Former Activision SVP Joins Oculus VR as COO, “Wouldn’t be Surprised if Price is in Triple Digits”

Aims to compete with any and all comers in the near future.

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Oculus Rift
Laird M. Malamed, who formerly worked as senior vice president and head of development at Activision Blizzard, has recently joined the Oculus VR team as COO. The team is working on Oculus Rift, the first major attempt to bring VR gaming to the masses.

Speaking to GIBiz on his motives for joining Oculus, Malamed stated that, “It was a good combination of passionate people, products that looked really good, and people who had successfully taken smart ideas and turned them into real ventures.

“What the team here at Oculus VR is doing is incredible, solving fantasies that many of us fans of science fiction and computer gaming have had since the earliest experiences of virtual reality in television shows or books or comics. The first and foremost thing that really attracted me to the opportunity here is they’ve really figured it out.”

While Malamed believes “there is a desire for this kind of product”, he also felt that while they’re “not sure what our pricing will be yet but it would not surprise me if it had three digits in front of the decimal place.”

Considering the team aims to compete with established professionals such as Microsoft and Sony, along with Valve and it’s upcoming Steam Box, it’ll be interesting to see how Oculus Rift pans out on release.

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  • Jeremy Patton

    They aren’t competing with Microsoft, Sony, or Valve.

    1) They are WORKING WITH Valve to make Valve games compatible with the Rift. Valve has readied an Oculus Rift demo for the next GDC that will run Team Fortress 2.

    2) They hope to integrate the Rift with video game consoles in the future.
    source: (hardware section)

    3) The estimated cost is around $300. This is ridiculously cheap as comparable VR products range from 1,000 to above 10,000 dollars.
    source: the dev kit is being sold for $300

    Ravi, I don’t think you understand that this is not a gaming platform. It is a peripheral.

    • Jason Leeson

      100% Correct – It’s coming to multiple platforms INCLUDING next-gen consoles.

      People need to absorb this one simple concept – The Oculus is an AFTERMARKET PERIPHERAL that ultimately serves to generate more interest (money) for the consoles that support it and, conversely, disdain for ones which don’t.

  • I’m not too worried about anything I read here if the author doesn’t even concern himself with a basic understanding of the product. The first part of being a writer is reading.

  • RaviSucks

    Ravi sucks!


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