Final Fantasy 15 Isn’t An ‘Incomplete’ Version, Director Sheds More Light On DLC

DLCs are “enhancing the experience.”

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Hajime Tabata recently talked at length about Final Fantasy XV, and spoke about several topics, such as whether or not Square Enix had released what was essentially an incomplete game, as well as how the upcoming DLCs are supposed to “enhance” the experience rather than fill in the gaps.

“It’s not that users have an incomplete version of the game and that we’re filling in the gaps now,” Tabata said while speaking with US Gamer. “Rather, we’ve already released the complete version of the game, and what we’re doing is simply enhancing that experience for people, or providing different styles of play for characters.”

“And again, this comes back to the point of Noct being the main character, the only playable character,” he continued. “We were able to focus on Noct in the main game and really highlight his narrative. With the DLC, now that we have the opportunity, the time, the resources, et cetera, we’re able to then turn the spotlight on to his friends – Gladiolus, Ignis, Prompto – and highlight their stories now. I really believe that XV is Noctis’s game, though. It’s his experience, his life, his story. The DLC is really about his friends.”

Final Fantasy XV’s Gladiolus DLC is gathering momentum ahead of launch. You can watch some gameplay footage for it right here.

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  • Mauricio Ramírez

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  • Oz Vessalius

    Honestly, I believe the one thing everybody wants is more of the world to explore. E.g. Cartanica, Tenabrae, Niflheim. So many areas in Lucis are inaccessible and the area you explore in Altissia pales in comparison to it’s actual size. Being able to explore the dark world at the end and see everyone again after 10 years would also be nice. Actually Square, would it be possible to just remake the 2nd half of the game please? Starting from when Noct and his royal retinue depart for Altissia. That would be grand 🙂


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