DX12 to Allow Better Use of CPU Cores, Xbox One Already Has Similar API For Freeing Up CPU

Confetti CEO Wolfgang Engel also talks about the advantages of Mantle.

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Since Microsoft first revealed DirectX 12, set to release in Holidays 2015 for Xbox One PC, its graphics the API has faced some sort of scrutiny. Would it be able to speed up the Xbox One’s CPU significantly or simply allow for more efficient hardware speeds.

Confetti CEO and co-founder Wolfgang Engel gave his thoughts on the same. The name may sound unfamiliar but Engel worked as the lead graphics programmer for Rockstar’s RAGE group, implementing graphics for titles like Grand Theft Auto 4, Read Dead Redemption, Midnight Club Los Angeles and many more. Engel has since gone on to form Confetti, a middleware company that specializes in developing solutions for global illumination, Sky dome and Post FX system, and has consulted and worked on several other big name releases besides aiding studios in better understanding and implementing graphical techniques.

Regarding DirectX 12, Engel said to GamingBolt, “I like it. It’s great and it’s a fantastic opportunity to raise the bar again. It works with the same piece of hardware, so it’s the same CPU and the same GPU, and certainly we have much more CPU time to spend.

“The workload on the CPU decreases substantially, because you can utilize better the cores of the CPU. In this way you are less likely to be CPU limited. One of the cool features of modern games is that we have physics, and they have been traditionally implemented on the CPU and as a game developer you have to go back and ask ‘do I have to spend 40% of my CPU time’ on rendering or ‘can I reduce this so that I can use it for physics’ and this is one of the things that DirectX 12 allows you. This makes sure that the developers can get more out of the existing hardware.”

“AMD’s Mantle is also going in the same direction and has the same structural idea, reducing CPU time so that it can be free up for other tasks. One CPU usage case is multiple GPU set ups which is kind of an interesting development because when you have multiple GPUs, say two GPUs, you would not expect to be actually CPU limited. But now the CPU has to feed two GPUs which are really fast, suddenly your CPU becomes the bottleneck. DirectX 12 and Mantle are resolving that situation.”

There are plenty of similarities between DX 12 and Mantle but what about their respective advantages? “The advantage of Mantle is that it’s able to squeeze out of a few more cycles from the AMD platforms. The advantage of DX12 is that it runs on all GPUs,” says Engel.

We know that DX 12 will have a fairly strong impact on PC games when it launches late next year but will it have the same technical impact on the Xbox One? Interestingly, Engel revealed that, “The Xbox One already has an API which is similar to DirectX 12. So Microsoft implemented a driver that is similar to DirectX 12 already on the Xbox One. That freed up a lot of CPU time.”

What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments.

This is just a snippet of our interview with Confetti and we will have more in the coming days.

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  • Meche334

    Maybe the XB1 does have a 2nd gpu because why would he mention it with dx12

    • Guest

      Probably the GPU acts as two with it. The GPU supports parallel processing…

  • Kidd

    Why would Ms hire AMD to make Xbox one Dx12 hardware when AMD is a competitor AMD= Mantle??

  • hvd hvd

    i dont get how people compare x1 to pc and ps4 hardware right.but when it has similar software as the pc dx12 wont help it.people are just trying to put down something they dont under stand.x1 now uses win 10 and full dx12.its software.the same effects that happen on pc will happen on console.

    if pc gets a boost because of software then the xbox one will get a boost from the software.you compare x1 to pc parts for parts but when its software even tho it uses win 10 people say its not going to do anything.the vast majority of people are fanboys and not intelligent enuff to under stand common sense.

    i can already see dx12 working in the xbox one with current games.look at rise of the tomb raider its a dx12 game on the console and look at how good it looks.just wait for 2016 when a lot more dx12 games are coming out.everyone is going to rush to buy a xbox one.dx12 not only boosts the cpu but and amd gpu all the way bac to the hd 7000 series which is whats in the xbox one.this is where common sense comes in to play.

    it will boost the cpu and gpu of the xbox one.people still dont understand that software can do that.it did on pc dx12 and it does on xbox one dx12.there are just to many fan boys out there to understand common sense.

    • andrew159159

      DX 12 Won’t do anything for game consoles. The API used is already low level. It’s not magic, it can’t make a bad GPU/CPU good.

    • hvd hvd

      i guess you didnt even read the article.just went down to the comments and posted what you think which diesnt matter anyway…lol

    • andrew159159

      I did read the article, it won’t provide a performance boost, it will reduce load on the CPU. The API used is already low level. It’s not magic, it can’t make a bad GPU/CPU good.

    • hvd hvd

      use common sense

    • andrew159159

      Says the person who thinks a new API will make a low grade CPU/GPU magically allow it to run at 1080p/60fps. I think you should stop spreading wild fantasies.

      Think about how bad the hardware must be if it can’t even do that. 1080p/60fps that is.

    • andrew159159

      Says the person treating an API as a magical cure for the Xbox One’s poor spec hardware

    • andrew159159

      You’re the one who doesn’t matter as you’re, quite simply, wrong!

    • andrew159159

      That’s real weird, someone appears to have deleted my comments. Probably cause the arguments are too convincing. Ah well

    • andrew159159

      But DX12 isn’t magic. It won’t improve performance as the Xbox already uses a low level API, which is why DX12 is better than DX 11, because it’s a low level API

    • andrew159159

      But DX12 isn’t magic. It won’t improve performance as the Xbox already uses a low level API, which is why DX12 is better than DX 11, because it’s a low level API.


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