Final Fantasy XIV Adversely Affected Development of Other Square-Enix Titles

Rumours of the MMO’s failure delaying several HD games were confirmed to be true.

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final fantasy xiv
Square-Enix has had it’s share of cancelled projects (Catacombs, an Unreal action-RPG), delays (Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the rumoured HD remake of Final Fantasy X) and disappointments (pretty much anything involving Lightning).

However, its biggest failure thus far – barring The Spirits Within – seems to be the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, whose net revenue was not only well below expectation but negatively affected the development of other titles.

Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wada commented on this, saying that, “The unsuccessful launch of FFXIV caused a negative chain of events in other areas across the businesses. One notable example is the significant delay in the development of new HD games titles in Japan. As a result, our major releases of HD game titles use IPs previously developed by Eidos Interactive, and are sold mainly in Europe and North America.”

Despite “A Realm Reborn” and its attempts to fix the floundering MMO experience, maybe Square-Enix should quietly shelve the game rather than rearranging the deck chairs on this massively multiplayer version of the Titanic.

Source: Siliconera

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  • Vrrumdri

    Hey, whoa! “Everything involving Lightning”?! Come on. Lightning wasn’t so bad. And people talk as if FFXIII was a total failure on the scale of…Tomb Raider Chronicles and TT Anniversary. But it outsold FFXII and got close to the sales of FFX, which seems to have become one of the most popular of the franchise. And by the way, reactions to the next XIII game have been growing steadily move positive (especially when it was thoroughly understood the people could play as Lightning). And if they shelved FFXIV completely, that would be an even bigger loss. The game was released before it was ready, that I certainly concede, but to keep pestering them for games that, in today’s market, are looking ancient, and stop them from salvaging a project that could make them a substantial profit in its new form, well.. It’s just asking them to go out of business and have no Final Fantasys at all. What I’m trying to say is: please give Square Enix a chance. They have as good a promised a reveal for FFVXIII next year, as long as we don’t start pounding at their door and distracting them.

    • Vrrumdri

      I correct myself. TR Anniversary, not TT. Sorry.

    • Sales do not count for trade in’s bro. “Lighting wasn’t so bad”? That means there was something that you didnt approve of. The people that seen through all this garbage of these 3 games are on point and correct. The games are a flop. We have been giving these clowns a chance since 06′ when versus was unveiled. Call it what you want and throw excuses wherever you want but the truth of the matter is they are responsible for developing these craptastic games and honestly they are losing there touch. Been playing there games since early 90’s and honestly they have lost there stride. Give the people what they really want. Not some terrible rehash crap of FFX-2. Remember how that went?


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