Former Microsoft Exec Thinks Xbox One Could Gain An Edge Over PS4 If XBLA Was Brought Back

‘It would help balance out the advantage Sony has.’

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The Xbox Live Arcade was the beginning of the modern indie movement, a sort of marketplace for smaller developers to be able to sell their games directly to customers without having to compete for eyeballs with bigger, obviously better marketed AAA releases.

Xbox Live Arcade was retired by Microsoft on the Xbox One, unlike on the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox, where it was a hub for all digital only games- but bringing the brand back could help the Xbox One gain an edge over the PS4, says former Microsoft executive Greg Canessa.

“[Microsoft] could make some very easy decisions and bring back a brand that gives a point of real differentiation versus their competitors in the console space,” Canessa said. “It would help balance out the advantage that Sony has right now.” Adding it back to the Xbox One would be extremely easy, he said.

Canessa is probably a bit biased here, since he was the creator of the Xbox Live Arcade to begin with- and while having a dedicated marketplace for indie and digital games will probably help Microsoft’s standing with indie game developers, with whom it took a bit of a beating thanks to Microsoft’s hostile policies towards them earlier this generation, it would hardly balance out all the advantages the PS4 has over the Xbox One.

Still, it is something to consider- and Microsoft would be well advised to look into this as a possible course of action.

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  • legacy

    Pointless like the xbots always say, they don’t like indie games, let them wait for their very few exclusives

    • Starman

      More than a few , when compared to the “Indiestation” … Arcade indie all the same , no one ever said they don’t like indies , just stop trying to make it seem like it’s the main focus because the lack of triple A’s and low funds … that’s it in a nutshell …. bro, you have nothing , go wait on Knack 2…

    • legacy

      Whats that i couldn’t hear you while im playing streetfighter 5, knack 2 haha ya still talking about that ps4 is at like 500 games and better since then, but continue being hurt

    • Jimmy Jangle

      “im playing streetfighter 5”

      Screenshot or it didn’t happen.

    • MrSec84 .

      LMFAO and you’re still delusional, even after yet another previous Xbox One exclusive is confirmed to be releasing on PC you still try to act like Xbox One has more exclusives than PS4.

      You push the goal posts all the time, attempting to discount real games and act like something’s still exclusive, when it’s not.
      PS4 already has way more AAA true exclusive titles than XBox One, with another 2 due in April.
      PS4 also has exclusive Indies, the XB1 doesn’t even have any of those coming.
      This year PS4 has like 9 AAA exclusives, with more AAA games that could also be slated for this year and there’s also the smaller AA or indie games that are also truly exclusive on PS4.

      As it stands all the XBox One’s getting this year that’s exclusive is Gears 4 and a Beta for Crackdown, everything else is either coming to PC or also coming to PS4.
      It’s highly likely at this point that every current or future Xbox One exclusive is actually also going to release on PC as well, making the XBox One a pointless platform, because you really don’t need the system to play any of those games and it’s easy to run the titles at a much better standard than XBox One’s capable of.

      Keep trying to cover up facts and people will see how clueless you are or just plain ignorant of reality.

    • textomatic

      Dude, whether you buy it on PC or Xbox One you are still an Xbox customer. It makes no difference. If you have the funds PC is the way to go, obviously. Heck, you get to play the games online for free. PS4/PC looks like the right choice if you can afford both and get the best of both worlds. But if you can’t then going Xbox One is just as good if it has the games you want to play. Bottom line, buy the console with the games that cater to your gaming style. For me it’s Xbox One.

    • MrSec84 .

      Of course it makes a difference! If the game’s only available on one platform then it’s an incentive to buy that system, if the game’s really good and appealing, but if you can buy it on PC as well and there aren’t many or any other exclusives on the console then there’s really little reason to buy the Xbox One, unless you really have no interest in PC.

      You can’t call a game exclusive if you have to add some extra point, like “Windows” before the term exclusive.
      Starman’s just doing his usual nonsense of attempting to make it seem like Xbox One has exclusives, when the platform doesn’t have anywhere near as many as the competition.

    • One With Shadows

      Yeah, what MrSec84 said!

  • Starman

    YES !!!!!

  • Jecht_Sin

    And in the meantime the gap gets wider and wider.. No matter what the geniuses at MS marketing department come out with. lol

  • Riggybro

    It’s the same false assumption made about more exclusives = more sales.

    As Xbox’s PR statements say all the time – “it’s about the games”.
    Meaning its the game itself not the overal number of them.

    eg. It’s no use saying you have numerically more exclusives and more indie games when the competition can just release 2 things at the standard of the Last of Us and Journey and completely wipe the floor clean with you critically and commercially.

    Quality not quantity. Quality creates hardware sales.

  • Mr Xrat

    will save the Xbox One!

    • Truth™

      Ratboy why is Street Fighter V literally unplayable on PS4

      Why is the community switching to PC once the online gets fixed?

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