Fallout 4: It’s Been Nearly Six Years Without a Sequel

Give me more Fallout or go home.

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For those of you that have been consistently reading these Fallout pieces, and you know who you are, you seem to be labouring under the impression that I don’t want Fallout 4 or that I think the gaming community doesn’t want Fallout 4 or that I want the series to return to an isometric view. Well, you’re very wrong in those assumptions. But why do I bring this up?

Well,  it’s been quite some time since we all got to play a new Fallout title, it’s been nearly 6 years at this point since Fallout 3 and in that time we’ve lived in the shadow of hype bombs and elaborate hoaxes, but still we have heard nothing from the developer.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have no right to demand anything from others, but surely the gaming community at least deserves some information on the game. We’ve been keeping the Fallout IP alive for years without any direct input or assistance from those who actively handle it. Gamers create mods and entire new lands, characters and locales, weapons and survival systems. Yet in spite of this, we see no appreciation or love from the Fallout team, there’s no feedback on what’s happening regarding development and we don’t even know what’s happening with the project or if an official sequel is being worked on.

And there has certainly been no shortage of opportunities to announce the development process. Even if they announced the game and showed zero in-game content, the hype would be real and the community would appreciate it. However, 6 years down the line I find myself feeling somewhat jaded purely because of this lack of feedback. So for the approaching 6th birthday of Fallout 3, you can find me in Mordor beheading Warchiefs.

What are your thoughts?

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  • Ryan

    It’ll actually be 4 years on the 19th if you count Fallout New Vegas.

    • LostBoyPA

      Credit for NV goes to Obsidian – the former Black Isle gang who gave us Fallout and Fallout 2 – with Bethesda/ZeniMax publishing, and it’s not considered a direct “sequel,” which is why it wasn’t given a number.

      But of course, I’m with everyone else here. The wait is ridiculous.

  • bardock5151

    By going on what Bethesda have said surrounding DOOM’s reveal and subsequent showings, I seriously don’t think they want to build up hype or subject their developers to the kind of hate and self entitlement alot seem to have these days.
    Fair enough too.

  • Sean Willison

    I am also feeling jaded, Bethesda must have their reasons. But when they said they intended to make more than one (Fallout New Vegas, credit to Obsidian) I did not expect a similar delay that I endured between 2 and 3, we are creeping up on that now. To be honest, I have stopped following the conversation. Not quite dead to me, but getting close.

    Exact Quote:
    “This is not something we’re going to do once and then go away and never do it again”
    Bethesda’s vice president of PR Pete Hines told TVG in 2008.

    haha, jokes on us, he never said when they would do it again!!!

    • HailCaesar

      what a fantastic name!!!

    • HailCaesar

      i guess that only makes sense if you knew my real life name is Sean Wilson…

    • Sean Willison

      Internet security be damned! I live on the edge man…

    • HailCaesar

      good for you!!! with a name that excellent, i should not hide behind a tyrant who has been dead for 2000 years either!!!

  • BigMike

    Supply and demand: The people want Fallout. What does Bethesda give us? ESO, (garbage) Wolfenstein, (not bad really) Evil within, Doom, Battlecry, blah, blah, blah…

    My thoughts? Don’t buy ANYTHING from Bethesda until they understand that without the consumers, they don’t exist. This means, give us Fallout, or sell the franchise to someone interested in making the games people want instead of peddling all this other diarrhea….

    • spyro2060

      Yes don’t buy games from Bethesda what a great idea! Then we’ll never get a Fallout 4 because Bethesda will not be able to afford to keep making games and the company will be closed and will never be seen again along with Fallout 4, also screw the fact that Bethesda is publishing and making other great games and may be wanting to branch out into new IPs… They should focus on Fallout and TES forever! You see that? It’s called sarcasm, I love Fallout, I love TES but I’m not going to boycott a company that’s making great games because they’re not releasing the next game in a series… It’ll come if you’re patient, unless you boycott in which case once again you’d be screwed

  • Michael Pelland

    i find myself getting jaded the same way. I continuously punish myself on a weekly basis looking for Fallout 4 news and I all I get is another blatant, “click bait,” POS site desperate for some coverage because they know full well how tugging at peoples chains gets them views. Even though I ask myself, “why do I keep doing this to myself?” I’m still plagued by one dubious fact;

    Me and a lot of other people are desperate for a new Fallout title and Bethesda has either A: Abandoned the franchise or B: Are using a very prototype engine to run it. As we know industrial espionage is a big thing and we’ve seen the potential a new engine can build (the Skyrim engine for example is downright beastly, borderline making the Unreal 3 look like a two-bit NES game) although the code can sometimes leave much to be desired. This can create a hostile environment with other big name developers just drooling for the chance to steal a new game engine. However we’re talking conspiracy theory here so we’ll go with something a little more concrete.

    That being what is currently the most popular. Now we know that we love Fallout but in gross numbers what is extremely popular right now are exactly what’s in their current work factory; MOBA type games, FPS and Survival Horror. As a result RPG elements have been left at the wayside which is sad because NEITHER of the those other genre’s interest me in the very least. MOBA’s tend to aggravate my hypertension with a horrible community and massive competitive game play that ruins an experience. FPS has its place but can get stagnant after awhile (playing Borderlands 2 for example is fun but the campaign can tax you after the 5th or 6th run through; lately I’ve taken to using a save editor to boost a character to 30 then just run normally because starting out just seems so stale. However it having RPG elements though does add similarity to Fallout so its a nice distraction from the fact it feels like we’re being ignored). Survival Horror is another element I have found to be imho un-entertaining. Hours of near borderline stagnation mixed with 20 or 30 seconds of sheer terror doesn’t interest me in the least mainly because it feels less like a game and more like a scripted movie. If that’s the case it would be much more entertaining to me to watch a Netflix version of Jaws.

    I realize that the current market is the ones I listed above however to simply throw a demographic aside simply because the market demands it is a surefire way of alienating a loyal consumer base. Just look what NCSoft did the the City of Heroes debacle; almost none of the player base went to their other titles save a few hold outs that found Wildstar and Guild Wars 2 interesting.

    • sethHex

      I think the wait is the point. Fallout 3 and Skyrim are still crushing with gamers, especially with the modding community. To prevent a bad case of sequelitis, Fallout 4 is going to need serious overhaul. More player interaction with the environment, customization, crafting, exploration… there is a reason the previous titles reached a minimum of 300 hours easy. They’ll want to do it right or not at all.

    • Michael Pelland

      A fair point and I agree. We already are seeing the results of a game being rushed and ending up crap (Aliens: Colonial Marines, Mass Effect 3 etc). If Bethesda is instead taking a, “it’ll get when its done,” mentality all the better. We’ll be getting a quality product in the long run.

  • SimonSays

    Bethseda can’t handle the IP and are too proud to sell it. Its a shame really.

    • Sean Willison

      Seems more and more likely.

  • sethHex

    I hope they are taking the time to build F4 up to standards. Not a port-like from PS4 and XOne or a pseudo-MMO like Destiny but with new engine, style and features. Fallout 3 and Skyrim made bank and they want that lightning to strike again. To many underwhelmed sequels have come out for other “AAA” companies. They would have already crapped out a MMO version like Elder-Scrolls Online if they really wanted to.

  • Kat18810

    Boycotting Bethesda probably won’t work. They’ve already got enough people funding them through enough of their game, i.e. Skyrim (which is only a good game with some solid mods), that they don’t really need to worry about the Fallout Community. Fallout was one of those game series you could almost consider a cult classic. Not everybody loved it, but those that did would spend hours modding the game, getting every unique item, and beating every side mission and dlc. In all honesty, I think that if Bethesda were to create a new Fallout game, then we would already be hearing about it.

    Are there some “teaser trailers” on Youtube for Fallout 4? Yup. Was I hyped when I saw them? You bet your bottom dollar I was. But now I sit here and wonder if they were hoaxes, and if they weren’t, am I going to be almost 30 before I get to play this game?

    Long story short, we’re at their mercy, and it sucks major donkey whong. So, while we may be given the ability to voice our disappointment here and there with the lack of a new game that isn’t just a reskinning of Fallout 3 with weapon mods, and different ammo types like there were originally in Fallout 2, let’s mod the crap out of what we do have.

    We’re waiting, we feel like we’re treated like crap, but we’re definitely not out of this one forever. This game has a better modding community than ESV: Blowrim. If we can give Bethesda something to be jealous about instead of doing something stupid like boycotting them and cutting their funding so they can develop a new game, they may just get inspired to make a bigger, better, Fallout game.

    These are just my thoughts. Take em or leave em. 🙂

  • Marco A Cruz

    We should still give them some time. They’re getting ready for next Gen gaming. They probably have to redo a lot of tools they created and that is very time consuming.

  • rsanchez1

    My thoughts are, I just want new Fallout. Dishonored was a good game, but if it was between Dishonored and Fallout, I pick Fallout every time.

  • HailCaesar

    i have a feeling Bethesda will “officially” announce Fallout 4, and literally release it less than a month later…i was under the impression that the dev team moved from Skyrim to The Evil Within to “unnamed project” which we can assume is FO4….patience people, do not rush them

  • Vice Liberty Andreas

    Bethesda probably scrapped Fallout 4. no hopes for this.


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