Fallout 4: Will Bethesda Announce It At E3?

Is an announcement due soon?

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Fallout 3 is one of the most amazing current generation experiences from the talented team at Bethesda Game Studios. And if recent reports are anything to go by, then they must be working on Fallout 4, the sequel to the 2008 critical and commercial hit Fallout 3.

A few weeks back, Bethesda stated that they will be creating more vibes in 2013 compared to what they did in 2012. So far they have announced some solid games like The Evil Within and Wolfenstein: The New Order. But both of these games are published by Bethesda. They can’t create vibes by simply publishing games which indirectly means that their game studio is up to something and if rumors are to be believed it is Fallout 4.

There is a lot of data to back up this Fallout 4 claim. Last year Bethesda opened up a job listing for a next generation Console Programmer. The post wants the candidate to have an expertise in creating optimized games for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 as well as knowledge of DX 11. Now this may indicate that they might be simply hiring for The Evil Within or the new Wolfenstein but we have another report from earlier this year which makes things a bit interesting.

A voice actor from Fallout 3 tweeted that there may be a new Fallout incoming. To top that he also claimed that he had been given permission to tease the fans. Interesting, heh?

Another hint came via news aggregate site Reddit where one of it’s user claimed that the next Fallout will be set in Boston. Of course we should take this information with a grain of salt as we have been proven wrong in the past regarding the same (read here).

E3 by far, is the biggest gaming show on the planet and what better place for Bethesda to make some noise. All the rumors above (especially the first two) are a pretty strong indication that a new Fallout game is in active development. However they do not directly  hint towards an E3 reveal but Bethesda won’t get a better stage than the E3 convention center to showcase it’s next post apocalypse adventure.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Peter

    This article’s first line is really funny, I have to say. All I hope for with FO4 is that Bethesda takes a long and hard look at New Vegas, especially when it comes to story, quest design and dialogue.

    • westoftherockies

      i’m sure they will incorporate some aspects obsidian did well, like weapons, mods, reputation system etc…but the game setting of NV sucked, it was just too empty of an area overall with no dungeons to explore, no large building complexes or secret bases to get lost in, not to mention a lack of human enemies to fight in NV, most locations were a few tents or a shack and most human enemies were lightly armed or just had some type of melee weapon, and nothing respawned in any random type fashion in NV…much of the game was very static and predictable so replay value wasn’t any good.

    • Ceasar

      Thats what happens in a Wasteland…..

      They’re usually pretty harsh and pretty empty.

    • Handwipe

      I honestly don’t even think you played FO:NV. I spent about 40 hours playing FO:3 which was a good game. I spent 90 Hours with FO: New Vegas, which was far superior in pretty much every way that matters in an RPG. There was way more to do in the desert wasteland of FO:NV than there was in FO:3.

      I really hope Bethesda contracts Obsidian to make Fallout 4.

  • I agree with Peter below that Bethesda needs to fix the problems with NV. I really hope they bring some of the same guns we used in Fallout 3 like the terrible shotgun, even if the game is set in a completely different location and time.

    • Handwipe

      Bryan you misunderstood Peter’s post below. What Peter meant was, while FO3 was a great game, FO:NV improved upon it in almost every way including story, quest design, and dialogue. This is how most ppl feel about NV, and its not surprising considering how much experience Obsidian has with their history of rpgs.

    • westoftherockies

      most people prefer FO3 and it was rated at 9 or 10 compared to NV rating of 7 or 8, new vegas didn’t improve on everything..hardly…the setting was 1000 steps backard..empty desert? most locations just a tent or shack?..setting is most of the game..not a lot of enemies to fight in NV unless you count geckos and scorpions…nothing repsawned randomly, no factions patrolled the map…I did like the reputation system, traits and weapons, story was ok but wasn’t much of it..pretty short game also since not much is there to do.

    • While I will agree NV was a great game F3 was way better (that’s just one mans opinion). But in the case of NV compared to F3 I never ran into a single black screens or game crashes in F3 like I did in NV. Compared to the amount of glitches in NV, F3 was a dream to play. Oh and don’t get me started on stuff disappearing from my inventory…lol!

    • As a side note, I played NV on both console and PC.

    • Peter

      Well, Handwipe, you’re were right for the most part. I actually think Fallout 3 was a disgrace when judged as an RPG and as a Fallout game. Might have been a decent story-driven shooter, but that’s about it. Apart from the elements I think should be improved upon, the SPECIAL system / skill points were totally cosmetic in FO3 and the world just made no sense, however immersive/beautiful some people think it was; cities without any way to feed themselves (Megaton), building a city around an active bomb (Megaton), a trading hub without anything to trade (Something Commons, can’t quite remember) and trying to purify water by putting the purifier at the end of a river? I just don’t see how some people are not bothered by these kinds of things.

      And yes, NV wasn’t perfect, had a lot of bugs, but people tend to forget they were using Bethesda’s engine and Bethesda did the bug testing themselves, so the blame should at least be spread over both studios. In terms of story, dialogue, quest design and NPC backstory NV is miles ahead of FO3 or anything that could come from Bethesda’s writing team.

      I would be so happy if Obsidian were allowed to make another FO game or be at least consulted on story/dialogue with FO4, since I fear we’d be presented with the same juvenile/childish/”if it’s cool or explodes, it doesn’t need to make sense” kind of thing again otherwise.

    • Handwipe

      I agree with you and sincerely hope Obsidian makes the next Fallout but I think Bethesda will most likely go for the lowest common denominator and make another game with lotsa cool esplostions so they can mak kool trayler so lotsa ppl buy knew game for xboxONE cuz its so Kool.

      Amazing, legit games have been so hard to find these days, not just RPG’s but most game in general. I think because the really smart games that used to be so niche didn’t really have higher expectations because gaming wasn’t popular enough yet. Then somebody figured out how to cash in on the Call of Duty and so the end of gaming began, not just for the shooter genre but others as well. Maybe with next gen we will see a renaissance of games meant for gamers who appreciate games as a great art form and not spoiled brats who expect a cake walk in terms of gameplay and kindergarten storylines.

    • westoftherockies

      a lot of people know the setting of NV lacked, most locations were a few tents or a shack, the area was way too empty, no super mutants, no enclave, no high tech enemies to fight, fighting NCR, powder gangers, raiders or ceasers legion at a campground is pretty boring, no good places to hide or sneak around…now obsidian did do well in some areas, like reputation system, factions, weapons, mods, the way they did the story with factions was good but the story itself was just average. it was a good game but overall it doesn’t hold a candle to FO3. its lacking the magic FO3 had.

  • htrj

    Obsidian Entertainment made NV.

    • This is true, but I think Bethesda needs to make sure not to follow in the same path OE did with NV. It was a great game, but F3 was awesome from beginning to end. That is once they fixed the main story from completely ending your game it was all good :).

  • Ocelotty1

    Damn, I am currently replaying New Vegas

  • Sean

    Loved fallout 3 and New Vegas. I played Fo3 first so that may be why it holds a special place in my mind looking back on both games. Personally, I prefer fo3 over New Vegas.Although with saying that I admit that New Vega improved and added a few gameplay elements that fo3 either lacked or did not do as well ( iron sights,crafting,weapon mods,factions,followers,deeper rpg mechanics Etc.) what I felt new vegas sorely lacked in comparison to Fallout 3 was 1. the world and 2. Atmosphere. ( Fo3 had a great dystopian/ post-apocalypse vibe that I really liked a lot.)

    New Vegas world just did not intrigue and grasp a hold of me like Fo3’s D.C. wasteland did. And it was not just all of the iconic landmarks of 3. there were random encounters a plenty to entertain for example. I put a couple hundred hours in fallout 3 and still read about new things I never knew about.though the same can be said for new vegas,the d.c. wasteland was just a lot more interesting to explore.

    loved the creepy metro tunnels ( although i still remember having a tough time when I first got to D.C. trying to get to GNR. aghh.Plus those radio tower transmissions scattered around the map,I just kept finding cool things like that in fo3 that I wish New Vegas had,[to be fair Obsidian did not have enough development time and they deserve respect for everything they were able to accomplish.] overall atmosphere. fo3 just had that post-apocalyptic vibe going for it that I love. it does come down to preference . the perfect fallout 4 IMO would be a combination of the best aspects of Fallout 3 & new vegas meshed together with some new gameplay features added while expanding & improving features already established in fallout 3/new vegas.

    This would be the best open world action/adventure RPG ever created! Can you imagine the best of FO3 and New Vegas combined perfectly with additional enhancements!? while reducing or completely getting rid of both games faults? ok ok maybe I am unrealistically hoping for too much but hey a man can dream right? lol. although I am serious about my above statements. A marriage of FO3/New Vegas together would be awesome!

    Of course with the graphical upgrade most fans want and expect ( Modded Skyrim looks absolutely incredible if you have the machine that can handle it [not that vanilla skyrim is horrible I thought it looked good but admittedly there is room for improvement in some areas.] but the engine has limitations some fans may not even be aware of? Ever notice in skyrim,fallout’s that you can never climb ladders? well that has been an issue with gamebryo since it’s inception. They need a completely new graphics engine built form the ground up.I am seriously hoping that is what they have done/are presently doing

    Love to see improvements to animation,A.I.,Quest structure,dialogue,weapon customization/more unique weapons & crafting. I hope weapon blueprints that were in fo3 return in 4. missed them even though vegas had weapon mods etc. another thing that vegas was sorely lacking was random encounters! loved random encounters from fo3. like to see them expand/improve random encounters. they add immersion and unpredictable scenarios to the game world plus they are a lot of fun.

    P.S. – Been thinking/hoping for a wile now that they are going to do 2 different,back to back Fallout games. Bethesda East coast developed Fallout followed by an Obsidian West Coast Fallout game ( Makes perfect sense to me especially when you think about how Bethesda can then develop the Elder Scrolls games in between etc.) What do you guys & gals think? With how the fan base is pretty much 50/50 concerning which developed Fallout game they prefer I think this would be an awesome win/win for All fallout fans.

  • Aaron Higginbottom

    i just want to say that in my own opinion bethesda is only keeping it a secret because if it is announced too many people will be wanting the game now but by putting in suspense they are giving themselves more time to create the game and get rid of things that were bad in the other game such as bugs and trying to fix them

  • joeyt045@live.com

    There is no game I want more than Fallout 4. I just hope it is strictly released on the new consoles instead of PS3/Xbox360 and PS4/XboxOne. It seems like a lot of games announced recently are doing that. I played Fallout 3 and New Vegas on PS3 and had a few really annoying issues, and I plan on buying a PS4, so I hope the game is optimized for the new consoles to eliminate any major issues it had current gen.


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