Fallout 4 DLC: Todd Howard Reveals New Details About Wasteland Workshop And Automatron

Howard calls Automatron “Pokemon-esque”.

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After what seemed like a rather interminable wait for the announcement of DLC for Fallout 4, Bethesda has indeed laid out what we can expect with this content, at least in some broad strokes. Since announcing this new DLC Todd Howard has been explaining just how the ideas for the new content has come about. Howard has also been explaining just what you can do in this new DLC. The famous director sat down with Game Informer recently and explained the Wasteland Workshop and the Automatron DLC.

“The one thing we’ve found about DLC is that we’ve done all types at all price points and all sizes, and we’ve come to the realization that it all works. It all sells really well. We went into [Fallout 4] and decided to do all types at all price points. With this initial run, we want to have a little bit of everything.” Howard told the website. He also explained what the point of Automatron content is by comparing it to another well known game. “The first one Automatron has a little quest line and this Pokémon-esque ‘kill robots, get their parts, build your own’ [gameplay]. The robot building is really deep. It’s great.”

Howard explained that the Wasteland Workshop might not be for everyone. This content will indeed appeal more to Fallout 4 players that love to build and create. “The Wasteland Workshop DLC is obviously for Workshop people. We wanted it to scratch that itch of ‘Can I build my own Thunderdome?’ You can build your own arenas, capture animals, and also build other things.” Howard said.

Are you looking forward to Fallout 4‘s DLC? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • One With Shadows

    Am I looking forward to Fallout 4 DLC?!? Hello? McFly? Anybody home???

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  • Draylynn

    “Well the one thing we found… is the DLC makes you GIVE US UR MONIES”.. yep, nope, not happening this time. Fix the bugs first. Haven’t touched the game since my saves were corrupted for the up’teenth time, shouldn’t have to spend a majority of my game-play ensuring I have 3+ save files just in case… not to mention the other bugs.

    • electricmuffins

      Save the game, then back out to the main menu. Your save shouldn’t be corrupted anymore, that’s how I fixed mine.

    • Draylynn

      Tried all the tricks, keeps happening.

    • Dark Nova

      Sucks for you

    • Uber Police

      wow buddy your really missing out then in any case can I borrow some of your salt for my fries?

  • Jesse Hicks

    Bethesda, quit trolling us and drop the DLC already.


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