Forza Motorsport 6 Review – King of Racers

Is it time to proclaim Xbox One as the console king of racers? Forza 6 is here to prove if it is.

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If I were of the ability to explain every detail placed into Forza Motorsport 6, from its multilayered menu system, expansive online multiplayer, and plethora of both cars and tracks, it would take more skill than even I am capable of writing (if I am allowed to toot my own horn — pun intended). With that being said, I shall focus on the more important factors, that of which make Forza Motorsport 6 an enthralling ride (more intended punnage).

Forza 6 begins much like Forza 5 where we immediately get placed into a preparatory race against several A.I. drivers, or “Drivatars.” It is from this moment we get to experience a multitude of layers. But first, there it is. Being behind the wheel of a steel blue, 2017 Ford GT really had my heart pounding. Seeing the build up of this model from car shows all the way to Microsoft’s E3 presentation where it infamously dropped down from the ceiling on a platform, it was time to show these tracks what this GT was made of. What I was made of.

Following the opening track and given score card, it sends us off to begin Career mode, or freedom to explore the whatever is on the Forza menu. Diving into Career mode we see a truly expansive single player campaign. Breaking in at over 70 hours the driving experiences in Forza 6 feel more alive and real than in the previous version of Forza 5. Distinct challenges make it not just about constantly coming in first place. Finishing with certain styles, and achieving certain goals during those races allow Forza 6 to really stand above other simulators. Plus, if the games too hard, changing difficulty is a breeze.

Forza Motorsport 6

"Being behind the wheel of a steel blue, 2017 Ford GT really had my heart pounding."

Forza 6 has a truly evolved menu format that seems to expand and go on forever. At first, Forza’s menu is a bit overwhelming, a bit intimidating, and a bit overstuffed. Main menu categories such as: Home, Go Race, Cars, Tune, Customize, and Options each have its own submenus and subclasses. For example: Home consists of Career, Message Center, Forza Hub, and Prize Spins.

Though each category may have a large quantity of other options, I never had a feeling of getting lost within screens. Each menu is very clean and very clear. Finding a menu option, followed up by a subcategory, then clicking on said subcategory will prompt a voiceover explaining what option was chosen. It’s a nice touch and allowed me to quickly navigate through many given locations I was questioning with its smooth design.

I was able to spend a short play session of online multiplayer with the game’s developers before actual release. What is stated here may or may not hold up to actual conditions of true launch day online sessions that come with thousands of new players packing within the servers. Joining an online multiplayer session was quick and effortless. Load times were negligible, as I was able to hop from game to game without much delay at all. The menu system, again, was well fitted, even for multiplayer. The developer host chose different play styles such as A Class, where high performance vehicles take to the tracks, and D Class of more modern standard builds.

Frame rate maintained a crisp, flawless 60 FPS. No blurring or jagged edges to be seen, and all at 1080p as promised. Drifting around corners, long stretches of road, high end graphic scenery (including both foreground and background), and even 24 cars all on screen at the same time; crashing, spinning out, swerving; everything maintained a brilliant, lag free, and stable frame rate. Frame rate also held up solidly in R Class, IndyCar racers going over 200 MPH.

Maintaining those graphics and frame rates in multiplayer felt natural. Nothing was taken away from the quality look and feel of Career mode. Nothing was dumbed down, buffed out, or lowered in order for mutliplayer to accurately feel precise. Completely stress free.

forza 6 1x

"Frame rate maintained a crisp, flawless 60 FPS. No blurring or jagged edges to be seen, and all at 1080p as promised."

As in Forza 5, vehicles (with the exception of the starter car) must be earned through racing, Prize Spins, or purchases with real or in-game money. Experience (or XP) is earned through various challenges after each race. Prizes Spins include credits, rare cars, performance items, etc. This allows cars to become available much quicker than traditional racing alone.

Now, more about those cars! Forza 6 boasts 460 cars from the start. That is more than twice as many cars as any other racing game this generation. Every car is viewable through what is called “Forzavista,” a mode where the player can look over every minute detail by opening the doors, hood, trunk, fins, start the motor, and examine it in fully, fleshed out, remarkable detail. Every car can be damaged by either simple aesthetics (those that do not effect performance), and real-time physics based damages (those that hinder car performance; such as being off balance, blown tires, etc.). And let’s not forget performance and stability. I felt that each car had a team of its own working on it, precisely designing everything from its weight down to its handling.

I could definitely feel the love that the designers at Turn 10 Studios put into making these machines by the way each car performed different from the last. Turns and straights while riding in the 2017 Ford GT had to be taken in a manner differently than that of, say, a Civic Type R. But there was no doubt, after coming from Forza 4 and 5 that each car would feel as accurate as possible to its real life counterpart.

Each car can also be customized through additions such as performance enhancing tires, bumpers, spoilers, etc. Or simply just a color change, or social custom art work from the community.D o you want to know more about each car? Well, that could take a while as each one has a detailed audio experience for every make and model. Every car was modeled with extreme care, and with so many options for 460 cars, it feels nearly limitless.

forza 6 4x

"I could definitely feel the love that the designers at Turn 10 Studios put into making these machines by the way each car performed different from the last."

In a racing simulator there should be no track untouched and no corner unturned. That is exactly what you get in Forza 6: 26 locations including some of the most famous like Nürburgring and Daytona International Speedway. Many of the tracks include different layouts, weather effects, and day and night cycles. Of course the easiest to race on for myself is a sunny day with no chance of rain. I tend to spin out a lot under pressure!

Playing a night time, non-stadium track mounts to that pressure as well. By only being able to use headlights to see whats ahead with no overhead street lights for guidance, my skills were put to the test. Rain looked unbelievably believable and so polished from previous Forza games.

Remember Turn 10 Studios touting those “3D puddles” in Forza 6? Well, they’re there and they’re real. Those puddles gave me a run for my money. Each puddle is collected in dips and lower end swells of any given track where weather effects is available. Driving through said puddle is not like in any other racer before Forza 6. Hydroplaning is now real. Puddles effect speed, turns, and stability. This brought an ultra real feel under my tires as I went careening into a tire wall losing a lot of time and placement. Luckily, that Rewind feature is still in tact. Making my run look perfect!

forza 6 3

"Remember Turn 10 Studios touting those “3D puddles” in Forza 6? Well, they’re there and they’re real. Those puddles gave me a run for my money."

There are so many more features in Forza 6. Many new ones such as Spectating, multiplayer challenge Leagues, and more were not available at the time to review. However, so much interactivity and fun social features were enough to really showcase Microsoft’s diamond racing series.

If this is how a first party, simulator racer can ship every other year, with the highest of quality, sounds, visuals, and online features improving time and time again it really brings a thought: What is going on with Sony not being able to release just one Gran Turismo game in almost two years? At Forza’s pace, including the Forza Horizon series, Microsoft’s Xbox One is currently the console king for racers.

This game was reviewed on the Xbox One.


Improves upon Forza 5 in nearly every way. With a massive roster of 460 cars, trucks, and more, there's something for most everyone to enjoy. Did I mention it feels so real and crisp at 1080p 60FPS?


Even on easy settings this game is a simulator and not an arcade racer. Some may be turned off by that. But that doesn't make it bad in any way. Without full online interaction to fully scrutinize, it's hard to say how well it will truly feel at launch.

Final Verdict

Forza Motorsport 6 is a game that should be a Day One purchase, and on every kid's holiday list. It should be celebrated by its leaps forward in the racing simulator genre and its attention to realism and physics. It should be yours.

A copy of this game was provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Click here to know more about our Reviews Policy.

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  • GamerJudge

    King of Racers…on Xbox platform to top it all…well this should make for an interesting damage control by a certain someone.

  • red2k

    This title is incredible the game have hi quality 1080 60fps not like COD, MkX ect… Its full of content at the launch with a good MP experience but the bad for me was the steering. This game can be a 10/10 but its like a 9.5 because the steering. In fact if the real life was like the game every single pilot in the planet would be dead. Thats is not real life… I am a good player with good records but the dificult is not enjoyable if you want to play hardcore. They need add in general more stop and stability to tire particulary when you are searching the angle to take off the curve. Reduce the dificult is not an option for me because the add a bunch of arcade effects. I talk with other players and they say the same thing.

    • ShoNuff

      It sounds like you want them to put in unrealistic arcadey tire traction to cover up your inability to hit the breaks and drift around a corner.

    • red2k

      In real live you have better traction… I been seen cars taking a corner with a huge chassis contortion and take the curve in three wheel (one in the air) without have a massive drift. In forza if the car lost a little bit of “gravity” you will lost the controland some times you get a inlogical turn.

  • Tech junkie

    IMO, best console racer on the market. Would have loved to see dynamic weather. Baby steps. Hopefully Forza 7 brings it.

    Will spend hundreds of hours playing this game regardless.

    • lagann

      The question is if they can do it while still keeping 60fps. I mean dynamic weather would be a cool addition but not at the expense of frame rate.

    • Tech junkie

      Very true. Resolution and frame rate on this game is something Turn 10 is proud of. So I can’t see it changing

    • Georg Dirr

      Is it 720p?

    • Tech junkie

      1080p 60 frames.

  • archfiendx

    Forza is not a realistic simulator. When you travel 100 miles per hour in Forza, it is not realistic. Forza is an arcade racer mashed up ith arcade physics and simulator style game design. Gran Turismo is a true simulator.

    Gamingbolt: “Forza is the king of racers, derp”

    Forza 6:

    >460 cars (Nearly all of them are carry overs from previous Forza games)
    >25 tracks (Only 9 of which are new to the series)
    >Car tuning/customization
    >Prebaked night and rain effects (But only in 9 tracks and no dynamic day/night cycles, no dynamic snow, or no dynamic weather racing)


    >100 cars plus 38 more in the upcoming expansion (All cars are premium and built from the ground up for a new game)
    >77 tracks based around the world
    >Driver and car paint customization (But no car tuning)
    >Fully dynamic and customizable day/night cycles, dynamic snow, and dynamic rain effects for all tracks.

    Gran Turismo 6:

    >1247 cars (150 of which appeared for the first time in the series)
    >41 tracks (86 distinct layouts)
    >Car tuning and customization
    >Dynamic lighting and weather

    Forza 6 uses the same engine as Forza 5. Forza 6 is basically a Forza 5.5 or a Forza 5 weather DLC. Forza 5 was a cash grab and Forza 6 is what Forza 5 should’ve been. It’s not worth $60, and a milked racer that lacks content is not the king of racers. Forza fanboys are pathetic.

    • red2k

      Well… When you compare Drive Club with Forza 6 that only shows you are troling or being a fanboy. I love GT6 but the reality is the frame rate of the game is a mess and its a last gen game.

    • Tech junkie

      Forza is considered the most realistic physics in a console sim by experts in the sim racer community. Your opinion as a fan boy and attention w**re means nothing.

    • freekface

      Its very obvious “archfiendx” is also a multi of the original loony “Derp”

      You really should flag all his comments so the absolute load of old tosh he comes out with need not be seen.
      If he posts on Xbox One news FLAG his comments.

      Also notice his fake upvotes by the other Loon “Revolver Ocelot” AKA “Xrat” etc. He uses an upvote bot.

      Most sites community’s do the same to the other loony “XbotMK1” AKA “Kinect” etc and he goes away looking the fool he is.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      LOL We never asked for or even wanted Dynamic lighting or weather did we?
      Show us a link anyway that we did? We didn’t

      A salty meltdown cause #delayclub bombed worse than the salty PSVita

    • Psionicinversion

      you dont go creating brand new engines for every single game, look at Horizon that uses KZ engine, what about Uncharted 4 which uses the PS3 engine

      Driveclubs tracks are fictional, every single one is made up. going be funny to see you damage control GT7 with its 1400 cars 1200 will be PS2 models

    • lagann

      Holy crap the salt is real.

    • zcar_driver

      wow lighten up dude. Maybe get a girlfriend or something. it’s better for your well being.

    • Tech junkie

      Was just watching an interesting review on Inside Sim Racing about the Thrustmaster Wheel for Xbox 1. They named Forza the best sim racing game on console and consider it as good if not better than the best PC sim racer,

      Not too bad for an “arcade physics simulator style” racing game as you called it.

      Guess we’ll have to wait and see how the PS4 deals with its bottleneck CPU for GT7. Sims run pretty heavy CPU.

  • E.J457

    Sorry Gamingbolt. I’m not going to buy this game because this review came straight from your a-hole. Your reviews sound like dishonest stupidity desperately trying to sell Xbones.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      Why, we want a niche market, and never asked to be number no 1 in sales.

    • lagann

      Who are you trying to deceive? You wouldn’t buy an xbone even if Uncharted series were an Xbone exclusive.

      You don’t really like your PS4…you just hate on whatever your mom didn’t buy you.

    • Georg Dirr

      Who wants an inferior pc?

  • artistofwar

    This review was brought to us by Microsoft >_<

    • freekface

      Just as Your fake ghost upvotes were bought to you by “Revolver Ocelot” AKA “Xrat” etc. Etc. Using his $10 Upovte bot.

  • avi

    nice to hear this game is solid.

  • Saprotroph

    I hope Forza has gotten rid of those stupid sticky zones. I couldn’t find any in the Forza 6 demo.
    My favorite mod would be that you would get to run over one of the drivatars when he gets out of his car after the race.

  • Michael Norris

    Gran Turismo has always had a long development cycle to be fair it’s only been 2 years since GT6 was released.I just think when you release racing games every other year cheapens the brand quite a bit.

  • Georg Dirr

    Pc version? Oh that’s right, no reason to buy xbone then.

  • UrdnotVakarian

    Is this just a bunch of tracks or is there free roam like Forza Horizon 2?

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