DriveClub Screenshots Show Unreal Graphics, One of The Best Looking Games Ever

Issues aside, Evolution’s racer can be drop-dead gorgeous.

Posted By | On 23rd, Dec. 2014 Under News

driveclub ps4 weather

Evolution Studios has had some issues with its PS4 exclusive racing sim DriveClub. These issues have been hammered home numerous time so they’re not worth mentioning again. What is worth mentioning are the visuals for the game. If you’ve been driven off by the network bugs and horror stories, then take a look at this collection of DriveClub screenshots which shows off nearly every aspect of the game.

The album below was compiled by a Redditor who managed to capture the absurd amount of detail on the cars, the weather effects in-game and their effect on vehicle – right down to the little droplets trickling down the chrome, the ambient lighting and shadows, and the intricacies of the different roads. If this doesn’t convince you that DriveClub is one of the best looking games of all time, then nothing will.

What are your thoughts on DriveClub thus far? Do you feel like it’s a more playable experience now than at launch? Let us know in the comments.

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    Sweet stuff….. Looks like I’ll be renting this bad boy again to take advantage of the newest updates. Hopefully this will sway my decision toward purchasing it instead of just renting it. I liked it before when it launched, so this just has to be the icing of the cake for me.

    • John Doe

      This is a game you must buy if you want the full experience. Renting it doesn’t give you enough time to complete everything. The game has been getting bigger and better each month.


      For sure….. I will be picking this one up sooner than later.

      It is just a great feeling of being able to rent before buying and not having to stick to some churched up demo for a decision on whether or not I should spend my money.

  • PcRules

    Im a pc enthusiast but daaamn is ths good looking!
    Their is no doubt this motha F*CK’er is the ABSOLUTE best looking game ever made, and that is by miles!

    Tested it with a friend and I was so completely blown away I will today drive straight and buy me a PS4 with this game!

    F*CK awesome game, this is pure bliss and I cant get over the fact that it looks this F*CKN good, and that with the piss poor weak hardware in the PS4. It’s really F*CKN amazing!

  • Kayoss860

    I swear, some of these screenshots looks so real that i dont even know if theyre or from game. Looks absolutely stunning.

    • Steven Johnson

      Seriously… These are in-game shots and the game runs so smooth. Evolution should get awards for this.

  • Psionicinversion

    What a pile of crap. That’s all they could manage, failed before they started

    • sampson3121

      said the town idiot!

  • MrSec84 .

    Only an ignorant hater could call these images anything besides stunning and simply the best looking racer of the generation so far.
    This is clear proof of no shred of a downgrade in Driveclub, it’s stunning!!

  • The Night Rider

    Pathetic amount of ads, won’t be returning here.

    • sampson3121

      you’re right! but will return anyways


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