Nine Things Things We Want In Batman: Arkham City

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Batman: Arkham Asylum was a great game and it was a huge step forward for the super hero franchise. The game was loved by one and all, critics and players alike.

When Arkham City was announced, we were overjoyed. We are sure Rocksteady have some new things in store for us, and they are definitely bound to please all fans, but we would like to suggest some of our own additions/exclusions for the game.

Listed below are nine additions and omissions we would like to see in Batman: Arkham City. Read the article, and enjoy!

Longer Campaign

Batman: Arkham Asylum had a campaign that lasted just around 8-10 hours. We want Arkham City to have a much longer campaign than its predecessor, lasting around 15-20 hours, and have a greater lasting appeal by incorporating side-quest such as Riddler Challenges (which have been confirmed to be present in the game), multiplayer, more collectibles, free roaming, which we will be discussing later in the article. But having a longer campaign might mean that the story will have to be more convulated, and that means that the narrative might even fall into the danger zone of feeling like its dragged and boring in some parts. So there is a fine line between telling a good story and a silly one. Games like Uncharted 2 which were longer and also made sure that the story was not dragged on.

More Villains and Allies

Batman: Arkham Asylum featured a host of characters from the Batman universe, and that is what made it such a treat for all fans. Favourites such as The Joker, Harley Quinn, Jim Gordon and Bane made appearances, and some even had very major roles throughout the ten hour long ride. The subtle references to the Batman universe made the experience an eye-popping one. If Arkham City features more of the characters that we have come to love in the Batman movies, not just the comics, then we will be in for a definite treat. I, for one, would definitely want to see characters like Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes likeness please), Clayface and other love interests such as Vicki Vale making an appearances, and some special appearances by Alfred as well.

As they say, the more the merrier. Add to that the fact that it’s an entire city this time, not just an island, we will need a lot more characters to fill up the excessive space. Oh, and that reminds me, having such a gargantuan city means we also need to have…

Free Roam

Come on, it’s an entire frigging city, imagine what all we can do in Gotham- with Batman powers! Flying atop skyscrapers, bungee jumping similar to what was shown in The Dark Knight, hand-gliding and what not! Super hero games like Prototype and inFamous have recently shown us what all we can do in an entire city and if Batman: Arkham City can replicate that, and do it better (which Rocksteady is totally capable of pulling off), it will be a super-success in my book. We could rob banks, we could not rob banks; we could kill people, but then again, we could not kill people.

There’s a whole lot of stuff that we can or cannot do, in a city as huge as this. And doing good and bad stuff brings in…


Much like inFamous, we can have the Caped Crusader doing all sorts of good and bad stuff, that will determine how we fare amongst the Gotham crowd- as a hero or as a rouge winged monster. And you know why that makes sense? Because Batman has often been maligned by citizens of Gotham, for being the harbinger of the city’s destruction. People have, let’s say, “mixed reactions” to this person- some say he is a hero, while others cry foul at his name, for being a monstrosity. This, when put in perspective after watching The Dark Knight, makes a hell lot of sense. Rocksteady can delve deeper on this aspect of the story in Arkham City.

All New Moves

Batman: Arkham Asylum saw the Dark Knight using an entire arsenal of Bat-weapons. Possibly every single weapon we can imagine in the Batman universe was there in Arkham Asylum. So what more could we want in Arkham City? New powers, of course, but how? Well, create new powers? Don’t stick to the comic books entirely! Create some new interest weapons and abilities, have Batman learn more acrobatic combos and fighting moves, and some more agile platforming techniques, and we’ll have a winner at our hands.

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  • You guys are forgetting THE single most important feature that was MISSING from Arkham Asylum.

    NO JUMPING —- how the hell are you gonna make it so there is no jump button? Its batman, and he cant jump?

  • simply terrible ideas. these either make no sense or simply would break the game. side with the bad guys and kill? this is batman, this would go against his entire character…go play infamous!

  • I would like to have some elements of free roam, ie stop random street crimes, patrol rooftops, …for it’s time Spider Man II was a great comic translation game ( although flawed it was the best spidey game). Gotham City just begs to be explored…from the high rises with gargolyes, to the slums to the docks, and The Bat has got every damn type of vehicle…now I’m not saying that Arkham City should be the exact showcase for this…maybe a different title. I’m sure RockStar will deliver…how many craptastic batman games have we suffered through over the years until AA? I’m just saying that it is frustrating that we can’t go anywhere in Gotham by batmobile,plane, ect. It’s like playing a Superman game and saying….you can be Superman, but no flying or heat vision.

    • tareq salah

      agree, but if they increase the size of playing area and places to visit i hope they include a fast methor of transportation, i dont want to walk everywhere. i want to drive the bat mobile.

  • I have heard that you are dealing with five or six different gang factions lead by Joker, 2 Face, Harley Q, Victor Zsaz and some others who are fighting over turf ( I know Catwoman and Hugo Strange are in the mix also). Here my geek question….Joker might have a gang, or 2 Face….but Harley or Zsaz?? He’s a serial killer…not a gang leader, and she is just a moll at best. Giving each villian his own gang is so Adam West.

    • Maybe because there are only villains and crooks in Arkham City, each villain has formed their own gangs to gain power and protection? You have a good point though

    • tareq salah

      actually harley quinn has a small gang of insane members and she has 2 hyenas, i would love to fight her this time, against the 2 hyenas, she can use her giant hammer too.

  • I don’t really think you would have to save banks and stop robberies, when Arkham City is supposed to be slums that contain only super villains. Also, in regards to free roam, can you imagine how annoying it would be having to take hours traversing the city to get to the next mission. Like people have said, this is not GTA, Batman would not murder anyone.
    I thought Batman:AA was a brilliant game, so why change it?

    • Your Comment…

    • tareq salah

      actually they could be side optional missions, that would give you extra bonus stuff like artwork or customes.

  • You are 100%. I really don’t want any new weapons, moves, karma, or anything…just more areas to explore ( I would have liked to have the vehicles, but I can live without it). The first game was the best comic to video game, so I don’t think it would be wise to tamper with it too much.

  • I’m glad there is someone else who agrees. All these things (karma, new moves etc) just sound too gimmicky; it would go from stealth/detective/ action game to a simple beat em up. More areas is a brilliant idea because it would add to the game, not change it.

  • tareq salah

    and please don’t mess up the boss fight like the first game. i wanted to fight the joker at the end, not his minions.

  • Agreed. The boss battle in Arkham Asylum was epic.


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