Final Fantasy 15: Yebis 2 “Only” Used in E3 Trailer, Further Usage Uncertain

The post processing effects middleware engine hasn’t been used for the full game it seems.

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44. Final Fantasy 15

A while ago, we covered how Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 15 would be using Silicon Studio’s Yebis 2 engine. This was based off a listing that appeared on the middleware developer’s site which listed FF15 and having been used for the E3 2013 trailer. According to Silicon Studio on the page, “Beautiful natural light is represented as real-time computer generated effects by utilizing the optical effects of Yebis 2.”

However, when speaking to Masaki Kawase, an architect for Silicon Studio, about how Yebis 2 was used in Final Fantasy 15, he stated that, “You must have made a mistake. There was no announcement that Yebis will be used for FF15. Yebis was however used in the Final Fantasy 15 E3 2013 Trailer from Square Enix. There is nothing more we can say for now :),” he said to GamingBolt.

Take that for what you will – in fact, it could signify that though Yebis 2 isn’t being used for Final Fantasy 15, it might currently be implemented into another project Square Enix has going on. We’ll find out more in the coming months so stay tuned.

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  • Godmars

    So basically, despite the two in-house graphic engines Square has made from scratch, they used yet another one from a 3rd party to make the latest demo, with all the involved work so much trashed and thrown away? Discarded at cost?

    This is why Square is screwed. This is the first version of FF14 all over again.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Or that Watch Dogs 2012 gameplay footage all over again.

    • Godmars

      Except that FF15 has been in development for almost a decade, and the finshed – if there ever is a finished – product could end up looking nothing like footage so far “shown” or rather leaked from behind closed doors of special presentations.

      Special presentations which are pretty much worthless.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      I hate Square-Enix. I really do. The company’s way of handling and controlling information is getting worse and worse. Mr. Hashimoto’s catchphrase “Please wait a little longer.” doesn’t work on anyone! Tell us the truth!

      I guess my new reason to get a PS4 will be for The Phantom Pain.

    • Godmars

      Its still money time and resources on a long and ongoing project thrown away. Wasted.

    • LightningFarron19

      Graphics shouldn’t really be the big issue here. If anything, Graphical design and frame rate are more so low tier compared to Story + Character Development + Battle system. Even Game Design, Voice Acting and Music are on a higher tier than this.

  • Kaihaku

    Many times when I was younger I had a great idea for a drawing… game… comic… short story… But as soon as I made a bit of progress, I’d get frustrated and start over again and again and again until I finally lost interest. It sounds like Square Enix is using that same development process. I can’t say that I recommend it.

    • colonel179

      It’s clear the already lost interest in Final Fantasy XV. If the game is not fully present at TGS or -let’s give them a chance- at their own event in January, then the game will not be released ever. Is that simple. Nobody takes a decade to develop a game! It’s not right in any way.

      They will try to brainwash us about the game coming, and how it’s coming along and in full development, until we magically forget about it.

    • James Stine

      Yeah, they’ve lost interest in the game they’re just pouring all this time and money in fooling their investors and fans into thinking it will come out just to destroy their own company.

      I’m glad there’s such smart people like you in the world.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

    So the graphics used was purely trailer fodder? As in what we saw was a vertical slice like Watch Dogs.

    Why, Square-Enix, why? Why do you hate your own game?

  • Imran


  • Dystopiq

    The lighting was pre-rendered. Not the entire trailer. Learn to read people.


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