Evolution Studios: DriveClub Visuals “Getting Better Looking by The Day”

For a game that’s still months away, that’s saying something.

Posted By | On 23rd, Jul. 2013 Under News

Evolution Studios’ DriveClub was first introduced alongside the PlayStation 4 back in February, and has since only gained in momentum. The game will offer its own realistic take on racing, but also allow players to form their own clubs and race against allies and rival clubs. It will also be one of the first titles that Sony will offer for free albeit in a limited way on PlayStation Plus.

While we’ll have to wait and see how that last strategy pans out, no one can deny that DriveClub looks phenomenal. The detail, right down to the upholstery inside the cars, is intricate. But Evolution has revealed recently that DriveClub’s visuals just keep improving.” Absolutely. The game is getting better looking by the day,” the twitter feed reads.

The developers also commented on the weather system stating that they may added it later on. “The game that you play day one on PlayStation 4 is not going to be the game you play a year down the line because it will have evolved a lot, as time swings. We are specifically leaving the entire architecture, how we develop the tracks, the materials, the cars and so are all of these things are left open. We’re not a closed ended box game. You basically buy the box and it expands. We could just throw storms in there. Right now there is nothing but later down the line who knows,” they said.

And keep in mind that during E3 2013, the demo showcased represented a game that was only 35 percent complete.

DriveClub will be releasing along with the PlayStation 4 during the Holiday season, with a concrete release to be announced.

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  • T Dot M Dot

    Hopefully they can have the 60fps with the great visuals. That would be a real treat.

  • Jack Slater

    I love Sony, but
    I’m not sure if I will join the driveclub party. When I buy a game, I buy it because I am sure I will like the genre and the game, and I wanna be able to play it whenever I want, even in 2020. I don’t want to buy a game, and having to rely on extra content I will be able to get only if I go online. What about in 7-10 years, if Sony drops the ps3 support on psn, and all that content won’t be accessible anymore?

    Games before 2012 were the best ones, for me. An example, a god of war 3 game was full, out of the box, and I don’t remember having to download some precious patches or whatsoever. In 10 years, I will still be able to play the game, even if the psn is down. With god of war ascension, several patches were released, some really important, for lowering the difficulty, etc, and the game will require them, in 10 years, if I want to play. The same with skyrim. I would like to get the legendary version for the ps3, but I’m afraid it will need to download some stuff. If I want to play it for 500 hours, in 2023, on my ps3 without internet, I should be able to do it.

    So far, nobody talked about that problem. And before you talk, I do know the PC gamers will never face such a problem, and that alone, with mods and graphics, are the top 3 reasons for gaming on pc. I imagine it would be really hard for Sony or microsoft to manage all the items bought digitally, and allow people to download their stuff with their accounts, etc. But I really hope someday, there will be some kind of petition or law, to force Sony/microsoft to give consumers the opportunity to download all the patches for all the games, via a webpage. I may understand they don’t want people to download the x item they bought for x game, and share it with everybody.
    But at least, everybody, every guy who have bought a game, should be allowed to download all the updates via a web browser, copy them to a USB drive, and update the game, just like we can update the ps3 firmware.

    If the games were sold 100 finished without requiring day one patches, I would eventually be OK with that. But since most games get released and are almost unplayable on day one, as they come out of the box, damn, we should be allowed to download them. In 7 years, if the psn or live no longer support the ps3/x360 patches downloads, most games will simply be unplayable, with too many bugs, or simply, broken.

    I really hope there will be a petition , in 2 or 3 years.I want my patches for the games I bought, so I can play them, even in 15 years.

    Sorry for the big comment.

    • LupineMP3j

      I’m guessing you’re not buying a PS4? While in several more years PS3 may indeed lose support, PS4 shouldn’t for well over a decade, if things continue the way they have been.

    • Dakan45

      Yeah and sony said that due to “power of da core” ps3 will last 10 years.

      Meh, how about NO, its not an alive console that grows and becomes more powerfull each year.

    • LupineMP3j

      I answered civilly, you don’t need to start getting rude.

      Second, PS3 isn’t dead just because PS4 is here. Support is planned for the PS3 for the next few years, maybe longer. PS2 didn’t die, for example, until well after PS3 was out.

      I also never said the PS3 was living (Really? lol). I do know that as developers become more comfortable with a console over time, they learn how to use more of its capabilities in better ways. In that sense, it really can seem to get more powerful over time, but that’s really just developers learning how to better use the thing.

      PS3’s already on its seventh year. Only three more to go to reach ten, and Sony has already said they plan to see it through that. I expect that like with the PS2, they will continue to support it until it becomes too costly to make.

    • Dakan45

      I didnt go rude.

      Point is sony lies out of ther godamn teeth when it comes to the “capabilites” of their console. They are great but they make it sound like they are the most powerfull, reliabe and devasting system in existance EVERY single time.

    • LupineMP3j

      So far I have yet to hear one person disagree about the capabilities of the PS4, from anyone who has used it or worked on it. So far it seems absolutely everyone who has touched the thing has said it delivers, and Sony has been very careful with the information it has released. Out of all possible choices, PS4 is technically the most powerful console, beating Xbox One by something like 40% in a certain area. That has been determined by the community, not announced by Sony.

      They technically didn’t lie about the PS3 either. I know there was a debacle with the HDMI ports, and a few other things they promised they they didn’t deliver on; that was the result of them revealing the thing before they were absolutely sure they could produce it that way. Unfortunately, it turned out they couldn’t, but it still had some cutting-edge technology inside it.

      PS2 is sometimes considered to be the best home console ever released. Sony doesn’t tout it like that, but many people seem to feel that way. No need to lie there.

      PS1 was born out of controversy with Nintendo, and together (alongside more than with each other) the two of them beat Sega and became the most popular home consoles in existence. No need to lie there.

      No offense intended, but what are you talking about?

    • Dakan45

      Ok now i am offednded.

      Ps2 was weaker than the xbox and didnt intially support online. But the sheep bought ps2.

      PS3 was a disaster it was suposse to be super powerfull and it was a confusing mess of architecture and very expensive with little games when it came out, they had to littearly throw money to exlusives to push their console.

      That is the truth, if not, think about it, was the ps3 as sucessfull as ps2? No and it was sonys stupidity to blame, not gamers.

      So you havent heard anything negative on the ps4 by developers? Have you heard anything negative about xbox 1 by developers? Nope, they dont bash either console. Why would you bash something you work with?

      So you say everyone who worked with it said it delivers.

      Which is stupid to say since no one has actually said anything. IN THEORY it should work but i find hard to trust anyone when they DONT KNOW HOW MUCH RAM IS AVAILABLE TO THEM. Nor they showed ther games on ps4 or xboxs but they used high end pcs to show them on E3.

      There is no factual proof. Developers used to praise wiiu and when it came out they change their tune.

      I find hard to believe the marketing these days. It feels to me they are lying and do not believe the crap they are saying.

      Check this out, ea said they fire half the developers from The old republic because and i quote “its the only way to continue grow and expand” Which doesnt make any sense, no devs, no expansion of the game.

      On dead space 3 they said that they put microtrasanctions to attract the mobile audience.

      Which also doesnt make any sense.

      Then when asked if the pc version will be enchanced, they said no because they want to give the same experiance to everyone, yet x360 version has kinect capabilites, so its no “the same experiance” so did they lie?

      In the end the pc version was enchanced but the PR marketing guy who said those things couldnt possibly know that since he was doing marketing and he wasnt actually working on the game.

      So when some PR guy from epic says “ohh ps4 is like a perfect pc” when he doesnt have techinical knowledge, i am sorry but i cant fall for it.

      That applies to everything, till the developers can clearly say how much ram is it available to them and show off a game on an ACTUAL console wherever it is xbox one or ps4 and not a devkit. Forgive me, but i cant believe the hype lies marketing that is being spread. I hope you will understand and not act like a fanboy.

    • LupineMP3j

      I don’t really know why you are offended, but… okay?

      PS2 did support online, maybe not initially but the one I have has a built-in ethernet port. Further, PS2 came off the legacy of PS1–and is STILL considered to be one of the best consoles ever released, regardless of your opinion on the original Xbox. Original Xbox (Dare I say, Xbox 1) was a solid, solid console, but you don’t hear stuff like that about it.

      PS3 WAS super powerful. If you’re talking about the launch version, I agree, that one was a mess. Is it backwards compatible, is it not? Cheapest Blu-Ray player around at the time, that was a plus. Cutting-edge processor, but no one knew how to use it….

      Well Sony quickly learned from those mistakes and started turning it around. The later versions (dubbed Slim and Super Slim) were much better. Developers finally began learning how to use this Cell architecture and producing some amazing games, like Uncharted and The Last of Us. Globally, more PS3s have been sold than Xbox 360s. As successful as PS2? I don’t know, but with what it has accomplished, especially during the rise of mobile gaming, I’d sure call it successful.

      No, I haven’t heard anything negative about Xbox One from developers, but in comparison to PS4 I haven’t heard much positive about it either. Sure, you get your compliments here and there, This technology really helped us, this feature is going to bring out the best in our game, the performance we were able to bring out is great, stuff like that. In comparison, how much positive do you hear about PS4? Ever since it was announced in February, developers have been raving about it. They love how open it is, they love how Sony has been working with them, they love how easy it is to develop for, they love being able to self-publish and manage their own sales, they love that they actually sort of helped build the console with their input, and they really love what it can do.

      They don’t have to bash either console. There are definitely positives about the Xbox One for devs (at least now that they can self-publish), but it’s very clear that developers really love the PS4 and how Sony has been handling it.

    • Dakan45

      I didnt said ps2 is not the best console ever, i said that xbox was powerfull and had the tech and innovation, but people choose ps2 because of the brand, it was outsold and people had to buy it from Ebay. It was selling really good.

      Yes i heard ps3 finally beat x360, it was the opposite for many years. Propably has to do with ps3 getting cheap and having good exlusives.

      Dont take this the wrong way but if you play games on pc, the last of us looks mediocre graphically. I am not kidding, most multiplats look better on pc and my pc is pretty old. I am waiting for this 8 year generation to finally end so you can see what games look on pc thanks to ps4/xbox one versions of watchdogs or hopefully crysis 3

      I believe ps4 wil win this gen, but for the love of god dont hear the crap that ps4 is gonna have far better graphics than the xbox one, they will design to run in both games, not the crap that buy buying a ps4, you are able to play a F2P game like planetside 2 far better than a $2000 pc.

      Yes sony’s planetside 2 developer said that. I think thats pretty clear that even if the bullcrap comes out of the developer’s mouth, you should believe it. Its just hype, they dont really mean it or believe it.

      Just my thoughts.


    • LupineMP3j

      PC, better or worse, w/e. Doesn’t mean a thing to me.

      The truth is, to mimic the quality that the consoles can achieve, you have to spend far more than four or even five hundred dollars. If you already have a rig, you’ll probably spend about the cost of one of the consoles in upgrades anyway. Further, the consoles offer an experience that the PC does not, and vice versa. People always say “Yeah, PC’s better, looks better, runs better, etc.” but really you have to pay quite a bit for that to happen–and it’s usually hard for most people to tell the difference anyway.

      PS4 will not have significantly better graphics. People may notice an edge in sharpness or dynamism, a bit more happening in the world, because it does have a little more oomph under the hood. Even so, we’ll only see that if developers take advantage of it (with multiplatform in mind).

      I didn’t understand your paragraph beginning with “I believe PS4 will win this gen.” You lost me after “They will design to run in both games.”

    • Dakan45

      Yes because

      a) a pc isnt a locked out box.

      b) consoles are sold at a loss to be affordable.

      c)If you already have a pc an upgrade is cheap and you still get backwards compability. Which you dont on conosles.

      I payed quite a bit 6 years ago i run games on high, consoles run on low-medium.

      6 year old pc.

      “People may notice an edge in sharpness or dynamism, a bit more happening
      in the world, because it does have a little more oomph under the hood.”

      Then how come people dont notice that on pc and seem to think you need truckloads of money to even get to the console quality of visuals?

      its riddiculus to see ps3 fanboys crying over bayonetta port or whichever game looks a bit worse on ps3 than the x360, but not seeing any diffirence on pc and claiming that unless they can play the game maxed out, they cant play on pc and prefer to play it in a locked out console wihtout even the capability to change the damn controls.

      Ps4 will win this gen like ps2 won back in the day, but games will be made to work for both consoles, you will see alot of bashing if there is a big diffirence in graphics, so dont expect much diffirence from multiplats.

    • LupineMP3j

      Okay, I haven’t read the post yet and already this tires me. :/

      I don’t intend to continue to argue with you about crap that’s purely preference in the first place. The whole “PC IS BETTER!” thing gives me a headache. However, I’ll respond to what you said here.

      I don’t know where you got that consoles are sold at a loss. The original PS3 was, but since Sony revamped it they started to make a profit from it, so clearly they are NOT typically sold at a loss except maybe for marketing strategies.

      What games do you run on high with a Core II Duo? That’s about what was out 6 years ago. Unless you sprung for something much, much higher, in which case your processor’s likely about to be outmatched, if it isn’t already

      Further, you canNOT expect me to believe that you run today’s taxing games on high quality with a 6-year-old processor, a 6-year-old graphics card, and without upgrading your RAM since 2007. Say what you want–that’s bull. In order to accomplish that you’ll have had to spend money on upgrades over time. You can’t easily upgrade a processor but you would have had to upgrade your graphics card and your RAM at the very least to accomplish this, meaning you’ve probably spent about the cost of a console in addition to the cost of your PC. A quick Google search reveals that if I were to buy an Nvidia graphics card today that debuted and was high-end in 2007, it would cost me about $230. In comparison, a very low-end Nvidia gaming card (of 2013) would cost a little over $100. You’ve also probably upgraded your RAM more than once, and assuming that you’re running a performance rig I’ll also assume that you prefer high-end RAM, and depending on how much you get that can ru you between $70 and $150 or something like that.

      Considering how much you likely paid for the origina computer, that sounds like a lot, considering that with my consoles I can spend a few hundred bucks at the beginning, get a great experience in high quality, and enjoy higher quality and better games as the life of the console wears on since developers actually have the opportunity to get more comfortable with it and develop games that take advantage of its full power. I don’t have to spend more on upgrades and maintenance, nor do I need to suffer through Windows’ flakiness with its dumb blue screens. Consoles do crash, but they’re often quite a bit more reliable in that regard.

      Further, there are incredible games that DON’T make it to PC, games that PC purists miss out BIG TIME on, and with PS4 opening the doors to make publishing a game as easy as possible, you can expect to see more PC-friendly games showing up on consoles this gen anyway.

      I also don’t know where you got that console games play at low-medium quality. You clearly haven’t played Uncharted, The Last of Us, Skyrim, Forza, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, etc. on a console. They look fantastic, and there’s no meter in the first place to change quality settings on a console.

      PCs have advantages, but so do consoles. Each offers a different experience. Ultimately it’s dumb to be like “PCs are better because they might give you better graphics sometimes, I’m going to ignore consoles!” like some people do. Then you miss out on epic games and great experiences, and for what? For some kind of self-assurance that your gaming system is more powerful than others, at an exorbitant price?

      At the same time, it’s dumb to ignore PCs if you’re a console fan. PCs are the place for MMOs like WoW, Guild Wars 2, etc., and keyboards and mice offer distinct advantages in some multiplayer games that even the shiny new DualShock 4 can never hope to touch (which is why we rarely see cross-platform games between PCs and consoles–console controllers are still plenty fun but it would just take longer to do the crazy button combos it would require to match a simple couple of key presses on a keyboard). With money and care they CAN deliver better graphics, (if squeezing every bit of sparkle out of your GPU is important enough to you to spend hundreds on). Backwards compatibility is an illusion on PCs since it’s all one system to begin with–i.e. there’s no PC2, PC3, etc to make a specific backwards compatibility feature necessary.

    • Dakan45

      All consoles are more expensive than what you pay for them to make them affordable, thus there is always a loss.

      Core duo? There were quad cores in 2007, Most games did not use quadcores until 2009.

      So yeah you can run them fine.

      My cpu is a 3.2ghz quad core from 2009. Intel had 2ghz quad cores in 2007.

      I run games at high with a 2008 gpu, 2009 cpu and till 6 months ago only 4gb ram, run well on xp, got 6 for win7.

      If the game is not demanding, like say dmc or residvent evil 6, i run them maxed out.

      2007 “high end” cards do not exist for purchase anymore.

      A 2 year old 100 card is more powerfull than a 2007 high end videocard.

      I upgraded ram 6 months ago due to win7, only 2gb, its not a expensive ram with high speed, it was mostly for the aero theme memory leaks than for games, games dont use more than 3.25gb since they are x32.

      ” can spend a few hundred bucks at the beginning, get a great experience
      in high quality, and enjoy higher quality and better games”

      They are outdated 2 years after release and you dont get higher quality games as you claim. You get the same games and some overrated exlusives. I spend less for games in the long run thanks to seam deals selling games like max payne 3, far cry 3, dishonored and others like it for under 10 bucks, also pc has unique games like antichamger or shadowrun returns tha you cant get on consoles.

      I have been using windows wince 1995. Never touched Melenium edition or vista, but the only times i had blue screens were becaue of hardware failure and i was able to fix it myself. However if your x360 decides to stop working, there is nothing you can do, you have to seent it to microsoft. Sorry i cant relate, the x360 crashed more than my 8 pcs since 1995.

      “Further, there are incredible games that DON’T make it to PC, games that
      PC purists miss out BIG TIME on, and with PS4 opening the doors to make
      publishing a game as easy as possible, you can expect to see more
      PC-friendly games showing up on consoles this gen anyway.”

      Like? Sure id like to play uncharted or resistance on my pc, since shooters are better with a mouse, but if i had to play with thumbsticks..Nope, no thanks ill stick to muliplatform games. If pc gamers miss on console games, console games miss on pc games as well.

      “I also don’t know where you got that console games play at low-medium
      quality. You clearly haven’t played Uncharted, The Last of Us, Skyrim,
      Forza, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, etc. on a console.”

      Uncharted 2 graphics were meh compared to crysis. Uncharted looks like an average shooter, not impressive. That last of us looks like crap. it looks like a mediocre game from 2006. There are blurry textures everyhwere whre uncharted 3 and killzone 3 had very high texture quality for a ps3 and the lighting is awful, hardly any object in the game has shadows, its like looking gears of war in 2006 when i see objects and furniture while indoors.

      Every multiplatform game on pc has better graphics than that. Hell even colonial marines which had to be taken apart and make the levels smaller to fit on the tiny ps3 memory. It looks miles better than the console versions. After the patches the game now on pc looks like the E3 demos they showed.

      Skyrim on pc and console should be compared even for a joke. By default skyrim on pc has very high texture resolution and through mods the graphics in that game have become absolutly amazing, the console version looks like an improved oblivion by comparison. All bethesda games are better on pc by themselfs and with mods. Bethesda has never released a game on consoles that looked as good as the pc version or oblivion or morrowind.

      As for forza? Check a game called “project cars” Thats a next gen game not shadowfall and infamous.

      ” there’s no meter in the first place to change quality settings on a console.”

      On pc you can though, say you dont care about graphics? Lower them, you get more fps. You want better graphics? increase them. Consles dont have that customization.

      Say i wanna play killzone 2 and aim with thumbsticks, nope cant do that, say i wann play gta and accelarate with the thumsticks instead of X. Nope you cant do that either .Well on pc you can. The more time passes the more consoles copy pc with online play, buying digitally, F2P, mmos and so on. All innovations come from pc.

      So you got better control, better graphics, better online, more exlusives and most importantly VARIETY of exlusives, mods and even better sound. There is a video comapring bioshock infinite sound on pc and console. Also better deals through steam.

      “Then you miss out on epic games and great experiences, and for what? For
      some kind of self-assurance that your gaming system is more powerful
      than others, at an exorbitant price?”

      Well i put it this way, if i have to play a game on blurry 1280×720 and crappy aim assist with thumbsticks with barelly 30 fps,forget about it. In ps2 there ws the insane low resolution and horrible camera and target lock but aleast you played with 60 fps.

      So you got the last of us. GOOD, but most games on consoles play alike, i dont need ANOTHER god of war and ANOTHER uncharted and ANOTHER generic killzone.

      So its more like you miss some “overhyped” generic games rather diffirent experiances. Pc has antichamber, kairo, magrunner,shadowrun returns, slender those are low budget but they are innovative experiances, kinda like journey. But console games are fuelled by hype and sales rather innovation.

      How about this. instaed of duallshock 4, how about they innovate with some form of motion control to improve control? How about they add more buttons? Nope, they gonna make a standard thumbstick setup because thats what people are used to.

      Thats sad.

      Actually there is compability, you have to use dosbox to run older games, make changes to not get gamestopping bugs and crashes.

      But its the sheer power of pcs tha allows PS2/gamecube/wii emulators to work as well as IOS/psp, super nitendo and other emulators to work on pc.

    • LupineMP3j

      Yeah, I’m tired of all this. With no offense intended (and very little remorse if you somehow manage to find something to be offended about again) I’m not going to bother reading this. I’m sure you spent a lot of time writing it, and I’m sorry, but these posts are becoming like short stories–and about a subject I really don’t care about to begin with. I don’t care which one is better or worse (it’s subjective anyway) and I don’t care how much you spent on your computer more than half a decade ago. I entertained the argument for awhile in an effort to show how both sides have advantages, and I have nothing more to say about the whole PC vs console thing. I’m also extremely tired of every other conversation about the new consoles somehow turning into a drawn-out debate about how PCs are or are not better.

      I already have a PC. I want to game on a console.

      Furthermore, I really don’t feel like searching through that novel to refute more points in increasingly lengthy posts of my own, which seems to me to be a waste of time to begin with.

      Do enjoy whichever gaming system(s) you invest in. It’s been interesting to talk to you but I’m going to call it off.

    • Dakan45

      I never said both sides do not have plenty of advantages, just that the ease of console gaming is slowly going away with DRM nad other “social” crap.

      Every time a next gen console came out, pc was ahead and most of the “innovations” on consoles existed on pc prior to that.. Its funny how with the passing of the time consoles basicly try to do everything pc does, game design, business, sale models, applications…but its treated like “Awesome” while it was on pc for so many years.

      Thats all.

    • LupineMP3j

      They’re not trying to be PCs. They’re trying to bring proven concepts (and new ones) to consoles. Sure their architecture is similar but that’s not a copycat thing, that’s them trying to make ports and general development easier.

    • Dakan45

      Their capabilites are similar, their sale models are changing to pc. Might as well say they are trying to be tablets but they are stationary like pcs. Wouldnt suprise me if you checked your mail and type this from a console in the future.

    • LupineMP3j

      Well, you could say that the Xbox One tries to be a PC. Truthfully I don’t know WHAT it’s trying to be. It’s clear that Microsoft doesn’t want it to be known as a “video game console.”

      They love to tout the ability to browse the Internet and whatnot but the thing is that a video game controller is not something I want to use to browse the Internet, type emails, etc. from in place of a keyboard and mouse. Xbox has spent a lot of time trying to converge all sorts of functions into one device. PS4, meanwhile, does include some other functions but its main focus is on being a video game console.

      With the exception of back-end things like development, performance, etc., it’s very unlikely that either company sat down around a table and said “Okay, let’s copy those PC guys.” Even if they did, what does it matter? Is that a bad thing? Clearly they aren’t the same.

    • Dakan45

      Cant say ps4 is far behind with browsing sharing and social features and F2P.

    • LupineMP3j

      Social features are restricted to PCs somehow? Free-to-play games aren’t allowed to leave the sanctuary of PC towers?

    • Dakan45

      Years ago you could say the same for expansions and mmos and multiplayer acounts.

      Just saying. All innovation is lifted from pc.

      Wouldnt suprise me if oculus appeared on consoles as well.

    • LupineMP3j

      “All innovation is lifted from PC.”

      First of all, wrong. Second of all, and for the third time, what’s your point?

      You seem to be under the misconception that people sit there, look at a PC, and just pick apart what they want from it. You seem to believe that companies are incapable of innovating without a PC on the table to serve as a guidebook. You seem to be implying that it’s a big deal that some features that folks enjoyed on their computer should show up anywhere else, or that other companies somehow owe PC makers (or something) for the technologies that they have on their devices.

      You clearly do not know how technology works. If you can’t see past the bulky tower and keyboard and mouse enough to realize that all these devices, the iThings, the Xboxes, the PlayStations, ARE freaking Personal Computers (you can even plug a keyboard and mouse into the current-gen consoles), well I feel like anything I could say to you at this point would be a waste of time, much like the rest of this conversation.

      Also, Oculus has stated that it wants to bring Rift to consoles some time ago now. Better stop them. Wouldn’t want them to innovate for something that doesn’t typically use a keyboard.

      Sorry. I’ve had enough. Once again, enjoy your whatever-you-buy.

    • Dakan45

      “You seem to believe that companies are incapable of innovating without a PC on the table to serve as a guidebook.”

      YES, shooter controls became more like pc, gameplay design became more like pc, mmos, F2P, hardware, features, all things that were on pc before, record, share, communities, all like pc, all innovation comes from pc. The sad sate of console gaming.

    • LupineMP3j

      k. Enjoy your ignorance. “This is no good because ‘PC’ had something similar?” The sad state of some gamers.

      Also, “record” first came from CAMERAS, but I bet you won’t complain about PCs having them.

    • Dakan45

      something similar? more like EVERYTHING but hey its not like i made that point 100 times, enjoy your ignorance as well i am done replying.

    • LupineMP3j

      ’bout time. :/

    • Dakan45

      If you wanted to stop then why you didnt stop replying? You lack that ability?

    • Dakan45

      Mike not bashing pc how curious. Did you reallize pc is superior already?

    • Jack Slater

      Listen, I am an it guy since almost 20 years, and have like 10 computers at home.
      I used to play locally at home, with 5 other friends, counter strike, unreal tournament, age of empire 2, diablo 2, day of defeat, team fortress, many driving games, with my force feedback wheel, and many many other games, like the first far cry,soldier of fortune, kingpin, etc etc. By the way, if you haven’t played it(kingpin), give it a try, it was awesome. I think it was an open gl game, I tried launching it a few years ago, without success. Maybe it needs some patches, or workarounds.
      I have dozens of graphic cards, from a 3dfx( sli started with those cards) from a geforce 4600, or something like that.and many other amd/nvidia cards, and more recent ones. I used to play flight simulator, too. I’ve spent millions of hours playing on PCs, and I’m sure I was one of the lucky guys who could play at ultra high resolutions, on multi thousand $ monitors, that i was able to buy , much cheaper, from the AutoCAD/archicad department, at work. Huge eizo and Sony monitors, with a perfect flat panel . Yeah 🙂

      Back in 2007, I bought a x360 with 6 games, and that son of a bitch died 2 months later. I was so disgusted, I didn’t even send it for fixing. And then I bought a ps3, connected it to my sanyo projector, and started enjoying great HD movies, and really cool games, on a 120″ screen. Imagine wipeout HD on that screen, it was insane.

      At the same time, I realized I often spent big money on 500$ graphic cards, and CPU/ram upgrades, and I hadn’t enough time to really use that hi-tech stuff conveniently. By that time, I realised I was too tired, after having spent 10 hours with computers,at work, I just wanted to lay down on a huge couch, after the work, grab a soda or beer, grab the game pad , and start a game, on my ps3. I was just too sad I had saved several months for being able to afford that new nvidia card, and then, I wasn’t really using that huge power. And slowly, I stopped purchasing those expensive high-end nvidia cards. And without a good graphic card, we can almost forget playing a game with all the stuff turned on, at ultra high resolutions. Because when I was playing on a PC,I wanted the best graphics as possible. It’s just too frustrating, when you can’t enjoy much better graphics and framerate, just because your current graphic card isn’t powerful enough. Why should I play a game at average settings, when I know it is possible to play it with much much better graphics? I’d rather not play it at all, than playing at 20 fps on low settings.

      And slowly, gaming on PC was almost over. I got used to playing games with those blurred textures and average resolution the ps3 and x360 can output. Of course, I can recognise and admit a ps3 game, whether it’s a tlou, killzone 3 or uncharted, even if they look amazing , when we take into account the ps3 specs and the console standards, it’s not even fair to compare them with a PC, whether it’s a 4000 or 1000$ system: we can’t simply compare them, it’s like beating a dead horse. We can’t simply compare them. A PC has 10 times more power, at least, and comparing a 720p graphics with a 2560*1440/1600 , at 30-60 fps, its just not fair. We all know the PC will look much much better. And hopefully it looks better, we don’t spend 500$ on a graphic card, for playing games at 720p at 30 fps.

      So yeah, I know what PC gaming means. I really know, and I really understand what playing at ultra means. Simply, there are people who grew up with consoles, and never really cared about what was going on, on the PC side. Just like there are people who always played on PCs, and never touched a console gamepad. And while the console people just have tonefucks of fun playing their ‘simple’ Mario game, at barely VGA resolution, and ps3/x360 people are having fun with their uncharted or halo game, at 720p, and absolutely don’t want to hear about directx, cuda and rasterizers, or noctuas, K Intel processors and DDR timings, people on PCs can’t simply imagine themselves playing a game without a k/m, and any resolution below full HD at 60 fps. And those pc guys have a hard time imagining and accepting the fact someone can prefer playing little games, with blurred textures and low resolutions, and still have tons of fun, on a console, instead of playing a game with much much better graphics. And yeah, the console people really have a lot of fun, with their sub-hd graphics and game.

      Sure, whenever I play a ps3 game, I wish it looked 10 times better. But I try to forget those blurred textures I see, when I get a little too close to a wall, stone, NPC, ground, etc. There’s nothing I can do. I’ve choosed my couch, my console and my average graphics over a 30″ monitor, a huge high-end triple sli graphic card system, and a high-end CPU and ram. Because that’s the gear I would buy, if I was playing on a computer. If I had to change to a computer, I would want the best, nothing more, nothing else. A big 30″ at 2560*1600( or 3 x 27″ at 2560*1440), a triple powerful graphic card, 16gb DDR at 2800, and a 4770k. How much would it cost, if we add a nice keyboard and mouse, a big silent case, and a flower power platinum fanless power, which I have 2, on 2 computers: I love silence. And several ssd’s, of course. 3000-4000 $, I guess.

      If I decided to move to PC, I would want a rig like that. Simply, I don’t want to spend that big cash. I just upgraded a DAW, just the sound card alone with cubase 7 was almost 2000 bucks. I wish I was rich, I would buy a 30000$ PC, with triple 4k monitors and multi titan cards(if possible to sli) and multi Xeon cores. Just for gaming. But no rich, here 🙁 too bad.

      And sure, I’m happy the ps4 and Xbox one are coming. There should be a quite and noticeable improvement over the current gen. 1080p may become a standard, and some titles should sacrifice its graphics, to give us 60 fps. Sure, the quality will still be much inferior, when compared to an average/mid-high PC settings. But when I will be playing a ps4 game, I won’t think about the PC version. I will just enjoy the new graphics and games, that will be, no matter if the apu are only running at 1.6GHz, much better than the ps3 ones. But of course, when I watch the ps4/ Xbox one trailers, a part of me is really excited and happy, because the 7 yo ps3 hardware will finally be upgraded, and that’s a good thing: new hardware, new games, better specs, new techs, engines and effects, etc. But the other part of me recognizes no matter how good graphics will be, on the ps4, and even if they will be much better than the ps3/x360, I’m forced to wish that the apu would run at +3.xx GHz, with a titan-like graphic chip, and 16 GB of gddr5.today, 8,7,5 GB of ram for graphics may look a lot, but in 4 or 5 years, developers will be fighting with those 5 GB.
      I wish Sony and microsoft could make 2 different sku’s. The first one, standard, like the one we’ll be getting in a few months. And a second one, much more expensive, but with a better graphic card and CPU, which would allow gamers to have twice the fps, less compressed textures and much higher resolution or quality. The game would play the same, but with a better framerate, with much better textures and graphics. For those who could spend more cash, if they wanted to, they would spend like 700$, instead of 399$, and would get 2-3 times better visuals. I am sure many many gamers would first buy the standard system, and 1-2 years later, when the price goes down to 299$, they would grab the faster system. And many guys like me, or hardcore gamers, we would rather save a couple of extra months,and would buy the fastest SKU: still have the console advantages(as a console gamer, there are quite a few), but with much better graphics.

      So yeah, if I could, had the time and the cash, I wouldn’t mind playing a game on a PC, with insane graphics. But according to my bank account, my free time, space and some other aspects, playing on a console remains the best solution. For me,at least.

      I totally understand the PC and console gamers, and the different levels of enthusiasm. Even if playing on a PC have many advantages, like better graphics, modding, patches, etc, we can’t ignore playing on a console remains the most affordable solution, for hundreds million gamers. Yes, money do count, when gaming, just like any other hobby or passion. While many guys, girls, kids, can manage to get a console, when it costs under 300$, in the world, for these same guys it’s just impossible to buy a computer, a nice graphic card and a nice monitor. They simply can’t afford it.maybe he could buy a low-end pc and still play games, at low-mid quality. But with those 400-500$, he can buy a console, a couple of games and a 2nd controller, since he won’t have to buy a monitor, he already owns a TV/LCD. It’s simplier for us and most people to buy a console.many gamers are under 10, and of course, mom or dad would never buy him a computer for gaming, instead of a Wii, for example.Also, most people in the world can’t simply follow the PC path.nor the console one. How many hundred million kids would like to have a nes or ps1/Sega genesis, and even that, they can’t afford. Yeah, life isn’t easy, for many many people.

      OK, huge comment. I just wanted you to understand though I love my ps3, I don’t play on PCs for the reasons I gave, above.
      I just wish you PC guys , could understand a little, that for many people, gaming on a console isn’t an option, they simply can’t buy a PC. Also i wish you guys could understand, whether a guy plays on a console or PC, he still has fun. As an example, if we take 2 audiophiles, the first has a CD player, converter and pre/ampli, for a total of 2000$. Then, the other guy, he has a high-end system, that costs 20’000$. Does the second guy have 10 times more fun and pleasure, with his setup 10 times more expensive? No. The same applies to gamers. A guy , playing a Mario game, or uncharted, won’t have LESS fun and pleasure than a guy, playing crysis 3 at ultra settings, on a 30″ monitor. Each one will fully enjoy their games, for sure. When I read people calling pauperstation , consoletards, etc, it’s the same as someone, who has a Ferrari, always criticises a guy who only owns a ford puma. ‘Hey, idiot, why are you proud and happy of your Ford puma? Don’t you know Ferraris are much better? Why you keep driving your ford? Why? Why? Can’t you see you could drive much faster, and have a lot of pleasure, if only you would get a Ferrari? Why you keep driving your puma, when we, Ferrari owners, are telling you our Ferrari is much better that your ford puma? How can you be happy and have fun, with such a car? Why you don’t listen to us? We repeat. Don’t you know Ferraris are much better? Why you keep wanting and driving your ford? Damn. You’re really an idiot, you know that?’

      Let’s just wait a few more months. I hope next games will play and look nice on the ps4 and Xbox one. For you, PC guys, it isn’t a big deal, you have been experiencing that since many years. But for console owners, it will be a true revolution, just like in 2005/6. We will now enjoy ultra fast loading times, higher resolutions, stable framerate, new effects, much better and bigger textures, bigger worlds, new social stuff, new ideas, new games. You have had all that for a while, already, but for us, we can’t help being excited and happy, just like you PC guys are, when you upgrade your rigs, and go home with that big high-end graphic card, and cant wait to see it in action. Different pleasures, emotions, but at the end, we have the same fun. And that is what should only matter, when we play games.

      OK, don’t want to write 100 pages, sorry for those who will read.

      And you, Dakan45, I’m wondering if you will once again call me moron, as always 🙂

      Hope it’s a bit more clear now, for you, with my honest opinion ,as a console gamer.

    • Dakan45

      How the freaking hell is all that related to what you posted last time? Its like you are a diffirent person, What you said befor was basicly completly clueless as to what goes on in the pc gaming side.

      There is no such thing as 4600.

      My pc is from 2008. my videocard a mere gtx 275 costed 250$ which is more like 200$ now due to the finacial crisis.

      After 6 years it still runs game on high settings with average of 50 fps, or very high with 60 depending how powerfull it is.

      The console versions run at BARELLY 30 fps with 1280x720p.

      So you got a 200-250 card that served me for 6 years playing games FAR better than the consoles.

      That being said the whole “500$ videocards” is pointless. Not even gtx 770 is 500$. Infact with a mere 200$ gtx 660 you will be fine for 2-3 years, or get a 300 660 ti or 760 and you are good for 4 years.

      Especially now games will be optimized for pcs.

      So yeah pc gaming is not that expensive, no one stops you from playing on medium either, i just dont get console fanboys who want to run crysis at the highest AA settings despite the fact the console versions looks worse than runnig crysis 3 at the lowest settings…no i am not kidding, the game look ok even at the lowest settings.Last light looks even better.

      On pcs you set the graphics to whatever you want and pcs always had better graphics, take a look at x360, it launched and oblivion looked better on pc than the console. Also worthy to mention that it looked worse on ps3 and modders upgraded the pc version graphics further. Ironicly the trailers they showed had better graphics than the released game.

      Dont expect this “next gen” to be diffirent, games will again look better on pc and they will tone down graphics, while modders on pc will fix em.

      The 1080p may be the standard now bust just like people were playing at higher than ps2 resolutions on pcs for years, the 1080p resolution will be surpassed and pc gamers will play on higher resolutions.

      The resolution is relevant to geometry ,the more complex the games become the higher the resolution needed and more AA, eg old gta games dont need a high resolution because they got low poly count, it will not change much.

      I tried consoles and i cant stomach pushing those crappy thumbstics and using aim assist to actual aim at the targets, for me shooters on consoles are horrible, especially games like the last of us that loose accuracy when you move the crosshair,its just too much. In this gen consoel players experiance free aim through gta iv and other shooters. We already had that, they got good multiplayer we already got that. Now they getting crossgame chat and browsers and record functions and f2p.

      All those “innovations” came from pc.

      Ps4 is great for the price,but sony should STFU and stop hyping like it wil turn off the sun and cure cancer. Its riddiculus, hear this Planetside 2 a F2P game will run better on ps4 than a 2000$ pc, yes they actually said that. Aside from the fact the engine is old and doesnt even utilize 8 cores, the game is not particulary impressive. You dont need nor a new pc nor a high end pc to max it. Damn hype lies and console moronic fanboys believe them and have deluded idea about pcs.

      Its obvious this gen is the “cheap” gen, ps4 cpu is horrible but the xbox one is even worse, apparently they try to make consoles that are very affordable in an attempt to save the industry from the riddiculus high development costs…by the way thanks console games, now all games play alike to ensure sales and they are not “ok” unless they sell 4-5 million. On the other hand pc has not stop growing thanks to steam and summer sales offering AAA games under 10 bucks, big economical shift on pc games every summer thanks to valve.

      Oh and another thing, tried playing gta on a console, why the hell does the game have to force me to accelarate with x? What if i want to use the thumbsticks? Had the same problem with killzone 2, WHY cant i map the damn buttons to whatever the hell i want rather sticking to premade configs?

      I think the last of us is a fine example of how dated consoles are, that game by pc standards is 2008 graphics, maybe worse, some textures are really low res and the lighting is horrible. Would have been better as a ps4 launch title. On the other hand how the hell they got that texture quality on killzone 3 on ps3? The textures are on par with pc games, that was something i didnt think it was possible…the last of us…not so much.

      So for us, the more powrfull the consoles the better, maybe now they stop making games like crysis, you know big maps, cut down tress in multiple pieces, reallistc water and destruction physics and not those corridor shooters that close a door behind the player and delete the resources to save memory…kinda like shadowfall.

      Or better yet how about this gen lasting 5 years instead of 8? That is IF this goes anywhere since the industry and technology cant keep on rising, the development costs have become WAY too high, so there is another thing to keep in mind.

    • Jack Slater

      If you have 5 minutes, here is a nice PDF. After page #8 things become really interesting. Future is bright 🙂
      The ps4 is using this tech, as many others manufacturers. As this technology will evolve, they should be able to reduce its size, and, most important, Watts and temperature. A good thing.
      According to their roadmap(PDF), things will become really interesting by 2016. By that time, many devices should see an important size reduction, as many components will be highly stackable, instead of using big amounts of space, on a 2d plan, on the pcb. I think, just like the Intel processors have a graphic chip on its die, we could see a big stack of processor, graphic chip, memory(ram), and many other components , controllers, etc, like a big sandwich.

      Anyway, it looks promising, and this will lead to tiny devices, totally silent, consuming only a few watts, on the computer side or anything that has a PCB.


      Check it if you want.a nice view of what we should be getting, in the future.

    • Dakan45

      geforece 4 series? Pc gaming has changed completly from back then, at that era developers had to optimize for a crapazillion diffirent manufacturers such as voodo, now its all more optimized. Intel is more powerfull but more expensive.

      While compability is basicly what laptops have been using for years i dont buy that GDDR5 because it automaticly lowers the perfomance of the cpu. Other than that i agree. Again pc gaming is nothing like it was in 2002. Its a bazillion times easier now, everything is nearly automatic.

    • Jack Slater

      Gaming in 2002 was really fun. Different from today, I guess(PC), but really fun. We could play the same desert or Italy map, on counterstrike, for 10 hours, and always wanting to go back for more and more. The same with unreal tournament. And quake 3, of course. I remember a colleague, who was a pro quake 3 gamer (was paid for playing), once, on a big lan party, while he was sleeping, someone stole his big computer which was near his legs, with the famous geforce ti4600, that he had just purchased,for like 800$. Man, he was mad 🙂

      I remember playing diablo 2 and age of empire 2 online, via my 56k modem, and later, a 128k ISDN line. For those who remember, age of empire 2 online code was really perfect. We could play for hours, on a 33k modem,without being disconnected a single time. Rock solid online code, for sure.

      Imagine 6 guys in the same room playing CS online, on 6 huge CRT monitors. It was like a sauna. But, shit, awesome moments.

  • BlackXMessiah

    I hope so because graphically DriveClub is the worst looking game on both ps4 and x1

    • LupineMP3j

      Yeah, and that’s not surprising at 35% complete. :/


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