Fallout 4: Bethesda Explains Why Fallout 3 Is Not Coming To PS4, New Details On Settlement And More

Hines rightfully laid the inclusion of Fallout 3 on the Xbox One at the feet of Microsoft.

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Fallout 4

It is a fact of life with the video game world, and Fallout 4 fanbase especially that there are going to be some things the fans want that just aren’t possible. Such is the case with a company mass producing a product found in the game like Nuka Cola. Such is also the case, though more realistic that fans have been asking Bethesda’s Pete Hines why the company isn’t offering Fallout 3 on the PS4 the way they are for the Xbox One.

The obvious answer as to why Fallout 3 isn’t coming to the PS4 is because the console doesn’t support backwards support, Hines laid this out clearly to one particular fan who was asking him for a “show of support” on Twitter. Hines responded “by doing what? How are you different than a PC gamer for that matter? MS wanted to do this for Xbox one, so we said ok.” It should be pointed out that Bethesda isn’t remastering Fallout 3 for the Xbox One. The company is simply allowing the Xbox 360 version to be compatible with the current generation console and most of that work is done by Microsoft.

As for other little tidbits Hines was willing to share on the social media site, he was asked whether people could romance Codsworth and he reiterated that only human companions could become romantic entanglements. Hines also shed light on whether or not you could carry the PowerSuit armor. Hines responded, “you put it on/off by stepping in and out of it. The garage key art is a not-so-subtle hint as well.”

Finally Hines cleared up the fact that there are specific locations in the game where you can build settlements. You cannot build these wily nily whereever you feel like it. Instead you’ll need to find a spot that has been laid out to start construction. You’ll get to see all this live and in person when Fallout 4 launches on November 10, 2015.

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  • andy

    Pete Hines has to explain to fans how they have confused what they are asking him and needs to clarify something.


  • m9715

    They can put it on PS Now

    • Grant

      Waste of resources. Sony messed up by implementing that. I’m glad I kept all my 360 games.

    • XbotMK1

      It’s not a waste of resources and Sony didn’t mess up by implementing it. If Sony can find a way to offer purchases it would be a killer feature and m9715 has a good point. They could offer it on PS Now.

      And you should be glad the PS4 is killing Xbox One because if it wasn’t, Microsoft wouldn’t have added backwards compatibility.

    • Andrew Knoll

      its not killing it. Microsoft kills sony. Before the PlayStation they were nothing, except audio and video players. once they stop making the PlayStation they will be nothing again. Microsoft could stop making the Xbox and still be make more money than Sony. Microsoft is not even trying to compete with Sony. Console are not there main platform the just happy they make money off the Xbox. Microsoft listen to there consumers. We wanted Backwards compatibility and we got it. I don’t get why everybody cares about which console is better any ways. when it comes down to the hardware they are almost the same. honestly i have always bought Xbox along with my windows 10 PC that I built because I love Microsoft. Microsoft even help create the dreamcast with sega. That why they created the Xbox not to long after because they enjoyed working with sega. My whole point is that Microsoft has never thought sony was a threat to their business.

    • Ethan Lott

      I actually have to disagree with you Andrew. Coming from an Xbox 360 owner, while I want to agree with you, I just can’t. Xbox was never going to include backwards compatibility to their Xbox Ones. It was their initial plan when they first showed it off at E3. The only reason they’re going at backwards comp., is because PS4 is already doing that, except just with downloadable releases. Microsoft felt it had the opportunity to take it one step further, and actually makes backwards comp for physical discs. If Sony wasn’t besting Microsoft in the gaming industry, then backwards compatibility would be a thing of the past. Their only doing it to stay ahead of the competition, which is really something they should’ve issued when the Xbox One first released.

    • Holeybartender

      Backwards compatibility on XB1 isn’t even real backwards compatibility,its just a digital download of the game. If Sony could find a way to emulate PS3 games for “backwards compatibility” it mostly likely will be a free app like the PS media player.

    • slasaru

      Whatever you call it, you can play Xbox 360 games on the X1 console without internet connection / always online. period.

    • sublimetalmsg

      ps4 will never emulate 3. but can do 1-2 easily. emulating 3 takes a beast of a computer and there is no emulator to actually play the games.i think someone cracked the Start screen that’s it.

    • Andrew Knoll

      You can play disc game too. I have several that work.

    • slasaru

      PS4 IS NOT DOING THAT. Servers do. It’s like YouTube and Sony plans to expand PS now to other devices and smart TVs. So it has nothing to do with Ps4

    • Andrew Knoll

      If it was easy they would have it takes alot of time to emulate a whole console. If you actually knew what you were talking you know this. There is not even a Xbox 360 emulator on pc. They would have done it at launch if it was simple. Not to mention it free on xbox one. Ps4 you have pay to have backwards compatibility.

    • Holeybartender

      I just wish people would stop comparing PSNow to backwards compatibility,its not. Sony never said it was a replacement for backwards compatibility.Just sayin’.

    • Andrew Knoll

      I wish people would stop putting down the xbox one. Sadly people always going to compare console instead of just enjoying them for all there unique qualities. I know what you mean though technically it is not backwards compatibility. the PS4 does not have backwards compatibility and never will. PlayStation now is game streaming. Which is fine.

    • Holeybartender

      You know nothing about PS Now. If you did then you should know that isn’t true. PS Now isn’t even at its true potential yet. In a few years with PS Now you won’t even need to buy a PS4 to play games,just a controller and your tv. PS Now will stream All PlayStation games on almost any device without you even purchasing a console. Will Microsoft do that with Xbox games? Nope.

    • Alistein

      MS is already doing that with the xbox app on win 10. Also if I recall correctly that will be the same thing as online always which was the initial MS slogan the gaming community was against.

    • Holeybartender

      Sony has been doing that with PS Now long before the Xbox app. As a matter of fact the Xbox app was mainly made to compete against PS Now. Except for backwards compatibility,Microsoft has been doing nothing but copy Sony.

      Also its not exactly backwards compatibility,its a digital download of the game.You can’t just put the disc in and play like backwards compatibility should be. Once again Microsoft is making another ‘always online’ XB1 feature.

    • Drumma Dre (dxp96)

      Actually you can play from the disc if the game is on the list of backwards compatible games.

    • Holeybartender

      They have the list because they are just digital copies and it takes time to get them.

    • Daryl Wall

      Even if you have the disc your Xbox one will still need to download the digital version of the game, it won’t run off the disk. the disk is just acting as a proof of purchase.

    • Alistein

      PS Now is a service you pay for the Xbox app is not. BC (backwards compatibility) is what was designed to compete against PS Now. I don’t believe the Xbox app was designed to compete against PS Now. Getting windows on every device especially tvs was MS originally plan , it was what the Xbox was originally designed for. I think you have it wrong MS isn’t copying Sony in fact they are headed in a different direction from Sony as Win 10 will begin to show.

    • Holeybartender

      You have to pay for Xbox Live to use the app,so yeah. PS Now isn’t a replacement for backwards compatibility nor did anyone(of importance anyways) ever say it was. PS4 doesn’t have backwards compatibility not because of PS Now but because of the PS3’s different architecture.The Xbox app wasn’t even made until a year and a half after PS Now was in beta.

    • archfiendx

      We have delusional Microsoft fanboys over here. lol

    • Andrew Knoll

      yep so true

    • Alistein

      That will be up to Sony. He clearly mentioned it was MS doing the work for Fallout 3, they (Bethesda ) simply said yes to it. I kinda think it wouldn’t work unless they offer it free and not as a rental.

    • XbotMK1

      They could offer it as a 90 day rental, similar to how they allowed God of War 1 and 2 in the God of War 3 Remaster.

    • Alistein

      Like I said it’s up to Sony, but a 90 day rental pales in comparison to a full free game.

    • XbotMK1

      Yeah, but PS Now is a different kind of service.

    • Yeah but you won’t get to play any of the DLC content.

    • m9715


    • PSN Now only offers the main game not any extras.

  • MakoRuu

    We been knowed all this.

  • Smokeydogg

    who cares we will all be playing fallout 4

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    • Jeremy Alexander

      Or not so much 🙂

  • Moz Bourne

    I call shenanigans. Sony has made LOTS of PS3 games compatible with PS4…I heart Katamari is my favorite example, but Flower, Journey, The Unfinished Swan, and Final Fantasy 14 among others. Bethesda is lying about games not being backward compatible on the 4. Sony is just a bit picky about the games it allows. More than likely, MS paid Bethesda to not offer Sony permission.

    • Drumma Dre (dxp96)

      Those aren’t backwards compatible, just downloadable on the PS4. Sony would rent out fallout 3 instead of giving it away. I am sure MS paid Bethesda for first rights with the mods though.

    • slasaru

      It’s not Ps4 playing them but a lot of Ps3s online.

  • Allfor1

    I care, never played FO3, so I’ll take a free title. MS FTW

    • XbotMK1

      Xbox fanboy spotted.

  • Rubix99

    It don’t matter.
    PS4 will be getting all the best treatment with Fallout 4 and all the future Bethesda games for the remainder of the console generation.

    As soon as the sale figure of the game appear on Bethesda’s desk and they see that the game sold over double the amount on PS4……Bethesda’s previous Xbox loyalties will go the exact same way as Activisions.

    Some multi platform games are now even selling THREE times the amount on PS4. Bethesda and Sony will be getting very close and intimate in the future. It’s just inevitable.

  • I’m a bit disappointed that you won’t be able to ‘carry’ a suit of power armor. While it makes sense logically, this means that it’s basically a vehicle. It also means that things we used to be able to do while wearing power armor (sneaking, sleeping, walking around town talking to people) might no longer be possible.

    Also consider that if you need to abandon the suit to go do something you can’t do while wearing the suit, it becomes a liability. It becomes like your horse in Skyrim; you have to remember where you left it (and that you left it somewhere). If the game has a fast travel system, they’ll have to figure out whether and how the suit will fast travel with the player. They might even make it so that the suit can be attacked or used by npc’s, so you might have to worry about protecting it.

  • sublimetalmsg

    gimi fallout 1 then?

  • Jeremy Alexander

    How about fixing FAllout 3 to work with windows 10 first.

  • Defected Salvations

    I find it amazing how these devs refuse to remaster the beloved Fallout:3. Its like they hate money. Fallout:3 was and is the better game. Fallout:4 failed in terms of what made fallout interesting.

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