DX12 Could Improve AI & Path Finding Algorithms On Xbox One/PC, Optimize Limited CPU Time Available

BabelFlux’s David Miles talks about the benefits of Microsoft’s API for path-finding.

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Though there’s a lot of focus placed on textures, animation, environmental effects and particle effects, one of the most under-rated and yet wholly important aspects of a game is its path-finding. Without path-finding, you’ll see AI companions running into walls while enemies have a hard time figuring out how to scale basic barriers. As gaming technology improves, what will APIs like DirectX 12 do to improve path-finding?

David Miles, CTO of BabelFlux LLC which created Navpower, spoked to GamingBolt about the benefit of reduced CPU overhead for DirectX 12 especially when it comes to path-finding. “Obviously this is great for us because it frees up a lot more CPU resources that can be used for a variety of things including AI. Most clients only allocate a few percent of the total CPU available to the game for AI processing, including things such as dynamic obstacles, pathfinding, and character steering.”

Aside from high-end PCs, will Navpower be implemented for mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets in the near future? “That’s a good question. Although NavPower isn’t well known as a mobile pathfinding solution, it’s actually been used on a number of mobile games and we’ve worked with AAA developers to optimize key portions of the code for mobile platforms. So yes, it’s already available and works quite well.”

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  • Mark

    Well if UFC is anything to go by, next gen AI will be fun again in the upcoming years. Every fighter I face, they all use their strengths in a dynamic way, very unpredictable. Each fighter I play is actually fun to fight, for the varieties of AI logic. I still feel Halo 1 had some of the best AI in any game. Single player should be fun again.

    • Da Juggla

      I really do hope this makes a great difference in single player titles though.

    • maybe

      Curious to see how Unity will be since it’s claimed enemies are much smarter.

  • Da Juggla

    The ai is going to get too smart and start creating human profiles controlled by ultra smart cpus and dominate online multiplayer. *sarcasm

    • Rooster41

      I believe that will actually happen

  • andy

    What are the overheads on DX12? Is it anything like the jump from Windows 7 to Windows 8? The only thing I can compare is that the Service pack 1 for Win7 takes about 20 mins to half an hour to install and the Win8 service pack 1 (Win8.1) takes about 4 hours to install. Why is that? Is running a larger api thingy on uncapable hardware really going to magically improve it in every way?
    Its like a friend who officailly updated his phone to android 4.0. The phone did support it yet it clearly was not able to handle it as it made every single function act out slower.

  • Richardo

    Finally more people talking realistically about what DX12 offers, and not PR junk.

  • Have you ever heard of a PC game before?


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