Epic Games: Coalition Will Breath New Life Into The Gears of War Series, Will Do A Great Job

Epic Games’ Ray Davis believes that the series is in safe hands.

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The freshly renamed Black Tusk Studios, now known as The Coalition are expected to breath some new life into the much loved Xbox franchise, Gears of War. In an interview with Gamingbolt, Epic’s Ray Davis, General Manager of Unreal Engine told us that The Coalition is more than capable of handling the franchise.

Speaking about having worked with Rod Fergusson before, Davis stated,”Having been through shipping hell with Rod Fergusson on past Gears of War games I can say that I’m absolutely confident he’ll do a great job with the franchise at Microsoft.”

He goes on to talk about how the staff at Black Tusk are uniquely suited to working on the franchise, saying, “Black Tusk has assembled a solid mix of Gears of War veterans along with talented developers from other great studios so there’s no doubt they’ll breathe new life into the series while still retaining the DNA that made it so fun to play. Now if only they’d start showing off what they’ve been working so hard on…”

With that final hanging comment in mind, it’s important to remember that if rumour is to be believed, there’s a remaster of Gears of War inbound for the Xbox One that may very well be in development at The Coalition.

Stay tuned for our month long coverage with Epic Games in the coming days and weeks.

Note: Since the interview was conducted before Black Tusk Studios were renamed, the name of the studio was replaced with the correct name in Davis’ quote above.

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  • JerkDaNERD7

    Oh man I can’t wait to see what they’re working on. They’ve been so super secretive so far, like a skunk works. Goes to show it’s going to be amazing without a doubt!

  • OldBut YoungMoney

    I love Gears of War, and I hope this one is focused around realism and no more pink camouflages on weapons designed to mangle and kill and no more sunshine and bright colorful setting and more. Make this one about extreme realism like the realism captured in Saving Private Ryan or the realism captured in The Last Of Us. That’s what I want, no more funny happy crap, make it REALISM.

    • Andrew Kassab

      Because shooting peoples heads off and blowing people to pieces is realistic right? Of course their muscles are pretty realistic too, and so it wallbouncing and taking tons of lancer shots just to get down and heal instantaneously when a friend touches you….

      Oh please, this series is the FARTHEST thing from realistic (and that’s what makes it special)

    • OldBut YoungMoney

      How is people being decapitated, more like having their head explode, and people being blown to pieces not realism? That’s what happens in war. It’s a meat grinder. Moreover, when I said realism I meant not sunshine’s, bright colors, and pink weapons, I meant depressing dark and creepy scenes, I meant seriousness. Now as for the down but not out, wallbouncing and lancer shots, that’s just a mechanic. But things like bright lights and rainbows and pink weapons are not. I already told you the kind of realism I want just in case you didn’t get it. I gave example like that of Saving Private Ryan and The Last Of Us.

    • Andrew Kassab

      Well I guess nobody has ever told you the truth, but people’s heads don’t pop off from sniper shots and peoples limbs don’t blow to pieces because of a shotgun

    • OldBut YoungMoney

      Are you kidding me? If you shoot someone in the arm with a shotgun, there’s a very good chance I could mangle your arm or actually rip it off if point blank. Moreover, yes, the head can be decapitated depending on the sniper rifle, and yes the head can be blow open and explode defending on the sniper rifle. But considering the sniper rifle in gears is fictional and futuristic, and considering you can only get an instant kill via a head shot, maybe that weapon is designed for headshots. And a grenade and other explosives can definitely blow someone into pieces.

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