Fallout 4: Don’t Expect Any Information For A Long Time

Keep on waiting, fans.

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Fallout Online

It’s a given that Bethesda Softworks is working on a next-generation RPG. Regardless of whether it is said next-gen RPG or not, we know the studio is working on Fallout 4 as evidenced by leaked casting call sheets. But whatever the studio may be working on, Bethesda isn’t going to be discussing it any time soon.

Responding to a fan query on Twitter, VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines says it will be a while before any official talk comes out about on-going projects.

Fallou 4_Bethesda Softworks_tweet

We can’t say we blame Hines. After all, a lot of work goes into games like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls and giving away too much right now simply takes away from the surprise. On top of that, there must still be a ton of work remaining. Hyping up fans now when a release is due in 2016 just doesn’t seem smart.

Do you want some confirmation about Fallout 4 from Bethesda though? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jay jay

    I need confirmation on fallout 4. Been too long and the waiting is making me sad…

    • Tanner Hoyt

      They’re making Fallout 4. Fallout 3 was a huge success, so trust me. It will happen. They’re almost certainly making it as we speak. When will we see it? Not till at least next year.

    • Dou Chebag

      Let’s just hope it happens before the Reds invade Alaska.

  • b

    The hype is already happening. I’d just like a rough estimate of release date so I can plan for the year off of work.

  • MrCatButtGum

    The secretism and lack of honesty in this industry disgust me.

    After all we’ve seen we can’t trust nobody…

    • Martin Pagh Ludvigsen

      You mad, bro?

  • B Staff

    Personally, I think they’re currently unsure of whether or not to release ES6 or Fallout 4. That explains the lack of disclosure. Realistically, they could be in pre-production, or even very early actual production, of both. They had one more DLC planned for Skyrim and then for some reason abruptly chose not to release it…which tells me that DLC turned out to be too fruitful for an expansion, and would work better as a full game. Because they’re hiring so many people now, it stands to reason that they could be in development of ES6 and FO4 is still in pre-development. I don’t see them releasing a new TES before Fallout, but it wouldn’t shock me if they chose this route instead.

  • Cody Billington

    Man…hope they release this game, I don’t care when but I need a new game out…. Otherwise I’ll kill myself ( clocks gun) you hear me BethSoft release the game.. Please! (fires gun)
    (Note: no one. Person was harmed in the making of this message)

  • Dou Chebag

    This is the most ad invasive website Ive ever seen. I had to close 5 adpops before I could even see the page.

    • Gavin Reese

      Adblock, bro. Adblock.

  • Buzztanut

    I’m willing to bet that we’ll see Fallout4 as a Fall 2015 release. It makes sense as they won’t want it to interfere with the release of ESO this year.

  • Mithur

    They’ll be working full time in the new engine, and making pre-development, maybe in both lines (TES & Fallout)… but make the choice before the reception of TESO (Specially after the big change to no-wow mechanics they did in a very later stage) could be a big mistake.

    If TESO works well, it could make the public for TES a lot bigger; if it works badly (as most MMORPG do), can go for a Fallout and let the TES franchise cool).

    Anyway, in imdb there is a entry for Fallout: Shadows of Boston, for 2017. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3508502/?ref_=nm_flmg_com_1

    Funny, eh?


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