Evolution Studios Praises PS4’s Graphics Capability, Talks About Lighting And Simulated Clouds In DriveClub

Yet another developer praising the PlayStation 4.

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At this year’s E3, we were able to not only get our hands on DriveClub but were also invited by Sony for their theatrical presentation of the game.

During the 25 minute long presentation,  Evolution’s Studios Director, Col Rodgers was all praise for the PlayStation 4. He revealed that due to the graphical prowess of the PS4, they have been able to do things that were not possible before.

“The thing is though, none of this will be great without the awesome graphics fidelity. The PlayStation 4 is quite simply the most powerful console from the graphics point of view that’s ever existed. And you know we are proud to actually make use of that. Some of the things that you actually see in the DriveClub demo like the accurately simulated clouds, they are random every single time you play the game. In addition, during the day, none of the lighting is baked in to the game at all, everything is live so if you want to be in a certain geographical location within a certain a time of day, that will appear exactly as it would in real life,” he said.

He also talks about how they have mapped the stars correctly in the sky and how they are pushing for realism by not neglecting the minutest of mistake.

“In addition to that we have gone to such lengths, that we have actually have the stars correctly mapped in the sky. Which means when you look out you will see your favorite constellations, if you have one.

And on top of that there are the cars. We love cars. In fact I have been driving now for 18 years and I have 54 cars myself which includes some pretty amazing stuff . This is something that is pervasive in the entire studio. In fact, I went out to see Neon, the lead car artist. And he was looking at one of the car models and I asked what’s going on. He said ‘ I am just rejecting this car again.’ I said ‘ Why? This looks perfect’.  He said that the wrong size screw heads were build in to the  floor mats and it wont’ do.”

One should expect awesomeness if this is the level of discipline that Evolution Studios have maintained throughout the development process.

The developers also revealed that tracks are more or less fictional but they are all based on roads that exist in the real world and they have tweaked them. They have something called as DEM data to get the correct geometry of the landscapes of a particular areas that they have have built.

Stay tuned for the complete interview which includes new details on clubs, cars,  connectivity options and more in DriveClub.

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  • WEL

    this game looks so ugly that even Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 with the awful jaggies looks way better.

    • smoke

      youre kidding aren’t ya?

    • cozomel

      he’s trolling

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  • Mitesh Ghanekar

    who the fuck cares for accurately simulated stars and clouds????

    • Ahmazin

      I think it’s exception that they want to give the best experience they possibly can. I’m not really into driving games, but I’m sure that people who are, will appreciate those little things. Looks like they’re taking pride in their craft and I respect that.

      I believe it’s a game that comes free with PlayStation plus. So lots of people will likely play it. Prime time to gain new fans for their user base.

    • Mitesh Ghanekar

      when i play a racing game , my concentration is on the road, the next corner and the opponents and traffic maybe. not stars, and im def not gonna be ableto recognise any constellations nor really care about em

    • wampdog29

      No, but if truly, accurately created in real-time, all of these things are a factor on lighting and lighting is a realistic factor when driving. Sometimes light helps you see further, or it can blind you or throw up larger blind spots and blind corners. Trust me when I say that this is all useful things that need to be accounted for.

    • Kreator

      When will you have the time to even look at the stars and sky while driving @200mph+ ?

    • cozomel

      then whats the point of even making better graphics for these games. The point is that they are paying a lot of attention to detail. And some of us really appreciate the detail

    • GamingBolt

      It adds to the overall experience.

    • Stu

      Forza 5 ha baked in lighting effects, in some situations, it looks great, other times you have that familiar cartoon look that Forza can’t get away from.

      Accurate weather, day/night transitions etc. are the next step for car sim/games, Gran Turimso is pushing for that but is too limited on PS3, DriveClub will be one of the first titles to have such features.

    • Axe99

      Attention to detail is rarely a bad thing ;).

    • Mitesh Ghanekar

      its pointless detail

    • Axe99

      That’s a value position, not an absolute truth. Although, generally speaking, those companies and devs that write off ‘pointless details’ tend to release sloppy games ;).

    • cozomel

      i bet you more people care than give a fuck about your opinion

  • shark_tsuki

    Meh. Same simulation games over and over again. GT, Forza and this. Only the crew looks different.

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    Lookin Forward to this! big time!!!

  • Guest

    Hahaha, in comparison to Forza Motorsport 5, DriveClub looks like crap. No wonder that $0ny is giving it away with PSN+.


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