Gears Of War 4 May Possibly Focus On Another Character Entirely

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Gears of War 3 has been a huge success. We gave the game a superb and a perfect score of 10/10 and it was the best way Epic Games and fans would have wanted the Gears of War saga to end. But is it really the final game in the series? Not really. In my opinion, as long as it is making fans go crazy and making money for Epic and Microsoft, I have no doubt that there will be another Gears of War, though not set in the same timeline and certainly not based on Marcus Fenix.

In an interesting interview with NowGamer, Cliff Bleszinski said he believes that the next game will probably focus on a new character.

“Possibly. I’m in love with so many of our characters. With Cole Train it probably wouldn’t make a lot of sense right now because when you play Gears 3 he actually does have that for a while so his story has largely been told. I’d like to get back to Griffin just because hiring my childhood hero and putting him in the game was immensely satisfying,” he said.

So there you have it. Bleszinski is more interested in getting Aaron Griffin, one of the stranded left after the hammer of dawn attack. All we can say is: Gears of War 4… Bring it on!

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  • Do we REALLY need another gears of war?

    • Shubhankar Parijat

      After 3, I’d say HELL YES.

    • yes we do if that was the last one i would get in a fight with a crocodile


      HELL YEA!!!

  • Its not often that i give 2 thumps up for a game so fn hell make a number4

  • I just beat Gears 3 and it was amazing! But if you’re going to do a fourth why focus on Griffin, he’s such a dick! Focus on someone like Baird, or even do a prequel to the first game!

  • I think a prequel wouldnt work cause the horde grew stronger and stronger through the saga and if you went back in time it would have to make sense and that would mean the same old horde from GOW1. How would the horde grow stronger then weaker then stronger again it doesnt really make sense. I think the best idea would be a future gow4 where you end up in the future and just when the horde seem to dissapear they cobeback even stronger. With all new character and maybe some of the same ones just aged over time. Maybe a whole new alien civilazation comes back for the immulsion. I havent beat the game yet so I dont know exactly how it could wrk but I say bring it on. look how good halo did.

  • the game could go back an forth from baird, anyas etc… standpoint when they were younger. so it would jump from prequel then to future after baird and anya etc are gone you would fight as some of the original players kids that are grown up and ready to avenge there fallen dads and moms. like marcus kid as an example. God damn i wish i made video games

  • gow4 would be friecken AWESOME but with it was with Griffen I would never by it and that saying something cause Im a Gears finatic!

  • if gonna make another gears they sould think about it i mean GRIFFEN come on ………. in gow2 carmine said theres 4 of them maybe it sould be about the 4th one what do you guys think?


      …yea your right!!!!

  • iSaVaGe DeMon

    Well think about it this way, we’ve seen the gears world and campaign through the eyes of COG soldiers and the heroes among that army. If you wanted to make another Gears, how about showing the campaign and history through the eyes of a Stranded? And who among the Stranded stood out as a hero or even just stood out at all among them? Aaron Griffin. he may have been an asshole in the campaign with Marcus and friends, but he did what he had to in order to keep people alive and in order.

  • dale

    wat u think about a gears movies with different points of sight like cog- movies stranded-movies

  • dale

    gow4 could be a meteorplanet with breaking up meteors hiting earth after hiting they bust oppen and many dog sised animals come out and seeking remains of lambet infecties and feast byslirping lambent juice and marcus is still curious of what was so important in his dads work that made him go to war prison finds his dad alive and his dad tells him that the new creatures carry gas bags and when there full insted of craping they drop there gas bags and they burst on the ground and with many larg amounts of that
    gas will bring a dead lambent infectie back to normal when hooked up to his new machine and that he had been saved by a gas bag and the high dose of lambent and marcus is rely ecsided and asks if they can bring dom back his dad explains how it takes almost all the gas in the gient meteorplanet to bring a human back macus says well wat r we waiting for as they walk out marcus noteses weres myrra i want my knife back his dad says i was hoping u wouldent notice it dosnt take mutch to bring back the locust marcus there back marus says


  • I dont have a name

    If you pay very close attention in gears 1 theres a letter stating that there are 4 carmine brothers / And also in gears 2 theres a letter that ben wrote to clayton. Its just past his body its with his cog tags.

  • Wretch32

    Personally,i think gears of war should either stop now, or make 1 more.. If they make another 3 they may be in danger of dragging the story out. We dont need another gears game, we may want it but its not needed, we needed 1, 2 & 3. we dont need 4, 5 or 6. However, if they do decide to make 4, 5 and 6 there is no alternative but no have #6 end at the start of #1. Its the only way! And then maybe in future years, after the xbox 720, they will release a virtual reality gaming system and bring a 7th game out about something that happens after marcus stabs myrhh in the chest. Or, a good idea would be to have alternate endings to the 4th game, like u make choices throughout the game and those choices determine how the game finishws, urging u 2 play it again to find out other conclusions, they should bring back the old school intensity of the 1st game, at points a little scared by the eeriness and darkness of the 1st game, but #3 doesnt have the same impact. Gears-best game ever. Please dont ruin it EPIC!!

  • taan

    i think they should stay with marcus as the main character, but as we all know the war has ended. why not go back to the pendulum wars; where the COG were at war with the UIR. The ending mission should be at aspho fields… the end of the pendulum wars and where carlos dies. There can be two sides, marcus’s story and dom’s story as a commando.

    If they do chose Griffen as a main character the game will be a flop.

    • Ray

      totally agree

  • Ray

    doing a prequel game based on the pendulum wars would be awesome… no there would not be locust or lambent but you be introduced to “new” characters while being re introduced to familiar characters… if you have read the books by Karen Traviss then you understand my reasoning and if you haven’t then read them… that’s my opinion… gears of war 4 should b a prequel game based on the pendulum wars

    • brien

      i think they should make gears of war 4 like this, GEAR OFWAR 4 RISE OF THE LOCUST


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