Gran Turismo Sport Beta Cancelled

Beta would have meant a delay in release.

Posted By | On 20th, May. 2016 Under News

Gran Turismo Sport

Polyphony Digital revealed a ton of new information regarding Gran Turismo Sport, including its release date in November. However, in order to meet that release date, it had to cancelled the planned beta for the racing simulator.

Speaking to Videogamer, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi said, “That’s something that I’m very, very sorry about. In order to do a beta test we have to make a gold master of the beta test code, and for us it actually takes as much effort as to finish the real master code of the actual game.

“Just because it’s beta we can’t just throw it out there. It’s required that in order to do an open beta we have to create a proper master for it, and considering the release timing that we announced, we decided that we just don’t have enough time to do two gold masters for the game. By omitting that it saves us about three months of time.”

Yamauchi finally stated that with regards to the beta, “Most likely I don’t think it would be possible. I’m very sorry but that’s just how it turned out.”

Gran Turismo Sport is out on November 15th in North America and November 18th in the United States for PS4.

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  • Triton

    This must be the real reason why.

    It looks like a turd.

    • Judysbaskin3

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    • Mr Xrat

      Which Xgimp did you get that off? Dreyer? Mike Myarsehole? That’s from an old build as well and very outdated, poor little thing.

      From gameplay videos, it already looks better than Forza 6. I feel so sorry for you.

    • Triton

      They can polish that turd all they want, its still a turd.
      But Im sure you’re used to it by now as a fan of racing games on PS4.

    • Mr Xrat

      What a humiliating climb-down from you. Glad I got the opinion of an expert on the subject considering how much you’ve had to tolerate the Turdbox Done and its awful games. 🙂

    • Triton

      You’re just a pony with four broken legs.
      Its time to change your username again I think.

    • Mr Xrat

      You’re just repeating Xbox fanboy talking points after being comprehensively wrecked. Don’t bother replying. 🙂

    • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

      Looking worse than project CARS and no dynamic weather. So many tears. I missed your meltdowns 🙂

    • Bad wolf

      Mr pony you made 3 accounts to like your own comment this is really sad.

    • Triton

      He has at least 18. Always the same usernames liking.

    • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®
  • Jimmy DoneGood

    What a mess.

  • Michael

    The real reason is that they know it’s not better than Forza and they don’t want anyone to play it before release.


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