DualShock 4 Stick Problems: Sony Rep Advising People “Not to Press So Hard”?

A Sony rep supposedly says “maybe it’s a fluke”.

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Following the revelation that the PS4’s DualShock 4 has some issues with its analog sticks, especially after an image showing the left stick being worn down, a user on Reddit offered his own take on the issue. In fact, judging by the emails received by the individual, it would seem that he works in retail.

“I won’t mention my previous job (I was a DM there, and more… cough above regional cough) But I still get the corporate emails even though I quit a while back. There have been a few cases of this reported. The only reply that was worthwhile was from refurbishments department and it goes: ‘Tell people to not press so hard, or that is what my Sony rep tells me’, to which was replied ‘That is stupid, it is meant to be beat on’.” An image of the user’s email was also provided, which you can check out here.

“Then the final reply, ‘Just return them, maybe it is a fluke?!, 100+ cases of this happening, 100k controllers delivered, seems as though its not a worry’. They sort of ignored the fact that the PS4 is not out, and most folks are not even touching their controllers yet..

The user also specified that from his experience, there hasn’t been any problem with the controller after having it for 45 days. “But I sort of agree, only for one reason below. I do other game related work. For over 45 days I have used the ps4 controller and X1 controller (for 10 days) exclusively, nothing has ‘gone wrong’ yet. But I must admit I do prefer the X1 controller. Maybe 250 hours on them at this point. Not so much as any trouble.”

Take this as a rumour for now, because honestly, it’s the Internet. Does the DualShock 4 really have build issues or is it just a fluke after all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • xjumper

    What a stupid news.. stop downplaying the PS4 folks

    • Michael Clanton

      stop being a fanboy, what a stupid comment

    • Harkins1721 .

      Because your comment makes you any less then a fanboy?

    • pc.psn.gamer

      @ xjumper

      you are right specially the last bit where he says (i prefer the X1 controller) says it all about this website,the motive is now clear. 🙂

  • DNA

    In my experience the only people who ever press down to hard on Dualshock controllers are the ones who aren’t used to them, the XBOX fans.
    Like I’ve said before and will say again. You don’t really hold a playstation controller, you hold around it.

    • ShowanW

      did you read that back to yourself before pressing the Post button…..
      I believe this is a fluke deal…
      But did you honestly read what you wrote before pressing the Post button

      What does how your palms rest or hold the controller, with how hard you mash the buttons wit your fingers???

      and did you really just post “you don’t hold the controller, you hold around it??… You should be banned from all video game sites for at least 2days after writing that… at least you made me laugh..

    • oddvintagetaco

      he means you dont use the “claw”
      the ps3 controller lays in your hands.

    • andrew paul

      Wow u went full retard with that comment buddy

    • Russell Gorall

      You spend your spare time doing surveys on people who are using a Dualshock who are Xbox fans?

      Holding the area around a controller is holding air. Controllers last forever if they aren’t held.

    • DNA

      Yes, I spend my time doing surveys on how Xbox fans use the dualshock controller.

  • Me too

    Hehe, more bad PS4 news….but the fagboys are all over it…D.C. baby !

    Hold around it…LOL…most ridiculous thing I have ever read.

    • DNA

      Clearly you don’t read much then. But that’s ok. I’ve understood not to expect much intelligence from xbot fanboys.

  • cubs223425

    Classic “you’re holding” it wrong response. I didn’t know Apple was making controllers now.

    • Guest

      Shut that fat mouth

    • Russell Gorall

      You had to login as a guest to say this?

    • cubs223425

      I think it comes up as “Guest” because he got banned or something. This guy brought the exact same comment into another article because I didn’t bow to my mighty, Sony overlords. I assume he then followed my comment history to do it here.

    • daveyj

      I’ve had the DS4 for a couple of weeks now, the sticks feel fine. Maybe this somebody is using sandpaper on the sticks to make up a story?

    • cubs223425

      IDK, I imagine it’s more someone is too intense and abusive, not that he’s wrapping sandpaper around his thumbs. I wore down one 360 controller’s left thumbstick, but it look a LONG time, and it just peeled about the bottom-left quarter of it off.

    • solomonshv

      i thought the same exact thing (and i happen to be an Apple user). this is really stupid. but this is not enough to get me to buy an xbox instead.

      since i’m going to have 3 controllers that will be used often, i will just take out a best buy warranty on one of them for two years. since best buy doesn’t keep track of serial numbers on accessories, one warranty will cover all my controllers 🙂

    • cubs223425

      Yeah, that’s a nice plan. I’m not getting anything for a bit, but when I do, it’ll be an Xbox, simply because I’ve invested more than a decade into the platform (including LIVE), and I prefer the exclusives it offers. The one I’d care about on PS4 (Killzone) would need an HD remix on the PS4 before I considered it, as I’d want to get the whole story before playing.

  • MannGamer

    First the DS4 break up. then mention X1 controller, then mention number of hours playing with X1 controller, then says he prefers the X1 controller. Clearly not a fanboy!!!

    • Sasori Nagashi

      Having a preference for something because it suits you better isn’t being a fanboy, it’s being a human being. Stop being a whining little bitch who screams “fanboy” every 5 seconds.

      “I like God of War more than Gears of War”


    • MannGamer

      It’s nice to have people as smart, as whiny, as bitchy as educated as you who comes up running every 2 seconds everytime someone seems to be a “fanboy” just to curse and make no sense at all

  • matt

    This DM from Reddit needs to get the dick out of his mouth. He keeps coughing.

    • Russell Gorall

      Someone from Official Playstation Magazine had problems after using the controller for only a few hours. It is in a vid from Friday off their Youtube channel.

  • jznlv

    I have been w/ my ds4 for about two weeks maybe 60 hours of use , it still looks brand new /shrug

  • hmmm

  • You are flat out wrong

    Nice try, Xbox Mafia. No one’s falling for your FUD.

  • Albert

    They need to up the scale of bonding molecules in the rubber. Apparently, not being a strength of theirs, they are seeking the assistance of Microsoft, who are more au fait with upscaling.

    • solomonshv

      i laughed at this more than socially acceptable 🙁

  • Christian Dixon

    So roughly 1 in 1,000 controllers MIGHT be a bit kooky? Well, I like those odds.

    • Metal

      Me too, say they sell about ,… let’s just say 1.000.000 consoles there will be 1000 Controll fails.. okay.. so when the numbers are about say 50mill. sold consoles hm. 50.000 Control fails.. i think sony deserves that..

  • Ja Mell

    I have had 2 DS4 controllers with R1 stick problems taking it back to gamestop in the morning

    • Ja Mell

      I’m using this controller with MW3 on the ps3 of course…. and have only used the controller twice both times when I bought them! The first time I would say its a fluke… but twice? Maybe this game stop got a bad batch

  • Psychosious

    Mine are wearing down bad. I called Sony, they are going to replace it for me. pics are posted here


  • paul proudman

    well the rubber does feel softer on the ds4, is it just a case of trimming your thumb nails to stop the wear? Lol, i have the original controller that came with the console and the red controller and i can feel a diffrence after only two weeks.

  • Nathan

    My sticks are broken up after 15 days. The one I bought with the PS4 and the one I bought alone.
    Beside Both Controllers have issues on the R2 Button (Firing, Running etc…)


  • Peter Roberts

    Had mine since release in the uk at the end if November was away in the US for 7 days in December away from my ps4 only use it for 2 hrs maybe 4 nights a week and the left stick has torn at the bottom left edge and on the first use I noticed the rubber had bulged in the centre, poor quality tat made in China


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