DirectX 12 Will Result Into Free Performance Gains, Microsoft Taking A Unifying Step With The API

Charles Cox, the founder of 4gency gives his opinion on Microsoft’s upcoming API.

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Charles Cox, the founder of 4gency has been following Microsoft’s API, DirectX for a long time. Right from the DirectX 3 days, Charles has been keeping tabs on how the API has evolved in the last so many years. GamingBolt was fortunate enough to have a chat with Charles and were able to ask him about his take on DX12 and how it can help games development on Xbox One and PC.

“I’ve followed DirectX’s roadmap since the DX3 days, and what I like about DirectX12 is that Microsoft is taking a unifying step here – more platforms, benefits for non-DX12 cards (thank you!), and a focus on lowering overhead,” he said to GamingBolt. “I feel like this strategy means there’s something for everyone: to-the-metal-heads that are making their own engines get lower level access to really drive performance, and folks like us that rely on Unity or other ready-to-use engines will likely get some performance gains for free. Hey, I’ll take free headroom, we can always use it!”

Charles and his team are currently working on Habitat, a space-station simulator for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is running on the Unity engine.

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  • d0x360

    I remember when dx9 & 10 launched and they brought so revelatory new graphical effects with them. The first time seeing high end shaders displayed…incredible.

  • Psionicinversion

    definately worthwhile for the PC be good to see games launch on it

  • Mark

    Gimme some unified apps! I want what they’re playing on their PCs, in my Xbox!

  • HerveS94

    That would be awesome because then porting xbox games to pc will much much easier and porting games from pc to xbox one will be easy for coding etc to port and efficient cpu and gpu power with lower overhead.


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