Final Fantasy XV Won’t Be Releasing Before March 2014

Fans will have to wait a little longer for Nomura’s epic.

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Final Fantasy 15
When Square Enix re-revealed its oft-delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII, re-branded as Final Fantasy XV, and even threw in Kingdom Hearts III as a bonus, there was some optimism that we’d finally be seeing these games release after all the waiting. However, though both games are confirmed for Xbox One and PS4, a recent financial results briefing session on November 6th revealed that Square Enix won’t be releasing either game before March 2014 end.

The games that are planned include Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Thief. Japanese releases include Call of Duty: Ghosts and Diablo 3. Check out a screenshot of the release schedule below.

Square Enix release lineup
It’s not like Square Enix didn’t say we’d have to wait. At the very least, we’re getting enough information on the combat systems and overall mechanics of both titles. And plans often change, but it doesn’t seem likely that Square Enix will release Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV by early 2014, sad as it sounds.

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  • Rasheed Jackson

    So we still have hope for the rest of teh year right? Sold.

    • Mark

      No. There is no such thing as ‘hope’ for this game.

    • Rasheed Jackson

      How so?

    • Mark

      Because our hopes for this game to be released have constantly been dashed. SE keep hyping the game up with not even so much as a hint of a release date. I know that they need to port it to the PS4 and XBone but still, I’ve been watching this game since 2006 and it feels like a decade.

      Heck – it almost is.

    • Rasheed Jackson

      Can’t argue with that. The game looks sooo amazing but it’s still taking a while to finish. Hopefully it’s out by the end of next year though. I’m still a little more happy that they decided to put more time and effort in it though. If theyrushed it, them we would probably get the same level of game quality as the 13 series…. The recent trailers put the original ones to shame.

  • Matthew Tyler Preston

    I will be buying it as soon as it’s released. The story looks great. I like turn based better but since it’s at least Kingdom Hearts style with a good story and world I want it. I just wish it would come out soon but I don’t want them to rush it either.

    • Mark

      Why do people always refer to the action as “Kingdom Hearts Style”? Sure the pacing is similar but that’s where the similarities end.

  • Jason David Sheriff

    Didn’t really expect to to come out any time soon, 2015 the earliest

    • EX+

      No, late 2014 latest.

    • Jason David Sheriff

      i like your optimism

    • Rasheed Jackson

      Late 2014 for Japan at the earliest. Early 2015 for the U.S. Hoping for a simultaneous release though.

  • EX+

    Alright, these are my predictions.
    Japan: April-May 2014.
    NA and Europe: June-August 2014.
    They’ve already started casting English VAs and they said they had to make sequels because of when the were planning to release it.

    • Rasheed Jackson

      That’s just grasping for straws bro IMO but we can dream.

    • EX+

      Well, I have my reasons to believe that.

    • William Cox

      That all seems very logical.

    • EX+

      Thanks. I think that we should be getting a launch window at Jump Festa.

    • Klo

      No way 2014 anywhere. 2015 or 2016 release.

  • Chibi RAWR

    SE cannot release and does not release FF on PS without the system having around 4 million units. this is a true fact. as for XV, the game itself is having English voice overs… all this stuff takes time, especially when they remade the entire game on a more powerful system though didnt change narrative/characters/setting/theme. so it should be here late next year or early 2015.

    kh3 that wont be here by 2016 at least. 2017 maybe. however FF is not the only JRPG on PS4. “We are currently in the very early phases of work for next generation Playstation titles,” Baba confirmed.

    “But we still have no plans to bring the series back to the Xbox, or Xbox One. We feel that our core fanbase leans toward the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, so we are focusing our efforts on bringing the best possible Tales experience there.” NEW TALES OF


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