Gears of War 3 versus Gears of War 2: HD Screenshot comparison

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Ah! Two of the hottest and one of the bigger exclusive games on the Xbox 360, Gears of War 2 and the upcoming Gears of War 3 have undoubtedly define what the Xbox is all about. The second game was a big improvement over the original in terms of visuals, storytelling and some game play mechanics. The third one looks like it is going to take gaming to the next level. But how do these two games stack up with each other, let’s take a look above.

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  • Gears 2 looks better than 3. However they both look horrible vs UC2 or any PS3 exclusive

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  • God

    And u Fail at Life by being a fanboy… now go lose some pounds nerd fatass!

  • wasim your a retard if you can’t see the difference in graphics between gow2 and gow3… gow3 definitaly has better grphics it’s just has slightly lighter textures. and ps3 has no good multiplayer exclusive games… i would know i have a 360 and a ps3… GEARS 3 FTW!

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  • 1. The images look shinier for Gears 3, but otherwise very little difference. The pics don’t really do a good comparison though since some are indoors compared to outdoor images and some are cutscene v. gameplay images. Either way, looking forward to Gears 3.

    2. The PS3 has better graphics then the 360. I own both, and it is simply a fact. But Nick is right, PS3’s exclusives (Uncharted, God of War, Infamous, Demon’s Souls) are all A+ single player B multiplayer (or none at all) except for LBP. 360’s are the opposite with Halo and Gears except for Fable (since ME is now multi-system)

  • The difference is very clear, Gears of War 3 looks far better. I really hope that all the effort that they seem to have put in pays off because I don’t want it to disappoint like Gears 2 did(In my opinion).

  • LMAO. The pictures arent even at high resolution.Its true ps3 has some incredible looking exclusives.But gears of war beatz out a lot of those exclusives in terms of graphics.Gears wont be the best looking game on 360 for long u got crysis 2,MGS rising and Rage to worry about b4 gears can regain its title.

  • Epic has sure put all the effort they can and it will undoubtfully pay off.
    Gears of War 3 is going to be the hit title in 2011 and IMO, it will take away “Best Game of 2011” award with it when 2011 ends.

    @ Andrew : I fail to see how Gears of War 3 fails in not being as legit of a single player game as the PS3 titles are. Gears of War 2 fu***ng OWNED the world of SPC ( Single Player Campaigns ) and IGN had to admit it.

    @ Free Gears of War 3 : And I also fail to see here how Gears of War 2 disappointed you. Either you have a sixth sense for game quality or you are a simple PS3 fanboy.

    @ kickie : All those titles you listed are bull compared to what Gears of War 3 has in stock. Oh, and Crysis 2 is for the Xbox 360 aswell.

    And as for Wasim, I don’t need to make a comment about you. Trolls and pigheaded fanboy is the way to describe you.

  • i dont understand, each halo game upgrades thier graphics and engines for evry new game, its obvious, as with almsot every other game, so why the fuck r they using the same engine, y dont they upgrade it, i only see some better lighting and tiny change in texture. im not trying to say anything bout GOW, its a fucking awsome game, but im confused to y every other company can change/swap/upgrade thier engines from previous titles but EPIC cant. is it time???? GOW3 has already been delayed, is it about not having money/tech, or just downright laziness. cuz to me it seems like the latter, i really dont want this third game to be the next black ops, which was the hugest disappointment and over-anticipated game ever. dont flame, im just saying. GOW rules

  • i have both 360 and ps 3, for me graphically they are very close especially comparing gears to other ps 3 games.

  • tareq salah

    gears of war has to be fighting for the 360 fans and trying to keep them. there is so much hope depending on it.

  • The first picture shouldn’t be compared with a false title. The top part of the picture is Gears of War 3, but the bottom is a picture of the original Gears of War, Act 2 – At Aspho’s gas station where you and Dom go to get the junker and have to defend from a locust attack.

  • hey why cant i get a glitch off this stupid game i dont know how you guys do it. i know a few glitches but i still cant get that golden gun how do do you guy or is the owner please post something on youtube that is new.

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