Fallout 4: Possible Announcement Incoming In The Next Few Months

An uncharacteristic remark that may well spark a lot of discussion.

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Fallout 4 fan art

Fallout 4 is one of the most sought after games that is currently in development and many people have went to extreme lengths to try and prove its existence. Gamers and enthusiasts alike, myself included, have been writing relevant article after article about Fallout 4, just trying to keep the fan base occupied until the moment arrives when the word comes down from on high that the game is coming soon.

Funnily enough, Kotaku’s own Jason Schreier tweeted, “I hear we’ll get an announcement in the next few months” in regards to Fallout 4. Sure, this could could be the beginning of some great marketing campaign that relies on articles such as this, but you still just have to wonder why he would say this to a stranger.

Either way, if he’s making it up or not, it could instil hope in those who were loosing hope. I’ll admit to a certain cautiousness regarding this though. There is no real reason that he would say the game is set to be announced in the next few months. So while this could be accurate, take it with a healthy heaping of salt.


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  • I hope it will be announced at E3 alongside with new DOOM

  • spyro2060

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5SLYdz3Fus Watch this video, Erik Todd (the voice of Three Dog) said he was working on a game a couple of months ago, when asked recently if he could talk about the game or not he said he couldn’t but he would be able to soon… Now in the past Bethesda has said Three Dog will return, add this to the rumour that Fallout 4 will be announced and the fact that Erik will be able to talk about his current game “soon” and it seems to all add up to an announcement either this month, or February (at a stretch maybe march)

  • bardock5151

    Announced alongside Phil Spencer at the upcoming Windows 10 event. Windows and Xbox exclusive. 😛

    • jznlv

      That would piss off a lot of people, Tomb Raider is not that big of a deal or Street Fighter 5 , but Fallout should be for everyone , wouldnt want it on ps4 only or vice versa

    • bardock5151

      I know, but id get used to the idea. This could be the paid exclusive generation, going by the somewhat high profile deals already made.

    • Alex James Ramos

      pc master race. No but there will probably be some bullshit where xbox gets it before PC and PS

    • jahoosafatz

      Yeah, there’s always “some bullshit” regarding xbox & new games to be released…

    • spyro2060

      That’s cheap coming from a PS fan boy, at least we don’t steal main stream games *coughStreetFighter5cough*, also the only “bullshit” I’ve heard about XB and new games is XB getting Tomb Raider 2 earlier than PS4 and PC… Cry me a river

    • Alex James Ramos

      I mean you guys have killer instinct which is waaaaaaaaay better than street fighter 5

    • spyro2060

      Killer Instinct, you mean an actual XB exclusive which has had no games on the PS4 or PS3 in the past? If we’re throwing these complaints about then I could easily complain about The Last Of Us, Uncharted, Little Big Planet etc, a majority of which are excellent games

    • spyro2060

      That’s cheap, considering PS have PERMANENTLY cut XBOX off to Street Fighter 5, XBOX may get things early but at least they don’t cut off ENTIRE GAMES… Oh yeah but it’s ok because it’s Sony… No… No it isn’t!


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