 doesn’t need Vulkan or Mantel.

      Vulkan is better for the PC industry than Direct X 12 is.

      Xbox One and Direct X are not progress. Xbox One is weak and has an inferior RAM set up. Direct X 12 is based off Mantel. The PS4 API came before both. Xbox and Direct X hold back progress. If it wasn’t for Direct X and it’s crapy extensions, developers would all ready have low level.

    • slasaru

      No one will use Vulkan while DX12 will become a common API. If it is used for PC, it will also be used for Xbox and vice versa. And PS4 will be just getting lazy ports, not Vulkan for you.

    • Starman

      Salty and scared … that’s what you sound like … a scared little boy . Afraid that all this works and will further expose your so called 50%more power in the PS4.

    • Jecht_Sin

      No API in the world can change the 50% more cores in the PS4 GPU. Which amount to a 40% more raw TFLOPS (because of the lower clock).That’s written in stones, ie. in the HW.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      While I don’t know how much or little the XB1 will be improved by DX12 your statements about it not helping at all is completely false. As for Vulkan being the future I’m sure it has a future, but time will tell just how much of a future it has as a desirable API.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Vulkan will have little to do with the PS4, which has its own “down to the metal” API. But will be used in everything else that doesn’t run Windows. Like Android, Mac, Linux and most likely in the movie’s CGI studios.

    • Psionicinversion

      DX12 will help the xbox one as it will now be able to use asynchronous shaders and stuff like that which isn’t present in dx11. Fail much derp

  • Modi Rage

    Not this crap again.

  • GHz

    OMG II(-._.-)II who to believe? MSFT & their partners or XB1 hating trolls who relentlessly attack every good news about XB1 tech? Such a hard decision (-__-)

    • jznlv

      To what extent , benefits could mean anything . It could bring production time and costs down, give a boost in performance, but it will not make the hardware any better , just use what is there more effeciently like any api upgrade does. This will benefit PCs the most as there APIs are generally poor compared to console. I am not saying it wont help, but it wont make the CPU or GPU any higher than it’s current theoretical peak. You can say it was never using its peak but that is true for all consoles in the first few years. APIs and coding gets better throughout the generation every cycle.

    • GHz

      To what extent? No one knows until a game that is built from the ground up in DX12 for the XB1 is made. They pretty much explained what the benefits are via the GDC’s, Builds & engineer panel talks. The trouble is, nobody wants to believe. I never said that it will change hardware. Anyone, who believe that DX12 changes XB1 hardware is out of sync with reason. Phil and Wardell should’ve never had to address that because its common sense. Yup! Consoles arent even close to peak performance this early on. However unlike the XB1, PS4 is way ahead with its API which is even closer to the metal than both DX12 & Vulcan if we go by what some DEVs are saying. Today we know that DX11 locks DEVs out from XB1 features, which we all know are hardware dependent. Hardware dependent features that only DX12 can unlock because the system was designed with DX12 in mind. Meaning as of now, these chipsets are dark.

      These could be the same parts of the XB1 architecture that MSFT did not want to discuss @ hotchips 25 2013. In other words, not everything was revealed about XB1 hardware.

      Same reasoning behind what AMD reps said here a ful year later,

      “all of our Graphics Core Next products, including APUs, support DirectX 12. However, one fact that I think some people don’t know is that there will be certain optional features of DirectX 12 that will necessitate new hardware from the graphics industry. We don’t know what those features will be yet, as the full spec hasn’t been defined, but we know that’s the case. So while most GPUs will be broadly compatible with the spec, there could be a feature that does need new hardware.”

      Read more:,microsofts-redemption-directx-12.aspx#ixzz3au9i9Hc8

      XB1 is already hardware ready, its just crippled because of DX11. PS4 is not being crippled by its API(s).What we need to do is stop pretending we know about XB1 architecture when the fact is that MSFT haven’t revealed all.

    • Gamez Rule

      “all of our Graphics Core Next products, including APUs, support DirectX 12″… Wouldn’t that mean PS4 will also support DX12 then? If the answer is no then the above quote was not correct/?

      Although DX12 will help Xbone it will not make a massive change to gaming like people are lead to believe.

      Xbone will see some improvements in performance, but when compared to the improvements PC will be getting it will be very little in comparsion IMO. Time shall tell but what we do know is PS4s API was good from the word go and will only get better too just like the Xbone which allows games to run smoother ect…

    • GHz

      “all of our Graphics Core Next products, including APUs, support DirectX 12″… Wouldn’t that mean PS4 will also support DX12 then?”

      Its a PC so of course. However, Whether or not PS4 supports DX12 was never the topic. Thats a totally new convo altogether. But for the sake of discussion, consider these facts,

      1) Why would Sony ice team bother with DX12 if their own API(s) GNM/GNMX is better suited for the the PS4? Our understanding is that GNM is even lower level than Vulcan.

      2) These new features that DX12 will need NEW HARDWARE for, do you think that PS4 is already equipt with them? Because if AMD themselves claimed that they didnt know what these new features were in DX12, how would Sony would’ve known back when they were creating PS4? That would be knowledge they would’ve needed to prepare PS4 to anticipate ALL of DX12 features.

      “Xbone will see some improvements in performance, but when compared to the improvements PC will be getting it will be very little in comparsion IMO.”

      The reason I cite my info is because I don’t want to encourage unnecessary over exaggerated opinions. I’m trusting that by providing the source, pple will have a better understanding of what to expect. That take comprehension which many of my peers lack. They take the truth and twist it and undermine it. Instead of citing the facts, some pretend to know how everything is going to pan out.

      That being said, LOCALLY, aint no way the XB1 can compete with what the best PC will have to offer under DX12. The idea is that DX12 benefits WILL cross over to XB1 in proportionate to its hardware strengths. Thats my expectation.

    • Gamez Rule

      That’s a fair expectation you gave.

      So reading what you placed above GNM is better than DX12?

    • GHz

      Not better, but supposedly, Lower level than DX12 and better suited for the PS4’s architecture. There is a difference. For the fact that different API’s have their own functions that makes them unique via feature sets, you cant tell which is better. And their supported features rely heavily on HARDWARE to supports them. + API’s evolve overtime, constantly improving. How effectively they are used are in the hands of developers. .

    • Gamez Rule


      So if APIs rely on devs using hardware wouldn’t it make PS4 better than Xbone for gaming due to having better gaming hardware like GDDR5 RAM, better GPU, ect?

    • GHz

      The “better” in PS4 is GDDR5, supposedly slightly better GPU. But that’s not all that makes a console complete. This aint the 90’s. Times have changed. Its more of a marrying of software and hardware. Feature sets via API supported by hardware. Specialized chipset for specific functions etc. Chipsets that are programmable and can made to execute any function you want them to. Virtualization, better off loading, storing etc. These are all new ways of doing things. You need however the right kind of software tools to fully exploit that. But honestly all that sh+t is boring & is waste of breath. Show me the games! & 1st party is where its going to be at. Thats the proving ground.

      Pple concentrating on tech that is on its way out! PPle feel the need to over exaggerate, “power” despite what Devs say. Its just way over pples heads that the exaggeration are based on highly theoretical numbers because they don’t reflect a typical game scenario. They dont want to have that convo cause it gets them out of their little protective bubble.

    • Gamez Rule

      Hmm, I know what you mean but when looking at games already out on the market ( Witcher 3 as the latest game used as an example ) PS4 yet again takes the “extra gaming hardware” to push the game further than Xbone?

      And lets be honest that’s no exaggeration either.

    • GHz

      3rd party Games built with DX9-DX11 will always have an advantage on the pS4. A fairer comparison in the 3rd party space will only come when XB1 is operating 100% in DX12 and is running games built from the ground up with DX12 + other windows apps in mind. PS4 runs with all it features sets. The XB1 dont. Some features in the system are still locked. So these comparisons where unfair from the get go. No exaggeration.

      And what the witcher really proves is that the PS4 struggles with 1080p. Performance suffer because Sony needs to keep up with appearances. So when you say, ” PS4 yet again takes the “extra gaming hardware” to push the game further than Xbone,” aint that about priorities? XB1 @900p runs at a better framerate. Trade-offs. We need to get real and look at this 3rd party space for what it is. No exaggeration.

    • Gamez Rule

      “”PS4 runs with all it features sets. The XB1 dont. Some features in the system are still locked. So these comparisons where unfair from the get go””

      You stated that PS4 runs all it’s feature sets? How do you know this to be the case? Devs are always saying that new features ect are to be found as time goes by ( seen by previous consoles )? and some devs have stated “current API for the PS4 isn’t completely native yet & this gen’s graphics are still very far behind where they’re going to be”

      You stated that Xbone don’t use all it’s features ( is that due to DX12 missing? ) or other reasons? and even when using DX12 would it be a match ( hardware match ) for PS4?

      I don’t believe that to be the case if being honest. DX12 is more towards PCs benefit than Xbone IMO

    • GHz

      “You stated that PS4 runs all it’s feature sets? How do you know this to be the case?”

      They are already available for use. ICE team don’t need to spell it out. They already told us that their API was already mantle like. Now we know its even lower level than Vulcan giving devs a whole lot more control over the hardware for better optimizations not available on PC. + GNM isnt an abract API. It doesn’t have to worry about any other hardware but the PS4’s. So in short, an API(GNM) that is lower level than both mantle/vulcan/dx12 + AMD APU = access to all feature sets.

      “Devs are always saying that new features ect are to be found as time goes by ( seen by previous consoles )?”

      Not found but instead ready to evolve as gaming itself evolve. That can mean project morpheus, speach control, possible new rendering techniques etc. But its official that the PS4 is ahead when it comes to features available from day one.

      DX12 will unlock new features on the XB1 for devs to take advantage of. And according to AMD themselves the API is also designed to leave plenty headroom for continued innovation.

      “even when using DX12 would it be a match ( hardware match ) for PS4?”

      Hardware wise, you cant compare their power difference 1;1. They are built differently. They will solve problems differently. Their will be 100% parity in the 3rd party space. Its inevitable. It’ll will be in the 1st party space where we will see obvious differences in how these consoles lift graphics. But one thing for sure, neither will be giving us ugly games. Its all about design.

      You’re entitled to your opinion.

    • XbotMK1

      Too bad DX12 isn’t going to help the Xbox One. Xbox One all ready uses a low level version of Direct X and DX12 doesn’t help the Xbox One’s weaker GPU. DX12 was made for PC and to keep developers on Windows. It wasn’t meant for Xbox One specifically. Developers aren’t going to use DX12 unless it allows easy portting to everything.

      Direct X only allows extensions. It’s still controlled by Microsoft. Vulkan is free for everyone to use. Direct X needs to die because it is a proprietary API that holds back innovation. Vulkan is the future for PC. Microsoft’s missleading marketing ads don’t change that fact.

    • GHz

      You say “Too bad DX12 isn’t going to help the Xbox One.”

      But @ the 5:30 mark of the vid above, the 1st thing that engineer said was, “with DX12, XB1 will see improve performance!”

      You say, “DX12 doesn’t help the Xbox One’s weaker GPU. DX12 was made for PC and to keep developers on Windows. It wasn’t meant for Xbox One specifically.”

      Phil said,” We knew what DX12 was doing when we built Xbox One”

      AND he also said, “DX12 will have impact on XBOX One games written for DX12. Some DX12 features are already in XBOX One but FULL DX12 COMING.”

      The above slide from AMD stated two important factors that should put all the debating to rest. In Plain English it states, “Benefits of DX12 will extent to XB1.”

      How’d you miss all that?

      This is how i know you crazy. You said, ” Direct X needs to die because it is a proprietary API that holds back innovation. Vulkan is the future for PC. Microsoft’s missleading marketing ads don’t change that fact.”

      I mean all these companies on-board, IBM, AMD, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, EPIC, UNITY and the list goes on and on, talking about how DX12 changes everything, but here you are living in your own little bubble.

      You insist on lying, twisting the truth as you go about it.

      You need to change your profile pic to this one….

    • Terminator

      LOL the last pic!

    • funkateer

      “Vulkan is the future for PC.”

      That depends on the adoption of Vulkan.

      It would help for example if PS4 will support Vulkan (like X1 will support DX12), but there’s no evidence of that afaik.
      Adoption by OSX might help a bit, but who buys a Mac for gaming?
      And we only know that the specs will be released later this year, probably when DX12 drivers are already out there and games are already being developed for it.

      So while I really hope for Vulkan to succeed for being an open standard (and as such I’ve always preferred OpenGL), but I’m afraid game developers are more likely to choose DX12 instead.

    • Pops

      Who said ps4 is supporting was just announced.there wasn’t no announcement saying that it’s coming to ps4

  • OC Guy

    Oh…As soon as this “expert” used the term “xbone” he lost all credibility. That is fine for a 15 year old but no professional would sound like such a child on purpose…unless of course he is a child…..yawn.

  • slasaru

    This means even if no 300% impact, 20-30% are possible and would be excellent.
    Also, they can boost CPU slightly more, that would reduce the bottleneck

  • Starman

    I find it funny how all the Sony boys come out on XB1 articles to try and shoot it down but the earlier article about the PS4 holding everyone back with the W3 patch , you fanboys are nowhere to be found … the all mighty CRAPSTATION is being exposed but you guys still wont admit you’ve been BAMBOOZLED !

    • Jecht_Sin

      Too bad that this isn’t an Xbone article. It’s a PC’s one.

    • Terminator

      Too bad that you are wrong and need to read next time. This is an Xbox One and PC article.

  • d0x360

    Jesus people enough with the xbox one and dx12 or ps4 amd vulkan. No api on the planet will help the consoles much because they ALREADY ALLOW TO THE METAL ACCESS

    Christ…as for this benchmark; let’s not all assume that your GPU is going to be 300% more powerful because it isn’t especially if its an nvidia GPU. Look for gains of 10-20% on current nvidia hardware and 50-60% on amd hardware. Also REMEMBER 50% more “power” doesn’t mean a huge leap in fidelity. Other things will limit performance especially gddr5 which is ancient which is why amd is ditching it in a month ..sadly nvidia users are stuck with it for another 16 months at minimum sorry guys.

    Games will look a bit better but run a lot smoother on today’s hardware however on the 390x you could in theory see amazing things sadly it will be held back along with all of pc gaming for a good 2-3 years while people with older hardware slowly upgrade

  • Truthhurts24

    The game changer for X1

  • Psionicinversion

    This is just another case of PC wins console loses, DX12 is going to bring the pain down on consoles even harder than its doing at the moment. Although will probably mean even more downgrades as the extra performance cant be used without consoles bringing us down

    • Icaraeus

      Are you dumb? The consoles’ API is already lower level than DX12.

    • Psionicinversion

      Wow your wrong again, dx12 is a bit lower level than x1 current dx11 api, it’s not as low level s you think it is. Dx12 will be the same for xbox as it is for pc that’s how there getting there reducing the time it takes to port by ALOT. With ps4 api an i3 and 750ti beats it atm. Imagine how much more performance can be extracted using dx12 lol, by by ps4 try not to drown in those salty tears

    • Icaraeus

      I was talking about the PS4’s API. No, PS4 is nowhere near maxed out. It’s developers fault a 750Ti beats it. I never cry on forums buddy. You will notice that PS4 games get better looking over time. That is fact and it’s to do with developers taking advantage of the PS4.

      You really are dumb. DX12 does not increase performance, it increases EFFICIENCY.

    • Psionicinversion

      Multiplatform game engines need to be written generally to work on as much hardware types as possible. You say ps4 is no where near maxed well guess what neither is any pc gpu made today because dx11 wastes alot of potential. Just by going low level pc will jump in performance far more than either console ever can. To get they most out of your consoles you need a specific game written for it and work on it solely for years. That’s not possible for a multiplatform developer so unlucky. You’ll keep getting spanked by cheap pc hardware

    • Icaraeus

      Clearly you know nothing about consoles. Exclusives will ALWAYS be better than multiplatform. Also, PS4 plays games perfectly fine. By the way, DX12 will not solve developer laziness. Most developers do not bother with low level programming languages because they deem it too complex, when they should be using them. That’s the reason why consoles appear to be behind.

      Multiplatform developers can easily target a specific set of hardware. Problem is that they are pressured into rushing for a specific deadline. Again, I will state this: PS4’s API is superior to DX12 and first party developers are using it. Multiplatform developers however do not bother because it requires extensive knowledge and time they can’t be bothered to take up.

    • Psionicinversion

      If they didn’t bother with low level programming languages nothing would run on your consoles. Ps4 has 2 LOW LEVEL languages it’s just one is lower level than the other.

      You make it sound like ps4 is behind because of that when we have to deal with mass unoptimisation with reduces our performance by alot. Alot of optimisation time is given to console versions otherwise they would perform even worse than they do now.

      You make it sound like ps4 has a 5TFLOP gpu and 300GBs off bandwidth. It’s behind because its not powerful enough unless it has very specific code written for it and multiplatform devs can’t because it could easily double the cost of development doing that. Use your brain

    • Icaraeus

      Wrong again. Many games can run fine on consoles, just not as good as it could. Explain Battlefield 4 on PS4 that does NOT take advantage of the PS4’s APIs. The PS4 IS behind because of that. A lot of the optimization actually went to the XBox One. Do your research.

      GFlops don’t do much if the hardware does not take advantage of it. Consoles are equivalent to PCs with twice the amount of teraflops. Oh, and explain why the GTX 980 beats a GTX 780Ti and 290X despite having LOWER teraflops. Architecture? Well, why in the world aren’t consoles excused for this as well? Nope, PS4 runs many games well regardless of how it’s coded. The GPU is equivalent to an R9 270 which is VERY capable. Nope, coding for low level takes time, not money.

    • Psionicinversion

      Equivalent to an r9 270, think you’re punching above your weight, 7850 dude. The 270 is clocked way higher than the ps4. The 270 is not that capable. The 980 has a higher tflop count than a 780ti, NVIDIA tflop count is lower than AMD counterpart but that’s because the architecture is different and the cuda cores work differently to AMD stuff. Where the ps4 is concerned there isn’t any secret sauce architecture or api advantage. The reason it’s not doing so well is because pc games are better optimised and run better this gen because its all x86 now.

      There’s no powerpc or cell BS to make ports ruin like crap on pc because can’t be bothered to put the time in.

      Coding for low level takes time not money??? So the extra time it takes is free is it? These devs work on the low level version for free? In game development time is money so yes it does cost money

      Oh and according to AMD slides bf4 used asynchronous shaders on ps4 so I’d say it was using the api

    • Guest

      Man, don’t even bother with this moron. He claims to be a PC gamer when all his comments display him as another Ph0n3y. With DX12 the gap between PC and consoles will grow much larger than it already is. New AMD GPUs launch with over 8TFLOPS. Nvidia Pascal will launch with over 10, that’s an entire generational length in power (console wise) in less than 2 years after their release where it took 7 last gen. HBM memory will also increase bandwith dramatically over DDR3/GDDR5. It’s hilarious watching Sony fans squirm when they fell in this weak console generation trap the most and they know it.

    • Psionicinversion

      Yeah he doesn’t even know anything about the hardware. He says its like a 270 yet 270 has 20 compute units(1280 sps) vs ps4 18 compute units (1152 sps) and is clocked at least 900mhz vs ps4 800mhz.

      It’s either lies or just plain ignorance on his part, ah well sucks to be him

    • Icaraeus

      You can’t directly compare console hardware with PC. John carmack specifically mentioned that console hardware is twice as efficient as PC.

      PS4’s GPU is stronger than a 7850. Clock speed means not everything. GTX Titan has lower clock speed than some GPUs yet destroys them. PS4’s API and architecture is superior to PC. Nope, Battlefield 4 does not take advantage of asynchronous compute on PS4.

      What’s a phoney? I’m a multiplatform gamer. PS4’s API is superior to DX12. Teraflops don’t mean everything – again, a GTX 980 beats GPUs. Nvidia Pascal not only releases 3 years after the consoles but it will also cost 3 times as much.

      Comparing current hardware to something 2-3 years old. Really smart. I might as well compare my 13 year old PC to my current 1 year old one. Wait, that’s not a fair comparison? Well, why is Pascal fair to a PS4?

    • Psionicinversion

      GTX Titan has alot more cuda cores than other GPU’s, thats why its performance is higher. Like maxwell the 980 has about 2048 i think, Titan X has 3000, 980Ti will have about 2800 thats why it beats it.

      Its not exactly stronger than a 7850, its compute unit count is a little bit stronger 7850 has 16, 7870 has 20 PS4 has 18. but the TFLOP performance is about the same as the 7850 because the clock speed is lower. But its compute performance will be a little bit better.

      Carmack is basing that off PC’s using DX11, but DX12 will improve the efficiency of PC hardware by alot so while that may of been true wont be true anymore.

      Why are you talking about phoney and Pascal when i never even mentioned it. Also Pascal costing 3x as much lmao you really dont know anything about PC hardware do you. Pascal is an architecture will will have low, medium, high, high end and enthusiast grade parts. Unless you think a 1050Ti is going be cost $1200 hahahaha, man the Pascal Titan would cost $4000 in that case.

      As it stands DX12 will be more advanced than PS4 API, just because its not as low level means nothing. DX12 Pixel detection rate will be much higher as its methods are newer unlucky

    • Icaraeus

      nope, Pascal is strictly for the high end. Best Pascal GPU will be $1000-1500. PS4’s API does MORE than DX12 buddy. You want to know why? It’s designed specifically for the PS4 by some the best engineers and programmers in the world.

    • Psionicinversion

      like what??

      Pascal is strictly for high end? how do you know that?

    • Icaraeus

      Take a look at Nvidia’s presentations on Pascal.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah i have so what? Do you think when they released the last Tesla line that architecture was only for high end? no cus its was kepler.

    • Psionicinversion

      also Nvidia only keeps an architecture for 2 generations, the 750Ti was gen 1 Maxwell and they were going to do a whole line with that but they had to scrap it, so did gen 2 maxwell which is the 900 series, pascal is next for 2 generations, then volta up for prime time in 2018 (2017) for professional/server grade parts

    • Icaraeus

      Yeah and we all know that Volta was initially meant to release in 2014, right?

    • Psionicinversion

      nope Volta is where Pascal is, it used to go kepler, maxwell, volta

      But they changed it to kepler, maxwell, pascal, volta

    • Icaraeus

      Volta was set for 2014 then they changed it

    • Psionicinversion
    • Icaraeus

      Look, the point I’m making is that all of the special stuff that Pascal has is only available in the high end and that it’ll be 3-4x more expensive than a PS4.

    • Psionicinversion

      all the special stuff isnt needed for gaming. Pascal will still have improvements to its architecture in general and will have the basis for there unified virtual memory which win 10 has built in to support the new page tables. For full access the CPU needs to have the hardware to. It will have nvlink because thats basically there new SLI bridge and it will have the new cpu to gpu link that can operate at much much higher than it does currently.

      A normal PC isnt going to be having 8 way sli like there saying but your just vastly downplaying the advances.

    • Icaraeus

      Most of the stuff that Pascal will have (32GB HBM v2, insanely strong GPU) will only be for the high end.

    • Psionicinversion

      Ok so when zen HPC APU hits next year, 16 core Zen, tons of greenland GPU cores and 16GB HBM…. does that mean Zen and Greenland are only for the super highend? no, Zen is the line of CPUs and the Greenland gfx is the 400 series GPU.

      Is the 400 series GPU only going to come with 10,000 Stream Processors…. or wait a min can they scale it down omg holy crap. yes they can.

      The pascal stuff will be the same as server stuff except gimped DP and gimped FP16 most liekly seeing as games dont need it. Is the core architectural advances still going be there?? omg im on a roll im going YES yes it will.

      Wow for some who apparently low level codes, hope its for the game boy becuase if you doing games they will be crap

    • Icaraeus

      Nope I’m coding for PC using Unreal Engine 4.

      Intel’s CPUs will still be ahead of AMD. Pascal will have 32GB HBM. R9 4xx series won’t have 10K processors. Only NVLink for Pascal might be for servers.

    • Psionicinversion

      Wrong, its possible to go UPTO 32GB with gen2 HBM. doesnt mean it will have it

    • Icaraeus

      The thing is that it could easily have 32GB HBM.

    • Psionicinversion

      i wouldnt say easily, i think HBM2 limit is 8 high of 2Gb layers 512MB per layer x8 =4GB x 4 = 16GB x2 dual link interposer which might not be a very good idea have to see what AMD does = 32GB

      Also 4000 SP’s 28nm why cant 10,000 fit on 14nm which is what zen and 400 series will be built on

    • Icaraeus

      For one, 14nm hasn’t matured and assuming 4000 is the limit then 8000 would be the physical limit for 14nm,

    • Psionicinversion

      Well then its a good job those products aren’t out for at least a year

    • Icaraeus

      I want them to come out as soon as possible, don’t you?

    • Psionicinversion

      Nope, Zen can wait they need to get it right. Besides CPU tech isnt going anywhere really, there is no reason to upgrade well unless you want a 6/8 core intel.. If youve got an i7/i5 for example, any i7/i5 quad core its not worth upgrading. Ive got a i7 950 and its not worth upgrading just for the cpu especially with DX12 there going to be more free performance coming with it breathing new life into the chips.

      As for the 400 series on 14nm well there still sorting out 16nm. GPU’s get manufactured on a high performance node which takes alot longer than the low power node that cpu’s/soc’s/apu’s etc get built on. Pascal will be coming on 16nm probably around the start of next year, pends on how it goes. 400 series should be on 14nm around october/november 2016 unless theres delays. If its delayed to long they just redesign it and slap it on a 16nm

    • Icaraeus

      Low level coding can easily take time without requiring money. That’s what I’m doing right now, by the way. All I need to use is Visual Studio 2013 Community which is completely free.

    • Psionicinversion

      Yes i can make a game completely free as well, but the developers coding the game get paid… that requires, wait for it MONEY. If an indie dev is coding for it full time it requires MONEY cus hes not working anywhere else and one of the primary reason for an indie dev to stop working on a game is that theyve run out of MONEY. You really are totally and utterly fu’king stupid

    • Icaraeus

      Funny, I’m making my own game and none of us are getting paid. The only thing I’ve spent money on is, wait for it. NOTHING

  • How cool.. they quoted some guy calling the Xbox One.. “Xbone” Actually used that in a story. That’s too funny.

  • Pops

    Wow the xbox is hideously gpu bound and the CPU is slow?that sounds like ps4 to me.this article is bull.when Xbox is supposed to be a balanced console with gpu and CPU. Especially with dx12.devs working on ps4 even said themselves the CPU is bottlenecking the gpu


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