Final Fantasy 15: Tetsuya Nomura Details Gameplay, Change in Vision

Has the shift to being a main franchise game affected the game’s overall direction?

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Final Fantasy XV will be the next game in the vaunted RPG series from Square Enix, and will seek to avoid both MMO trappings (FFXIV) and an endless array of extensions (FFXIII).

However, has that move from being Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV affected director Tetsuya Nomura’s vision for the game? Speaking to Final Fantasy World, Nomura stated that, “Yes, I probably mentioned the old school Final Fantasy feeling [when talking about] FFXV. If you see the trailer you might actually think it’s very action based – especially compared to the previous FFs. We wanted to create like an action-based FF this time because we wanted to create a dynamic feeling between the story and the game itself.

“Of course, we are going to put many FF elements into it, because otherwise there is no point calling Final Fantasy XV. Naturally, we still think we should have some old school FF feeling to the game. Yeah, I would like to achieve that as much as I can. Our goal is to ensure that the player never actually stops playing. This is the reason behind it and it will be great if we can achieve that.” Naturally, the power of the new consoles will help make this a reality.”

Currently, Final Fantasy XV is slated to release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with a possible PC release.

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  • Rasheed Jackson

    Nomura>>>>>>>>>>Toriyama. This guy knows what fans want and combining Classic FF elements with KH battle system is genius. It just works.

    • William Cox

      Yeah, I absolutely love Nomura’s work. I’m tired of the fanboys bickering that it has to be turn based or else it’s not Final Fantasy. Well I say turn based has become too slow. I still love the old turn based RPGs that I’ve played in my life, Legend of Dragoon is still my favorite game of all time. But most times now I’ve found the action element in RPGs much more fun than turn based. Kingdom Hearts is addicting with the action element, and so are games like Star Ocean, Tales, Rogue Galaxy, White Knight Chronicles, and even older action RPGs like Secret of Mana. There’s no reason that Final Fantasy can’t take that direction as well.

    • Rasheed Jackson

      Agreed. Turn based will always DEFINE the series but it’s an rpg. So the gameplay can be very flexable compared to say a FPS. So taking elements from some of the RPG best series and combining them together is a genius idea. And if it’s nomura he WILL make sure its executed well. I mean KH 2 was praised for its action and adding DDD elements(flowmotion=telepotation) will improve upon that. The trailers look great and I can see the amount of detail they put into it. Since its been in development for 7+ years, we should be expecting at least a 10.

    • $63955329

      indeed. the gameplay was amazing. they even added real time cutscenes which was good. I can now see why fans need this game now.

  • Jackie

    i just want that command bar i saw on the 2013 trailer to change back into the one in 2011 trailer PLEASE!

  • $63955329

    if this really came out people would never even stop playing including us we’ll be playing this forever.

  • rabby radical

    I haven’t play Final Fantasy XIII-2 to know how it changed from XIII but as long as it doesn’t have a battle system so much on auto-pilot I will be okay. XIII story was good but the battle were so easy I watch television while the battle was going just pressing X all the time. Only for a few boss battles did I not have to do this. XV also seems like Final Fantasy XII in trailer where you control one character completely and the others on auto-pilot. I actually liked this but they decided to half-a$$ the storyline in that one. Of course it needs the world exploration aspect of Final Fantasy that XIII lacked so much of. The trailer looks good for this one. Better not disappoint.

  • Masumah Sharif

    Why is this on the PS4?! WHY?! Not everyone can afford new consoles. 🙁

    • Jackie

      you think they care?
      i cant afford the new system either! the only thing i can buy is that damn game

    • yako

      It’s coming to PS3 too.

  • Jackie

    when you have something on the RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ….Then we’ll talk 😀

  • $63955329

    hang on. I didn’t know it was going on pc. all I knew was Xbox One and PS4


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