EA Will No Longer Use Paper Manuals

Posted By | On 22nd, Mar. 2011 Under Industry News, News

EA announced today that they will be replacing paper printed manuals with “easily-accessible” on disc manuals which will be available through the options menu, claiming “this will allow players to conveniently view instructional information on the fly as they play.” The manuals will also be available through EA’s website. EA will also be implementing new reduced material cases for their games. John Schappert, Cheif Operating Officer at EA, said: “EA is committed to a healthy and sustainable environment… We are reducing packaging materials, eliminating printed manuals and increasing the availability of digital content at EA.com.”

Thanks to IGN for the info.

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  • doub7

    I applaud this decision. There is really no need for paper manuals in this day & age. Its just wasteful when most games have in game tutorials or manuals that can b accessed online. 1 in the game menu is even better. Hope other companies follow EA’s lead.

    • PilarVIRUS

      Yeah… manuals are useless. But, it wasn’t like people where just throwing away their manuals, I know I wasn’t. Anyway, it’s good to see them going green.

    • no but if you know any careless people as I do, they end up ruining them anyways and eventually they have to be thrown out. But I agree they really are useless in this day and age.

  • good that they’ve decided to be a bit more eco friendly. hopefully this means that the size of game case will change. An audio CD and a PS3 Blu Ray disc are the same size and yet the case for movies and games are larger for no reason. It’s actually a hassle when you want to take a few with you somewhere.

  • doub7

    I saw in another article that this will reduce their packaging costs by 40%. Better 4 the earth & they make more money so its a win-win. Now use the money u saved & make Mirror’s Edge 2 already!

  • tareq salah

    good i hate manuals. either don’t use them or at least put art work. otherwise no one reads these booklets.


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