Gamebryo To Use PS4 & Xbox One’s Distinct Features, Puts Frequently Accessed GPU Resources on eSRAM

Developers from Gamebase explain how they plan to use the respective embedded and unified architecture of the two consoles.

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Gamebryo is one of the popular gaming engines around that have been used in AAA games like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Bully: Scholarship Edition, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and many others. With the advent of the new console, Gamebase, the company behind Gamebryo are working on upgrading the engine further. GamingBolt got in touch with Bryan Tarlowski, Marketing Director at Gamebase and Yoonjae Hwang, one of the lead engineers on Gamebryo to know how they are utilizing the new hardware.

Both the new consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, have extremely similar architecture but yet they are slightly different from each other. The PS4 has unified memory architecture and the Xbox One has an extremely fast memory in eSRAM. GameBryo will be taking advantage of these two similar yet distinct architectures

“Gamebryo implementations on each platform are written in a way to maximally utilize underlying hardware. But developers won’t need to take different code path because Gamebryo API encapsulates the different hardware capabilities. For example, on PS4, Gamebryo will try to reduce deep copies between CPU and GPU whenever possible, and on Xbox One, Gamebryo will put some of frequently accessed GPU resources on eSRAM according to their access pattern,” the duo said to GamingBolt.

Till date, the eSRAM remains a topic of much controversy and debate. Several developers have found it easier to work with and at the same time, many have claimed it to be major hindrance. At least, the folks at Gamebase will be utilizing to its full potential.

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  • d0x360

    No no no no no no no NO! Gamebryo is and has been one of the absolute worst engine for the last 12+ years. Its a bug filled mess and its just bottom of the barrel garbage.

    Also both the Xbox one and ps4 have unified memory architectures. As does the Xbox 360. The ondie ram doesn’t change the fact that the CPU and GPU access the same memory bus.

    • rodney patrick

      no no no no the xbox one dose not have unifi memory,please know your facts befor you make a statement

    • d0x360

      Please tell me how it doesn’t.

      CPU+GPU on the same memory pipe line=unified

      Did you also know gddr5 is an offshoot of ddr3 and not as fast as ddr4? Omg!

    • Guest

      b-b-b-but 50% more powah?! lulz…

    • d0x360

      We can network them together and tell the future


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