DriveClub Versus Project CARS Video Comparison: Which One Has Better Weather Effects?

Project CARS looks amazing, but DriveClub’s realistic weather physics still leads the way.

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DriveClub was undeniably the best looking game of 2014. As we have previously seen, the game employs real time world effects to achieve almost perfect weather simulation, something that is lacking in other current gen racers such as Forza Horizon 2. But how does it compare to the weather effects found in Slightly Mad Studios’ highly ambitious motorsport simulator, Project CARS?

As expected, at this stage, Project CARS does not feature the intense weather dynamics found in DriveClub. Although the game features a range of effects such as dynamic rain droplets, water formation and gravity effects on droplets are almost completely absent. In Project CARS the rain water is mostly static with no gravitational pull while in DriveClub, the water pours around dynamically on the windshield, taking into the account the horizontal force created between the wind and the windshield. There is no horizontal formation of water on the side windows, something that DriveClub captures almost flawlessly.

It must be noted that these are our early impressions and in no way final. Project CARS releases in March this year so there is time for developers to push the weather system even further but it is unknown whether this is something that Slightly Mad Studios will implement. Project CARS is without a doubt a looker, plays fantastic, and the game will feature torrential rains and thunderstorms. The weather and the time of the day will also play a crucial part in physics and handling of car, which will ultimately impact the results.

Check out the comparison below.

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  • MrSec84 .

    Driveclub is unquestionably the best looking game too date and the weather effects are the best yet seen in a video game.

    • jacksjus

      I 100% agree. They keep trying to marginalize it to just being a racer, but truth is I’d argue it against any game graphically right now.

    • Starman

      First of all ‘MrSucks’ and ‘Jackass’ who replied ….It isn’t real time weather physics , it’s time lapsed and scripted weather , not open world , it’s track based on rails (LINEAR) very easy to make pretty with that kind of development …. In other words “it’s a joke” And still couldn’t achieve 1080p and 60frps….
      PS:the sky isn’t blue because molecules scatter more blue light when the sunlight enters our atmosphere ….DC sky is blue because they painted it blue … FH2 has true dynamic weather physics ,, PERIOD !

    • sampson3121

      you can say whatever you want about this last gen/fh2 looking failure…driveclub is the best racer, and looking at PC..what a fail!!

      you want to play a game that looks just like PC, it’s out already and know one even talks about it…f1 2014..same crap game. enjoy 🙂

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      F1 has at least got dynamic effects and realistic implementation like water pooling and aquaplaning which Driveclub does not have.

      Driveclub is a bunch of smoke and mirrors made to sell via screenshots. The game itself is awful.

    • sampson3121

      and then you woke up, hey don’t be afraid to watch it all the way through, this way you won’t seem stupid in your reply…other people will watch this and know the truth.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      There’s nothing impressive here at all. Just a sprite filter of rain drops on the camera, wet textures with LOD pop in (especially due to the lack of Anisoptric filtering) and canned lightning bolt animations that repeat. Lots of smoke and mirrors, no substance at all to it. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit was doing it better in 2010 in an open world. Even Euro Truck Simulator 2 has dynamically moving foilage and a 24 hour dynamic weather system with global illumination.

      Plus at 30FPS? You’d expect 60FPS. Really bad, honestly. I guess that’s why Sony stuck in that Bullshot mode. You’d wonder how bad the game looks when it’s not moving they literally have to replace assets with higher quality ones so the game doesn’t get exposed.

    • sampson3121

      I’m sorry, were you going to upload a video of a game that looks better? or just talk $HIT?

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      2011 called. It says 30FPS is passé

    • sampson3121

      now you’re just embarrassing yourself.

      where’s the pooling man!

    • sampson3121

      Real life
      driveclub cocpit view, with…ready for it?..ready for it? spray!

    • sampson3121

      waiting for you to stop talking and show me a video of a racer that looks better…can’t find anything?
      here, look at this while you wait.

    • Guest

      we all know that water drops when driving fast don’t move right? lol here, look at how pathetic the physics are..

    • sampson3121

      we all know that water drops when driving fast don’t move right? lol here, look at how pathetic the physics are..F1, 2014.

    • sampson3121
    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Let me see. It has water pooling, which driveclub doesn’t have. Tyre spray, which Driveclub doesn’t have. Adjusts water effects on visor, which driveclub doesn’t have. 60FPS, which Driveclub doesn’t have.

      Guess you are just a mad Sony fanboy

    • sampson3121


    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Sprite raindrops on windshield (Euro Truck Simulator 2 uses 3D raindrops. Driveclub using sprites is embarassing)
      Prebaked wet roads. Not dynamic. Sun comes out and no road drying
      Puddles are in the same places each lap
      Heavy abuse of motion blur

      That’s not really impressive at all when Dirt 3 was doing the same thing at 60FPS along with real time mud deformation back in 2011.

      I mean, Driveclub would be impressive if it was 60FPS but it ain’t and it’s just the same as a Codemasters racer released in 2011. Shows how bad the PS4 hardware is when it’s considered a “Tech demo” (“Look how limited our tech is when it shows the same pre-baked everything” demo more like)

      It’s not impressive unless it’s 60FPS.

    • Michael White

      The term “Pre-Baked everything” is a perfect way of describing Driveclub, it should probably be on the box

    • Jez Man

      Do you realize how ridiculous it is to call a track based racing game “on rails” or linear. Are all xbone fanboys this stupid?

    • Failz

      Drive Club Metascore – 71
      When will you fanboys understand graphics don’t mean great game lol.

    • MrSec84 .

      Except the game is regarded as awesome as far as anyone who’s actually played it is concerned.
      It’s not just a pretty face.

      Since it came out it’s had numerous updates, additional content and it features the best dynamic weather used in a game that adds to the gameplay.

      I’m fanboy because I give praise where it’s due, fine, at least I didn’t like my own comment.

      Failz indeed LMFAO!

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Played it at a friends. Handling is garbage. Weather is basically a sprite filter and not actually true 3D dynamic weather with pre-baked tracks and slight handling slips (C’mon, PGR 4 did dynamic weather with aquaplaning 8 years ago).

      It’s basically cosmetic and the game looks horrendous when not in it’s bullshot photo mode or using the weather effects to hide LOD. It even model swaps trackside detail like trees when in photo mode which is amusing.

      It’s a bad game.

    • MrSec84 .

      Bull, handling is bang on, the weather isn’t a sprite filter, it’s full rendered rain, snow, lightning, all kinds of variations that you get in real life, all effected as it should be by simulated physics.
      There’s nothing bre-baked in that game, you’re talking bull.
      PGR4 doesn’t look anything like that game, it looked great when it cama out, but that was pre-baked, lacked simulation, it was predictable, always behaved in exactly the same manner, Driveclub doesn’t.

      PGR was cosmetic, DC isn’t.
      The game looks stunning.

      LOL, I’ll give that you have a knack for invention, but using facts to support your opinion isn’t a strong suit of yours kid!
      It’s a great game, heavily underrated.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      It’s pre-baked and heavily abusing post processing filters along with LOD hiding Motion Blur. Stop repeating marketing buzzwords at someone who’s been playing games with dynamic weather for years and games which have done it better at that.

      On top of that. Cars feel on rails and the AI is braindead. There’s no challenge or fun to it. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

    • Failz

      A weather patch does not justify the games lack of content, cars, features and gameplay. Tell me what does DC offer that no other car has? what does DC do better? (Aside from graphics)
      The only reason this game gets praised by its fanboys because its the only racing game available to them. As many reviewers stated in there reviews, this game is soul less.

    • MrSec84 .

      Attention to detail on each car, a tonne of tracks that’s not lack of content kid, the car count being lower than in other games is a trade off for attention to detail.
      Features are definitely plentiful in that game. Driveclub has attention to detail, the gameplay is awesome, a weather patch that basically changes the game is a huge addition, you playing down this game just because it’s a Playstation exclusive doesn’t change the fact that tonnes of people are enjoying it and you have to try to make out enjoyment as fanboyism, grow up kid.

      Only racing game? LOL you’ve clearly forgotten that The Crew, Need for Speed Rivals, Moto GP 2014, Trials Fusion are all available.
      GT7 is on it’s way too, as is Project cars.
      It’s not like XB1 has way more racers than PS4, it’s like 1 more racing than PS4 until GT7 comes out and no doubt evolution are probably working on something else, like a Motorstorm for PS4, some other developer is probably working on a new LBP Karting or Mod Nation game, but as far as what’s here so far it’s not exactly lacking.
      PS4 has open world racers, track racers too.

      Soulless? Can you define that in any tangible way? The game has great handling, the AI, the weather, lighting all look very soulfull.
      Sounds like a critique for the sake of criticism too me.

    • Failz

      Oh so now graphics = Content now… lol

    • MrSec84 .

      Poor try kid, I see you like trying to reach and using red herrings, little tip for you, invention isn’t a good argument.

      You’ll notice if you’d read that I said tracks, you know the areas you race on, Driveclub has more than basically any other track based racing game too date.
      Attention to detail isn’t just focusing on graphical details, the physical attributes of cars is also a part of that, a lot more attention was paid to each car, so their all uniquely distinct from each other.

      Also where is DC lacking in features exactly? What’s it missing that other racers have?
      Provide some examples, without mentioning the supposed lack of cars, which I’ve already addressed with the point that they are far more accomplished than in any other racer, because of the time spent working on them, obviously there are trade offs too that.
      If you churn out cars for your game, without giving a damn about how they feel, look or sound then of course you’re going to get bigger numbers of them, but haters like you won’t do the intelligent thing and take all of the facts into consideration before actually posting a comment.

      You make yourself look stupid buddy.

      Nah the game isn’t a dud, it’s not the first game to get poorish reviews (a 70 odd average on metacritic isn’t bad) and it hasn’t been reviewed by any gaming media since it had it’s fixes, so obviously those reviews aren’t dealing with how the game is now.

      You live up to your name as per usual Failz.

    • Michael White

      I’ve played it

      I don’t think it’s awesome

      “Failz indeed LMFAO!”

  • Psionicinversion

    well project cars is 60fps for a start which beats driveclub and its on 5 platforms so kinda limits what you can do as well cus it not specialised, PC x1 PS4 Wii U and Steam OS. Also Driveclub is most likely in the hole for $millions more than originally budgeted and the fact sony had to give driveclub away for free in PS4 bundles to inflate those sale figures. Not to good tbh. Lets see if Project Cars can outpace them in the sales

    • Yami Sen

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    • Orion Wolf

      Seriously the only thing this game has is the “weather simulation” (although I wonder about the simulation part considering the weird weather patterns I’ve seen in the game) even though (thanks to the aforementioned patch) the draw distance was scaled back considerably.

      And let’s not forget this

      I would be impressed if DC did weather “simulations” (even though the poor draw distance) and at the same time did something similar to the F5 tire, fuel, wind, clutch etc. simulations, let alone Project Cars.

    • HakunaMatata

      DriveClub is a defferred renderer using real time global illumination and physically based rendering. It has considerablly more detailed environments than pretty much any racing game. Also it is indeed a weather simulation. The clouds are 3D and form/deform in real time and change color. They diffuse sunlight too. The rain only falls when a real cloud is above the track and the lightning bolts actually make contact with the track and even produces sparks.

      You can choose not to be impressed by it but that would require you to have seen any other racing game that even comes close to simulating what DriveClub does. It’s more an arcade racing game so why expect it to simulate driving mechanics what F5 and Project Cars does? You seem to be downplaying DriveClubs visuals as much as possible, but it’s actually doing everything on the fly with no baked light maps or reflections. It’s impressive and that’s just how it is.

    • bardock5151

      Just a quick point, the reflections, for the most part are low res and quite blocky, the rear view mirror is also bare bones (much like all racing games).

    • HakunaMatata

      Yeah, they did cut the resolution of the reflections down in car windows. They do appear blocky. Probably to save recources. I’m talking of actual graphics techniques though.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      It’s not global illumination as it uses post processing for lighting instead of GI and you are repeating “Physically based rendering” like a marketing buzzword (Which Codemasters games were using on PC since DIRT 2 with Nvidia I may add).

      It’s all smoke and mirrors and not really impressive at all when PC games have been doing it.

      Even Eastern European games like Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Spintires have been doing it ages before Driveclub. It would be more impressive if it was 60FPS. But it ain’t. So I guess Sony fanboys are just easily impressed.

    • 1804nr

      It’s cancelled on the last gen consoles?

    • Psionicinversion

      PC, x1, ps4 wii u, steam OS 5 platforms

    • HakunaMatata

      Gran Turismo 3 on PS2 is 60fps. I guess that beats DriveClub’s visuals then. You do realize this is a graphics comparison? FPS is not the debate at hand unfortunately for you.

    • Psionicinversion

      fair enough, no driving games visuals ever impress me that much and driveclub is no exception

  • Michael White

    Driveclub & ProjectCARS can LOOK as nice as they want, All I care about is will it be as fun as FH2

    When that gets answered, I’ll start paying full attention

  • Shifty Catt

    Driveclub is nothing but all about good looks the driving physics are rubbish and the game boring after a few time trials . These are supposed to be racing games and pCARS has focused on this it will finally bury Dclub which is only being played because there is nothing else on ps4 .


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