Fez Creator on Xbox One Indie Self-Publishing Change: “Everything About it Feels Disingenuous”

Phil Fish is not convinced that Microsoft’s heart is in the right place.

Posted By | On 26th, Jul. 2013 Under News

Microsoft recently revealed that it was reversing its stance regarding indie developers bringing their games to the Xbox One. Earlier, the console manufacturer revealed that indie developers would not be able to self-publish their titles on Xbox Live and would have to do so through either Microsoft or a third party publisher.

As expected, many indie developers include Just Add Water (Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty) and Polytron (Fez) straight out condemned Microsoft for this action, choosing to bring their games to the PS4 instead. Now, with this about-turn, things would be cool between them and Microsoft, right?

Not quite. Fez creator Phil Fish, who has had his share of problems with the certification process on Xbox Live for the Xbox 360, tweeted his thoughts on the whole, calling it “disingenuous”.

So we would guess that we wouldn’t be seeing his next game on the Xbox One, even though Microsoft plans to overhaul their certification process to be more like iTunes.

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  • He’s got a point! Last gen they could have done all of this easily to help him fix and update FEZ and Microsoft purposefully didn’t, much to the detriment of their PR. Everything Microsoft has done this next gen console cycle, aside from the mandatory Kinect (which is a bold move and I appreciate their vision), has been copying SONYs policies.

    I’m buying a PS4, because I want to be with the company on the cutting edge, not the one playing catch up.

    This SUDDEN indie reversal is very suspicious, because it goes against everything Microsoft has done on the 360 to date. Also, having any console be a dev unit is a little insane as well. If Microsoft can unlock your console, I bet it will be a mater of months before hackers find a way to unlock any console to allow debug tools and non-certified code. I can’t imagine any console maker allowing such broad access to users being possible!

    Unlocking your console will be the next unlocking your phone.

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      yep, imagine how much worse off the next gen of gaming would be if we didn’t have Sony to save the day, in the end it’s all good competition, the more competitive xbox one will make the PS4 even better, and visa versa.

      but yeah like you said, the PS4 will do it all better, the PS4 is still true to the vision that Sony has been designing for over 5 years, whilst the xbox one is so far astray from its original vision that I would be afraid to buy one at launch until i know it is stable.

    • Jayce Knitter

      Guess this is not the only Xbox One article you troll on lol jk

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      haha what? i wasn’t trolling =|


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