Games Built On Scorpio First Will Make Same Titles Look Like Old Laptop Games On Xbox One- Brawlout Dev

Angry Mob’s Bodgan Iliesiu discusses the use of Scorpio’s extra power.

Posted By | On 05th, Dec. 2016 Under News

xbox one scorpio

Though it’s not even out yet, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is being marketed as the most powerful console ever, capable of 4K resolution visuals and VR support. It’s still a ways off (Holiday 2017) but that hasn’t stopped us about wondering whether the console’s extra power will actually be put to good use. Especially when you consider Microsoft wanting all games to maintain parity across Xbox One platforms.

GamingBolt had a chance to speak to Bogdan Iliesiu of Angry Mob Games, currently working on Brawlout, as to whether Scorpio’s power can be put to any meaningful use in the long run. He noted that, “Sure, it’s usually easy to pump up the graphics, to take advantage of the extra processing power. If the games are designed for the Xbox One, they’ll look great on Scorpio.”

However, Iliesiu also said that, “If it’ll be the other way around, and the games will be pushed to the limits, to look amazing on the Scorpio first, it’ll probably feel like playing on an old laptop, when playing that game on the Xbox One.” This seems to indicate that Scorpio far out-classes the Xbox One in terms of hardware performance.

So the question then is how far developers can go with all that extra processing power to optimize their Xbox One titles. Maybe into true native 4K? We’ll find out for ourselves in the coming year but let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Andy Maas

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the Scorpio has in store

    • Learned Handgun

      Me too. Especially because I am also interested in VR but I prefer Xbox to PS4 and consoles to PC.

  • Hvd

    pass in 3 more years the xbox two will be out we dont need mid gen found that out with the failure launch of the ps4 pro.when xbox scorpio launches next year 3 years after that the xbox two will come out.

    plus id rather up grade my pc then buy a mid gen console.

    • Riggybro

      Scorpio and Pro are only “mid-gen refresh” in name though don’t you think?

      Both are the equivalent of releasing a new console price/spec wise at the time of their release. It’s just that this time they have waited for 3 years rather than 6-8 years.

      eg. If they were exactly the same boxes but were called PS5 and XB2 we’d be saying they were “the next gen”.

      It’s just “clever” marketing by Sony and MS so we don’t winge that the next gen came too early and they abandoned their client base.

    • Hvd

      mid gen consoles meaning console generations are now going to be 6 years with an upgrade in the middle…no thx..

      the ps4 pro FLOPPED at launch and are sitting on the shelves collection dust right now.the same will have with xbox scropio because console gamers want a long console cycle.

      there mite be like 1% that will upgrade but thats a loss in profits to sony and xbox.i hope after the xbox scropio launches and doesnt do well like the pro they wont waste the money next gen.

    • Learned Handgun

      If the games are supported cross generation, why does it bother you?

      I will be getting the Scorpio, and I’m sure others will too. The pro may not have sold like crazy but I haven’t read that it flopped. Would be interested in knowing where you are getting that from though. (i.e. link if you can). BTW i’m a Xbox player, don’t even own a PS4, but I don’t want the pro to fail. I honestly don’t care either way. But I am happy about the shortened upgrade cycle. Games will just get better graphically faster if devs have more room to play instead of having to squeeze to death.

    • Hvd

      because of devs.they are lazy as it is and with delays that games get i doubt we will even see more then a hand full of native 4k games aside from exclusives until the xbox two.

      waste $500 for just a few games at 4k then in 2 more years the xbox two comes out?…nope

    • Maurice Nimmons

      They already said they aren’t doing typical upgrade cycles, and they gave us a heads up on Scorpio so we can make a choice on the S or Scorpio. What makes u think after all the R&D that they would just make a new one 2 years after? Especially since what would the 2’s purpose be? If Scorpio does 4k and VR comfortably there is no need for hardware upgrades for the foreseeable future. And so pro and Scorpio aren’t really in the same league as far as I’m concerned. The specs are too far apart. The S and the pro are like for like but Scorpio actually seems like an upgrade and we will probably see that in the price unfortunately.

    • theduckofdeath

      Consider the fact that MS doesn’t have to adhere to the “new console signifies a new generation” rule, if they choose not to. The next generation (of XBOX software) starts whenever MS says it does. They can play duck-duck-goose with titles until they decide “game X doesn’t support XB1” or “Recommended Hardware: XBOX Scorpio” labels show up. Scorpio isn’t going to get tossed overboard with the XB1 ties to its ankles when XB2 shows up — both Scorpio and XB2 will share games, and XB1 walks the plank. I wouldn’t count on a 2019 launch for XB2, either. There’s less of a reason with Scorpio around.

    • RobLoPR

      Speak for yourself… I cant wait for the Scorpio

    • Hvd

      by the time time you have 7 games for it the xbox two will be out.

    • RobLoPR

      7? I have over 200 Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. I think its gonna be an upgrade to the XB1

    • Learned Handgun

      I don’t disagree with you, but I don’t know why people are doubting what MS has said they are doing. MS has said they are ditching the traditional upgrade cycle. Instead they are going to do more frequent smaller upgrades.

      This is more practical nowadays for two reasons: coding is now possible cross platform/generation and games distribution is no longer limited (i.e. cartridge/disc storage is no longer an issue with digital).

      MS recognizes the benefit of not falling completely behind on hardware advances but also recognizes that not everyone can or wants to upgrade that often. Hence smaller upgrades but with guaranteed cross compatibility.

    • Riggybro

      Something I do like from XB1 and PS4 (I assume with PS4) is backwards compatibility will be like PC from now on so PS6 and XB3 etc.. will play PS4 and XB1 without any hassle.

      But as I said I assume with PS4. XB looks good to go in this regard though.

    • theduckofdeath

      Yeah, I agree with this and Learned’s post. From the actions of MS, the plan seems to be to actively divorce the games from the hardware. Games are being remarried to Win10.

      The move to the more practical PC components, converting the dashboard to Win10, the introduction of UWP and DX12, and the dedicated conversion of many 360 titles to run in wrappers on XB1.

      Your Xbox library (as far back as 360, at this point) will live on, hitched to each new console. MS could follow a tick tock schedule to decree each “new generation”.

    • Mark

      Nah, if these were meant to really be the successors to X1 & PS4, the power gap would be even higher, prolly by 8-10 times. Not 2 and 4 times. Also, there’s no Pro or Scorpio exclusives, which is pretty much the other indicator of a new generation

    • Riggybro

      If the power gap was that high today they would be $2000! (Like 10 TF – you putting a GTX 1180 in there?)

      I reckon (in my estimation) the Pro and Scorpio are about right for a current new console in terms of specs/cost balance (usually around the 3 year old GPU power ballpark)
      That’s what makes me say they are only mid-gen refresh in name only.
      I mean the Scorpio probably won’t even have a jaguar CPU and has approx a GTX 980 Compare that to an XB1… is that really just a mid-gen refresh? (It’s a very nice next gen upgrade if you ask me).

      The exclusives thing was before consoles were effectively PCs/x86. That has changed now. No more weirdo cell processors or esram etc.. You can scale games across easy like the minimum vs recommend specs on a PC game.

      That’s what I think anyway- it’s just marketing speak to appease customers while Sony and MS move the goalposts.

    • Mark

      Well that’s my point, they usually wait 5 years or so till that power gap is atleast 7-10x the Flops of the older system (historically). So when they do release a new machine, it won’t cost an arm to make it, or to buy it. I don’t think they’re moronic enough to think 2 and 4 times the power is enough to make games look GENERATIONALLY a leap in visuals, personally.

      As for exclusives, what I mean is that next gen systems will have most games where u can only play on that system, taking full advantage of it. Now back compatibility, yes, X86 will allow the Xbox 4 to run Xbox One games. But, not the other way around. In the Scorpio and Pro’s case, they are only enhancing current gen games. So when gamers buy them, they know it’s only for beefed up versions. They know they aren’t upgrading to get next generation exclusives tho, like we had back in 2013.

      And really, these companies don’t make big profit margins on hardware anyway, when we actually see teardowns and the cost it is to make them. The profits are minimal, the money is their online network, where there’s no retailer to pay. So I can’t see them investing alot of time and money just to sell a couple more systems 3 years from launch. Instead I see them watching mobile and other devices grow exponentially powerful every year, and that may be a concern, so perhaps they saw the opporunity to latch onto an emerging tech with 4K. That way they can keep fresh interest in consoles, and allow the systems to ride the 4K wave. Anway I could be wrong, but this makes sense to me

    • Riggybro

      I agree with everything you say…

      Except “I don’t think they’re moronic enough to think 2 and 4 times the power is enough to make games look GENERATIONALLY a leap in visuals, personally.”

      What I am saying fundamentally is Sony and MS dictate when and what a generation is. So saying a generation should be 7-8 times more powerful rather than 3-4 times is just comparing Sony’s and MS’s own definition of a generation to itself.

      I also think that now console hardware is essentially X86 mini PCs I doubt R & D is what it used to be (I mean look at the Pro… it’s basically just spare parts with a CPU upclock in a new case!)

    • Mark

      Well if u think about it tho, new hardware needs to be around 7-10x more powerful for there to be a major leap in graphics. I played Ryse at launch and it was obvious that I upgraded to sumthing substanial lol. So I feel the power gap has been that way historically only because the jump needs to be obvious imo. 2-4 times won’t cut it. So I think they’re just tryna keep things fresh with the adoption of 4K.

      Yeah even tho R&D may not be huge, they’re still investing atleast 2-3 yrs into these consoles (in Scorpio’s case). So it is still a load for them to carry and decide to push forward with it.

    • Riggybro

      In the “traditional” console space that may be true but think about the wider picture:

      eg. A person upgrading from a HD 7770 to a RX 480 (i.e. – XB1 to Scorpio).

      I don’t think a person making this PC upgrade would see it as incremental.
      It would be huge! Next gen!

      I think the “tradition” of holding back the “next generation” (which was worst last gen 360 PS3) is a Sony/MS construct.

      But yeah I dunno I might need to go away and dwell on this a bit more!
      It’s all changing so fast LOL

    • Mark

      Yeah but that’s on PC, where gamers are more informed about the specs. Most Console gamers only know that X1 does 1080p (or 900p lol), and that Scorpio will do 4K. I think they do understand this is just a boost for current gen games. But ultimately I’m confused about what we’re debating lmao! You’re right, Sony and MS wanna sell many more consoles, and u know, although I personally love it, this mid-gen refresh stuff is confusing to us all. And guess what, Microsoft will have Scorpio VR exclusives, so that’s more confusing. But anyway I feel they’re just refreshes. And since I ain’t goin PC yet, I’m all in on this! Dude we may get to the point where consoles will support external GPUs like newer laptops, ahahaa

  • Psionicinversion

    so a console that is trying to aim for games to run at 4k soaking up most to pretty much all its processing power is going to make the x1s look like laptop games… well if its true, shader model 6 is bringing some insane improvements with it and using a rendering technique thats light years ahead or its MS’s big mouth PR department writing cheques it cant cash…. hmm wonder which one it is

    • theduckofdeath

      I gathered he meant games designed for Scorpio from the ground up, rendering at sub-4K res, say 1080p to 1440p.

    • Mark


  • Code Geass Season3!!

    PS4 games already look outdated compared to PS4 Pro so it wouldn’t surprise me if Xbox Scorpio games look better than Xbox One games.

    • Demetrius Radford

      No they don’t ps4 pro just has a much sharper image with the same amount of graphical fidelity

  • BelAirBoss

    Hyperbole much?

    • Mark

      Why Hyperbole?

    • BelAirBoss

      It’s a preposterous statement….you can look at the most powerful graphics cards available today and they output more power than the Scorpio will presumably produce, and by a wide margin, yet the result is not as stark as what this developer suggests the Scorpio will be capable of. Hyperbole.

    • Learned Handgun

      I think maybe if you consider what your references are, then it will actually begin to not be as much hyperbole.

      For example, my roommate has a fancy gaming pc. I have a laptop with a built in gpu (750M) and a quad core, which is a fairly beefy laptop compared to what the average person has. He was playing Total War: Rome 2, about a year ago, on ultra settings. I tried to install and play it on my laptop, and while it did run, there was so little texture, etc. It looked sad, it made me sad, and I didn’t want to play it.

      It is not unreasonable that the Xbox One, which is about equivalent to my laptop, could run games that are designed for the Scorpio, which will likely be equivalent to a mid-high tier pc, but at significantly lower graphic settings.

    • BelAirBoss

      Point taken.

    • Learned Handgun

      Did you just rationally consider a counter-argument? my word, what have you done man!? this is the internet. You need to get defensive and attack me, my mom, etc. Do it now before its too late.

    • BelAirBoss

      LOL. I reply only as well as I am addressed. If I am not attacked, I do not seek to attack. I am an adult, not a fool.

      P.S. By the way, tell your mom I washed her panties for her and she can come get them whenever she’s ready.

      P.P.S. I threw that one in just to make you more comfortable and at ease, though my heart really wasn’t in it.

    • Learned Handgun

      Your heart may not have been in it but something else sure was.

    • BelAirBoss

      Hey, that’s your mom man…show some respect. Disgraceful child.

    • Mark

      Well all he said was “It will be like playin on an old laptop compared to Scorpio”. For example I just played Gears 4 on my boy’s laptop (far from new) and the main differences from my X1 version was the resolution, and general settings, some frame drops too. So if u think about it, this will be the same scenario with Scorpio and Xbox One. Now if he said it’ll be like playin an old SNES version, then yeah hyperbole lol

    • BelAirBoss

      Perhaps you may be right.

  • Mr Xrat

    Just as well most games won’t be built around the Shitpio then.

    • Jose Arcadio Morales

      sony sucker 😛

    • xibx

      Consoles are becoming more and more Personal Computer. Embrace the tech, it’s a win-win for all. Fanboyism is a thing in the past.

    • XanderZane41

      Shitpio. lol!! Don’t think I’ll be getting that console. The Scorpio on the other hands sounds like it will be very powerful and run all the 1st party games in native 4K. Can’t wait to get it next year.

  • Mark

    Heeeel yeuuh, this is what I want; develope these newer games on Scorpio first! Eff the Xbox One, lmao

    • Candicevlay

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  • Crapgamer

    This is a bit misleading since Microsoft has UWP, which is to say one version will automatically scale to whatever device it needs to. This will be a huge advantage for Xbox going forward because developers need only to make one version for Microsoft.

    • Psionicinversion

      that also misinformed. If you develop a game exclusively for scorpio using all its power and bandwidth and stuff also using hardware features the x1 and x1s simply dont have and then you think about it running on the xbox one. its going be a very horrible cut down experience.

    • Triton

      They wont. All games will be scalable.
      (back and forward compatible)
      The game might look better, but on multiplayer both will have the same fps, except its more stable on Scorpio.

    • Gabriel Porto

      It seems that’s what is going to happen. If the game has Scorpio as a primary development, then to scale down to One and One S will be very hard without haveing a huge sacrifice in at least one way. They’re going to sacrifice resolution I guess, so be prepared for sub 720p games.

  • glass87onion

    6TF Polaris/Vega GPU, 12GB GDDR5X, 8 core Zen CPU


    • XanderZane41

      The PS4 Pro will still have a lot of great games, so I doubt it’s going anywhere. Sony will be harping the PS5 immediately after the Scorpio launches. Wait and see. We’ll have to wait another 2 years for that.

    • Paul

      That’s probably true and in the process they are making PC gaming seem more appealing with consoles upgrading so frequently.

    • Learned Handgun

      The benefit of consoles not upgrading as often is moot at this time. The benefit was that you don’t have to get a new console to play the current releases. You still don’t have to get a new console to play the current releases because of cross-compatibility.

      If you want to upgrade for the best graphics performance, PC has and still is the way to go. The new console upgrade system provides console players a nice middle ground between graphics upgrades and the other benefits of console gaming.

      So if anything, the new console upgrade system has made consoles even more attractive. You get the console benefits and can get graphic upgrades more often.

    • Paul

      That’s true for the most part with the PC, I know some would like to think PC gamers have to upgrade to play new releases but really thats not been true for quite some time.

      To me as a PC gamer, I’m grateful about the PS4 Pro and Scorpio because it means a bigger pool of better hardware which means the ports on the PC will not be as held back as much like before but to me, all this is doing for the console market is bringing it one step closer to how the PC is, if they keep taking these step in becoming PC’s, people are going to wonder why bother with a console thats trying to be a PC when you can get a real PC.

    • Livio Concu

      Oh yes the ps5 two years after the pro, very smart from a company that is already failing

  • 4k this 4k that. smh. I just wish that with the pro and scorpio developers choose to improve graphics, shadows, anti-alising, 60FPS, 1080p instead of wasting valuable resources on hitting 4k.

    • theduckofdeath

      Too many console players harped on resolution and have no clue or regard for higher frame rates. Resolution became the linchpin of this console generation. Countless people claim (perhaps insincerely) that they cannot tell the difference between 30 fps and 60, or that 30 is fine. Resolution is a marketing tool, and consoles, like TVs are consumer products. The focus has been HD, True HD, 1080p HD, UHD, 4K (upscale), native 4K. Now HDR, and they don’t address the the different formats or input lag associated with all this. Consoles are still using peer-to-peer multi-player. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    • Mark

      Yup. 4K’s really a marketing tool. However, if the game’s actually running in 4K resolution and it’s indeed sharper than 1080p, I can’t really knock Sony or Microsoft. It is marketing but it’s also not a lie. I just think people may be expecting too much from it, like u said, way better graphics…ahh oh well

    • Paul

      Yeah 4k is an easier sell than 60fps is, more so for Sony because I’m sure they would be happy if this means selling more Sony 4k tv’s and in all honesty, this wouldn’t be so bad if it was native 4k but as we know, most games on the PS4 Pro isn’t native 4k.

      They are trying to run before they can walk and should of focus on the basics like 1080p 60fps and from what I’m hearing, it’s pushing more gamers into the PC corner.

      Another thing is now consoles are becoming way too focused on the graphics over other things in a vain attempt to compete with the PC which is pointless because the PC will always be better on that front, Nintendo at least put a lot more focus on the games over how it looks.

    • Mark

      Yeah Sony’s in a real unique spot with the Pro. Most games won’t be native 4K, but higher than 1080p. And I agree they should focus on 1080/60fps, because it would benefit gamers better overall imo. U know I think Sony messed up wit the ommission of 4K BluRay. It’s like people want the full 4K experience if ur gonna advertise it that way, they wanna take advantage of 4K TVs in every way. I do want it to sell well tho, I like this mid-gen approach

    • Paul

      I have to agree that missing the 4K Bluray drive could be a mistake, more so with how much noise Sony have made about this console and 4k and it’s safe to say that Scorpio will have 4k Bluray drive and if Microsoft plays this right, they could be in a position to offer gamers 1080p 60fps or native 4k option for almost all games and with the 4k drive, if the price is right, that sounds like a way better deal than the Pro and I suspect Microsoft wont do the mistake Sony did with the cpu.

      Being a PC gamer, I hope both the Pro and Scorpio does well, the more gamers with better hardware, the better games can be for us all.

    • Mark

      Well said bro

    • Paul

      we’ll see next year which should be an interesting year for technology in general.

  • tipoo2

    Yep. That was always the big fear with these half gen consoles. Getting New 3DS’ed.
    I hope Microsofts standards don’t allow such half assed efforts, but I 0% trust either Sony or Microsofts certification process to reject poor performing back-ports.

  • Austacker

    The gamer market wanted something more power, VR ready. Sick of being mocked for being ‘2nd place’ in the Console market.

    So Microsoft are delivering.

    That’s why I love Xbox. This is why I’m a fan of Microsoft. That’s why I’ll be getting a Scorpio day one.

  • Mr Xrat

    And now Asher, Dreyer and Freddie have latched on to this article and misrepresented it. At least they aren’t outright lying like Jez.


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