GameStop Impressed With Xbox One Scorpio- ‘It Will be A Gamer Friendly, Powerful Console’

‘We’re impressed.’

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xbox one scorpio

GameStop has noted that its physical product sales are declining, which has all led to a massive hit in its earnings- however, the retailer revealed in an investor call that it has cards to play still, pointing to PlayStation VR, Xbox One Scorpio, and the Nintendo Switch as the three primary drivers it sees going forward.

“In physical gaming there have been cyclical declines without question, but we have very strong cards to play in Nintendo Switch, Sony [PlayStation] VR, and Microsoft [Xbox] Scorpio,” GameStop’s CEO Paul Raines stated. Apparently, GameStop is placing a lot of faith in Scorpio, and its ability to drive sales.

“Finally, we’re impressed with [the] Microsoft Scorpio product,” Chief Operating Officer Tony Bartel said, adding that it is a ‘gamer friendly console’ that will drive revenues when it launches this Holiday season. “Unfortunately we can’t talk about a lot other than what’s known”, he said. “The Scorpio is a very powerful system that’s really made for 4K. We see it [as] a very gaming centric, very, very powerful unit and so we do believe that there will be some great games that are made for this.”

It sounds like they may not know more than we do- but what they do know, they seem to be optimistic about. GameStop’s optimism for the Nintendo Switch proved to be well founded in the end- doubtless they are hoping the same will hold true for the Xbox Scorpio as well.

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  • Michael

    A true 4k console. No need to wait for greatness.

    • Living While Alive


    • Mr Xrat

      “True 4K” = marketing term.

      Have fun with those 360 textures and continuing performance issues.

    • jean.hamrick

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    • Starman

      Nice , you used all of your ‘alter egos’ on this one …lol STFU …..

    • usherjerksoffsonyfanboys

      I think this guy is actually a paid troll, because he does this way too often. Or he seriously has no life.

    • Mr Xrat

      Truth hurts, loser. 🙂

    • usherjerksoffsonyfanboys

      lol….weird its like the same guys are online all the time, to like every single one of ur comments.

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      Those 360 texture will be better than anything you’ll have to play. Unless you’re on pc then they will be the same.


      uses pc versions and already runs games at high to ultra settings on 4k. try again fanboy.

    • Mr Xrat

      In your dreams, Xgimp. 🙂

    • Mr Xrat

      MS conning people calling those 360 textures on PC “ultra.” I love it.

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      Greatness awaits bro. Only a few more years and it’ll get here. Come on ps5!!!!!

    • Michael

      You already have PS4 pro which is your ps5. This for the players…lol

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      The ps4 pro is closer to what the launch xb1 and ps4 should’ve been.
      It’s definitely not a next Gen console.

    • Eddie Battikha

      True 4k and highest quality pixels are just Xbox marketing terms to lure people in. Scorpio is a true 4k console with 6 teraflops, u need atleast 8 teraflops to play all games 4k Native. Sony and Xbox will keep going at it back and forth, the Key is Sony will always have Way more Exclusives games and a year head start on newer hardware launches. PS5 Fall 2018 will be what a real 4k gaming console with enhanced graphics is all about.

  • stillwaitingforgreatness

    Can’t wait.

  • Terminator

    What? Xbox related stuff is being talked about? Im shocked. Very shocked Pramath.

    • Mark

      Lol. I know right…the irony

  • Mr Xrat

    Hyping up stuff we already know so Xgimps pre-order off them. Hilarious!

  • Deadbox One

    Xbox Scorpio is dogshit.

  • Starman

    Fk Gamestop … all the xb1 bashing they’ve done this gen … Oh wait ! they went under in the market why ? partnering with Sony(300 gig disk, going digital cost…Sony is broke) thinking hard copies were still the future …digital sales hammered them.. GOOD !

    • Mr Xrat

      Making stuff up, eh Xgimp? Gamespot loved that cancerous crap MS plugged three years ago. It would have given them even more control of the used games market. Good to see them and MS get blown out. 🙂

  • sergeantnorider

    Scorpio is a BEAST! All those multiplats running with PC quality textures! Can’t wait. Accept no substitute.

  • Cenk Algu

    This Little Rat has no life. He has got at least 15 accounts lol!!!

  • Mark

    Actually Tony does know more than us, “Unfortunately we can’t talk about a lot other than what’s known”.

  • Dougdec92

    It is those in pain who need painkillers , 3yrs of hurt and the Scorpio hopes to be a remedy, hope they don’t 2013 on this one too.

  • greatnessIsaLIE

    He’s really exposing himself.
    It’s quite sad to see how jealous someone can get while trying to keep it hidden. I feel sorry for him because he won’t be able to enjoy games at a good quality for the next 3 years. He stuck with those ps2 textures running at 20fps and that cheap vr. I’m using my HTC vive on my Scorpio while he has that cardboard Sony junk.
    It’s good to be a true gamer and accept all platforms.


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