Fable Fortune Targeting Native 4K/60fps on Xbox One X, GPU Allows More Lighting And Effects Calculations

Lead designer Tom Wimbush outlines the benefits of developing on Xbox One X.

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Fable Fortune

Of the many games that will be taking advantage of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X is Fable Fortune from Mediatonic and Flaming Fowl Studios. The Early Access/Game Preview collectible card game launched recently and has been fairly well received for its mechanics and gameplay on PC and Xbox One. Xbox One X users will have a lot more to look forward to, thankfully.

Speaking to lead design Tom Wimbush, we asked about the nature of Xbox One X support and whether native 4k/60 FPS was on the table. Wimbush responded that, “That’s definitely what we’ll be shooting for. This work is pretty early in the planning stages, but we’ve done some initial testing and will be digging deeper once the dust settles on our Early Access/Game Preview launch to see what we can do there.”

You wouldn’t think that not to be the case, especially since Fable Fortune isn’t the most graphically demanding game on the market. However, the Xbox One X is beneficial from a development standpoint especially with regards to the high end GPU (with 6TFLOPS) compared to the Xbox One.

“Ultimately, the added oomph of the GPU included with the Xbox One X will be pivotal in providing a smooth 4K experience. The greatly increased number of pixels in an Ultra HD display means that a lot more lighting and effects calculations need to be performed before presenting the final image to the player. The fact that the new GPU is nearly 4 times as fast makes this a possibility,” said Wimbush.

You can check out our Early Access impressions of Fable Fortune for PC here. The Xbox One X, meanwhile, will release on November 7th worldwide.

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  • エッチDランブル

    wow 4k cards. soon we’ll reach the visual level of real cardboard

    • Mark

      Lmao. I hear u. But the good news is that even indie studios are pushing for better graphics across the board. The biggest benefactor will be the next generation imo

    • SJ777

      lol I know right. People will squeal when they see an actual graphically intensive game in 4K HDR on the X if a card game is their measuring stick.

    • Fweds

      Yes i agree the current consoles and the PS Protato are very underpowered, if you want the best graphics, sound and smoothest gameplay then get an Xbox1X.

    • エッチDランブル

      crackhead vs spiderman lol. watch base ps4 remain the place to play until ps5 drops and kills pc and xbox for good

    • Fweds

      Spiderman has always been a flop as a game, you suddenly think that will change because it’s not released on all formats ?

      When the PS5 drops the Xbox 4 drops soon after, let’s just hope Sony can afford to get into these earlier console cycles, I doubt they can especially as any profit is having to be ploughed back into their massive loss making sections such as movies.

      Lol at you thinking the Xbox or PC will be going anywhere.

    • エッチDランブル

      sonys been raking it in since last year. it’s total playstation domination . but if you think ps4 exclusive spiderman will flop lmao it’ll sell more than crackdown sea of piss and flopza 10 combined on multiple platforms

    • Fweds

      Did you actually post that as a serious comment ?

  • Wei Feng

    Native 4k will mean drops into 35-45fps.

    “Targeting” is a nice way to delay the real results.
    Since they’ll end up with dynamic resolution to keep a 60fps lock at the end.

    • SJ777

      The X is running Forza 7 native 4K HDR 60fps. lol yeah this card game is really going to stress that 6teraflops. Are haters even aware of how ridiculous they look to the world?

    • Wei Feng

      probably not i’d say

    • Fweds

      Can you do everyone a favour and not argue with the idiot/s, they/He “Mrxrat” is trying and succeeding in taking you off the actual topic, if anything talk about how underpowered the PS Protato is he doesn’t like that.

    • Fweds

      Yes I agree the Xbox1X will run multi format titles much better than any other console, f you want the best graphics and smoothest gameplay get an Xbox1X.

      If you want very weak hardware and irrelevant console that doesn’t do anything the current consoles can do and doesn’t even have an Ultra HD Blu-ray player the get the PS Protato.

  • Mr Xrat

    Card games. Three year old isometric PC RPGs. Indie games. Truly the Xbollox is a monstah and we should praise Lord Phil for the gift he hath bestowed upon us.

    • Fweds

      Yes. Agree the Xbox1X is amazing, sadly you are stuck with the underpowered PS Protato but don’t worry it will be ok.

  • Eddie Battikha

    Key word Targeting


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