Fallout 4: Why It Should Stick To Single Player Campaign Mode Only

If Fallout 4 has multiplayer, we riot.

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There’s a book in my collection that I like to read from time to time, it’s the collected essays of Francis Bacon. One of the essays is titled, “Of innovations” and it talks about our will to change for better or for worse. This is relatable to a number modern day game developers and their inclination to change the fundamental mechanics of their games to suit market trends. More often than not, by making it multiplayer.

A perfect example of how you take a core concept that works well as a single player experience but falters as a multiplayer experience, is The Elder Scrolls Online. It sounds amazing in concept, it sounds like the best thing since a nuca-cola/radaway cocktail, but ultimately it’s an expensive, clunky, glitch ridden experience that makes the subject matter seem somewhat diluted.

Fallout is very similar to The Elder Scrolls in regards to how well developed the world is and how deep the lore goes. We have all, at one point, probably wished for a co-op or multiplayer component in Fallout so that we can adventure with a pal, but do you really, really want it? It’s fun walking across the Mojave in your ranger kit with an anti-matter sniper rifle slung across your shoulders. It’s fun to scope up and obliterate the skull of a distant raider with a well placed bullet, thanks in large part to your high Strength skill.

What’s not fun, is pulling the trigger and watching a number pop out of your target whilst the colour of their health bar changes. Only for them to round on you and unleash an AOE attack that completely negates the need for individual skill.

That reason is just one of many that helps hammer home the message that is, Fallout should only be single player. What are your thoughts on this matter? Should Fallout 4 be strictly restricted to single player only? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • andy

    That’s why I buy it, it being offline is why I love the franchise. The, dead to me, Resident Evil series is enough to explain why Fallout 4 shouldn’t be co-op lol. I simply won’t buy it and that says ALOT since I said that about Resident Evil 6 and, what do you know, Capcom cried and whined about abysmal sales of the game. I can say the exact same thing about Square Enix. Then stop making games I’m not going to buy lol.

  • Bora Bosna

    Nice to see someone standing up for the single player experience in this day and age.

    • Kallol Paul

      Else each single will be valueless..meaning less …! We enjoy being social only…!

  • spyro2060

    Good article, I agree that multi player would be a terrible idea, but I heavily doubt Fallout 4 will be multi player, for one it’ll be a game that’s built into the main series, whereas TESO wasn’t, so I think we can rest assured Fallout 4 won’t have multi player, second and I’ll say this a lot in my comments… It’s made by Bethesda, they may have funded a few multi player games but they haven’t made them, they didn’t even added 2 player co-op to Skyrim and that game was massive, so I highly they’d touch multi player in Fallout 4, the thing about Bethesda developed games is they’re singe player focused and they’ve shown no signs of moving from that… Even the huge majority of the games they funded and published have a focus on single player

  • Phlegatu

    All this should go without saying. Bethesda should stick to what it’s good at, and get better at it – try to please everybody, and you’ll please nobody.

  • Sliquid

    Agreed 100% about no multiplayer for this game…would completely negate the experience of what makes it unique and separate from the others…i know that multiplayer is all some people are about (not myself), but those of us who still like the singleplayer campaigns need a game or two every now and then…

  • Rubix99

    Fallout should always remain SINGLE PLAYER ONLY.

    Online gamers are already way over-spoilt with the amount of online games and online features they have been showered with over the years.

    GTA V is a great game for single player gamers……yet the updates its had over the last year have mainly focused on the online aspect of the game.

    I lost count the amount of times when a first person shooter comes out and the reviews say “single player is over in a flash…..its the online multiplayer that really makes this game”.

    I detest online gaming. And certainly dont want it affecting the great big sand box games I love.

    Fallout 4 needs to stay single player. And Elder Scrolls 6 should do aswell since they already made an Elder Scrolls Online game.

  • Mrunreal .

    Sorry but Fallout 4 Co op would be amazing just like Borderlands is.

  • paul fletcher

    Bethesda would be making the biggest mistake a games company could make by adding multiplayer to tes and fallout. These two franchises are to of the biggest out there and are all in my top ten all time favourites list. Please Bethesda for the love of gaming DON’T DO IT.

  • Alex

    Financially speaking Elder Scrolls Online has not performed very well so it does not make sense to make a Fallout online spin-off given the same target audience. Multiplayer ruins the immersion that Elder Scrolls and Fallout fans love about the first-person rpg genre. The little details that we enjoy so much in the single-player experience are simply no where to be found in multiplayer installments.

  • jusme

    Happy with single player. Gotta be sandboxy and with stuff to keep doing like Skyrim but better missions. A randomised map generator would be nice too.

  • I would be okay with a 2-player co-op option, I have a buddy who loves the Fallout series as much as I do and it would be fun to play together. But please, for the love of all that is holy and good and right in the world, please don’t go making it an MMO.

  • Collin Nonapplicable

    I think if they would do it right and stop with the whole “less is more” attitute toward multiplayer gaming it might work. Like oldschool multiplayer, that wasn’t MMO, worked fine on a lot of other games.

  • pangamers

    Great article, and entirely agree. Been a Fallout fan for ages and love just wandering the plains waiting for random events to happen!

  • jznlv

    There is no need to add a crappy multiplayer aka dragon age/mass effect to one of the better single player games out there. Please fight the evil temptation of crappy multiplayer so you can sell 99cent dlcs

  • Kyle Posey

    No multiplayer.


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