God of War on PS4 Will Have No Loading Screens, RPG Systems, Controllable Camera, and More

The Legend of God of War.

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The new God of War game on the PlayStation 4 looks great, in spite of all the complaints about it made by the purists. This is because, after six identically playing and structured entries in the franchise, that all just varied on the reason that Kratos was angry and killing everything that moved in his path, this kind of a change in direction was necessary for the series.

It’s a dramatic change, too- as IGN are reporting after their hands on with the game, a lot of what we might have expected after the E3 showing in fact holds true. For instance, the game will in fact a lot of extensive RPG like systems, although Sony aren’t necessarily ready to discuss those in depth just yet.

The seamlessness of the world is also important- although God of War is not open world, it does have large areas that it wants to invite players to explore. This is why there will be no loading screens in the game at all. The game will also, for the first time ever in the series’ history, give the player the control of the camera, letting them pan the camera around and seeing if there are any nooks and crannies that they may want to explore.

In a lot of ways, God of War is sounding like The Legend of Zelda. This is a good thing, because as yesterday’s Zelda showing shows us, Zelda is now The Elder Scrolls. We needed something to take its place!

God of War is releasing exclusively on the PS4 some time next year.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    “In a lot of ways, God of War is sounding like The Legend of Zelda.
    This is a good thing, because as yesterday’s Zelda showing shows us, Zelda is now The Elder Scrolls.”

    EXACTLY-the whole time they were discussing and showing Zelda yesterday the whole TES influence was literally bleeding through every little detail. Although I’m excited that they’re making necessary additions and changes, it also peeves me they’re deviating from some of what made Zelda what it was for so long and only now making it like TES with a Zelda skin. The de-emphasis on story, lore, and borrowing things from other series just to seem “mainstream” and get more sales and stay relevant and more that make it seem not so Zelda anymore.

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t make changes so that the series doesn’t evolve, I’m saying they shouldn’t just shoe horn in the features people look for most just so they draw the biggest crowd possible and only do it because it will serve Zelda for better. Again I’m excited for this entry, but feel they may get in over their heads if they change too much, and feel if they do it’ll be unrecognizable. And hope they don’t because it’ll be turn off for me.

    So yeah, I’m glad GOW 4 at least will be using some elements found in Zelda and give me my fix for that, since it seems, if this Zelda sells better than Skyward Sword, they’ll use this approach from now on, deviating from what makes Zelda unique, which is scary to me and I’m sure to others who’d stuck by this for so long. It’s ok to evolve and change what you must so series stays fresh, but not at the expense of a series’ identity. I don’t think Nintendo are that stupid but we’ll see when it releases and decide whether Breath of the Wild gives a breath of fresh air for the series or just divides audience even more, beyond the graphics and art style. And hope should it not sell as they hope, they don’t follow through on some of the new features they’ll establish in this entry.


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