Former PlayStation Exec Criticizes Ori Dev’s Comments On NX

Shahid Ahmad responds to Thomas Mahler’s rant.

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Following a rant by Moon Studios director Thomas Mahler on NeoGAF about Nintendo being overtly secretive about the hardware specifications of its upcoming NX platform, former Sony Strategic Content division head Shahid Ahmad voiced his opinion on the same.

Ahmad stated on Twitter that the comments by Mahler were, “Quite an uninformed and immature rant, lacking any real understanding or professionalism.”

When told that such blow-outs are the reason why secrecy exists in the first place, Ahmad responded that there’s still a lot up in the air with such products. “The secrecy is because it’s a commercial product in development and will undergo rapid changes in concert with devs.”

He also stated that there have been cases where dev kits were handed out before launch with the PlayStation 4. “At PS, we loaned out a lot of kits pre-launch to a lot of devs. Obviously coming out with such nonsense won’t help with trust.”

As for the NDAs that usually crop up, thus promoting secrecy, Ahmad said, “As they should. It’s an unlaunched product. Commercial realities etc.”

When told that this kind of behaviour would be understandable if the developer had no route to shipping for the NX when it released, Ahmad said, “It’s a big world with a lot of devices. They can launch on those and Nintendo would then have to deal with market forces.

He further reiterated that dev kits were handed out before launch without much requirement from the developers. “PlayStation loaned out *tons* of prototype PS4 kits to devs without requiring much at all, not even playable in some cases.”

Business development manager at Microsoft Studios Phil Waymouth said he was envious that Ahmad was in a position to comment on this issue, to which the latter responded, “Former PlayStation guy supporting Nintendo against unprofessional rant gets tacit support from Microsoft guy.”

It may sound like Ahmad is being harsh but he denies as much. “No I’m not harsh at all and you don’t have the full picture,” he said to another user. Which is pretty much a good point when no one really has any information on what the NX is, Nintendo’s dealings with developers for the platform, launch plans, etc.

What are your thoughts on the whole rigmarole? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jason Mounce

    He’s an expert in his field. Others are experts in their own relative field, just when you make a rant on something you’re not an expert on, prepare to slip up and sound ignorant to those that know more, or better than you.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    Is it normal that we paid 400-500 bucks for a ps4, and 2 years later, we still don’t know how many gigas of ram are available for a dev/game ?

    This is the only industry where costumers are taken for some stupid idiot kids, who don’t know nothing about anything,and have to swallow all the policies, all the decisions, everything -> like having to buy a half-finished game, full of bugs, micro transactions, etc etc, without being able to express themselves and being heard and understood.

    If we buy another device, whether is a digital camera, a phone, a microwave, a dish washer, an amplifier, a TV, a lamp, or a godamn condom,

    The manufacturer Will provide all the info they can, materials, speeds, components, schema, manuals, repair information, EVERYTHING.

    BECAUSE it’s natural, that the guy who will buy that device, simply wants to know what he will be buying, the power, the performance, etc etc etc.

    But when it’s about gamers, we are a bunch of kids, idiots, who, 27 months after release, CAN’T STILL change that damn background color, on the ps4, and must choose 1 color from the 10 or 15 colors SONY exceptionally allow us to choose.

    Unlike other things, video games, there are no laws, no lawyers, nothing, to protect gamers, and companies and manufacturers CAN DO ANYTHING THE WANT.

    It’s the only industry where a company can sell at retailers a product, a game, that still has 1000 bugs, that isn’t finished, that can’t be played at all, and require a 20gb patch, in order to become ‘almost’ fully functional. Just tell me another company, or product, where such thing can happen.


    Because if a company started selling, a blu-ray movie, with only half of the content… or required an update, to enable the audio, or color…

    There would be a bunch of people waving some pitchforks…and the problem would be solved, soon.

    But anything regarding the video games…we must accept everything. .. and smile.

    If apple was selling a 64gb iPhone, ,and the operating system alone was using 20gb, all the buyers would like to be aware of those numbers.

    Now, when I buy a ps4, or a ps4 game, WHY CAN’T I KNOW how much RAM is being used ?

    Because if a company tries to sell a AAA game, and it turns out that game can only run at 900p, and we find out the game only uses 2.5 gb of ram, instead of 4 or 5 gb, wouldn’t we be fooled. .. wouldn’t the company be lying about their famous ‘maxed out’ engine ?

    • mechlord

      Dude, you, as end-user know all there is to know about the ps4. how much ram is available per game? do you how much memory your phone has available per app or do you know how much memory the phone has in tota?

      And how is it, that knowing how many gigs your console spares per game makes it better/your feel better?

      Games are all about optimization these days. do you seriously think any console manufacturer wont disclose that info for whoever buys/loans their dev kits? how dense are you?

  • Q Mulative

    If the Ori developer wasn’t just looking for an incredibly weak excuse to take out his myriad grievances on a game company he never had and never will have plans to develop for, he would have applied for a WII U or 3DS development kit, had no problem getting them, and started work on whatever game(s) he wanted to make.

  • maxleresistant

    I still agree with the guy from ori, the fact that you can’t have any kind of specs, not even a ballpark to work on. I mean how can they expect people to develop on it without any information. I think there is a lot of room between total transparency and having the same methods as a spy agency, and I think manufacturers should be somewhere in the middle.
    I understand that you have to keep certains aspect of your hardware secret, but let some breathing room to developpers so they can actually do their work.

  • KashIsKlay

    Ori > ahmads contributions

  • Dirkster_Dude

    Maybe Nintendo simply isn’t ready to let development kits out?

    • Rahmel Bland

      They just aren’t giving him development kits. There have been rumblings that major developers have had them for some time. Square Enix comes to mind.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      Can he afford one? I doubt they are giving them out for free AND the large developers may be buying more than 1 at a time. They have a lot more developers and theoretically more money to spend.

  • Ana Helušić

    PS4 WINS

  • Desmond Miles

    N X = Non eXsistent 🙂


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