Halo 5 Guardians on Game Informer’s July Cover, Story Details Teased

343 Industries also promises brand new multiplayer modes for the series.

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Halo 5 Guardians_Game Informer cover

Game Informer has revealed its cover for the upcoming July 2015 issue and it’s none other than 343 Industries’ Halo 5: Guardians. While some new multiplayer details will be revealed, including what’s changed since the beta, the most interesting teaser is for the story.

It seems that Master Chief will be joined by other Spartans in single-player and co-op, namely Kelly, Fred and Linda who were with John from the age of six years as they all became Spartans. Blue Team will not only appear in cutscenes and interact with Chief but can also be given commands in single-player. Co-op play sees a different player taking command of a different Spartan’s load-out.

It also seems that Jameson Locke, the OSI agent hired to find Master Chief and Blue Team after they go AWOL, has his own squad called Fireteam Osiris for hunting down the group.

Other interesting details include a new map called Fathom, never-before-seen multiplayer modes and changes made to the earlier beta’s Empire map. Pick up Game Informer for more information or wait till E3 2015 where Microsoft will undoubtedly unveil new game footage.

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  • Terminator

    if this is true my Halo dream has come tru!!!!

  • Mark

    “But can also be given commands in single-player”. Wow, ok. I think there’s gonna be some massive battles on screen. And giving commands sounds lovely to me. From Mass Effect to Dragon Age, I luv setting up & controlling the ground. Legendary mode’s gonna be crazy fun.

  • Terminator

    Without a doubt this will be the best Halo game ever!!!!
    -Whether playing as Chief or Locke, you’re accompanied by a fireteam of 3 A.I. which you can command/issue orders to in the campaign

    -Highlighting an enemy and hitting up on the D-Pad orders your team to assault an enemy

    -Other commands include picking up certain weapons, using turrets, driving warthog, etc

    -AI teammates can revive you as well

    -Confirmed: Linda, Kelly, and Fred join the Chief

    -Game starts out before Chief is on the run

    -Audio has been heavily reworked from the ground up for Xbox One (bullet sounds, debris, etc)

    -8 months after Halo 4 ends, cataclysmic events are tearing apart star systems, these are tied to the Guardians (Forerunner entities shown in the first teaser trailer)

    -Game Informer played the second mission, taking command of Chief and Blue Team to take back an ONI research vessel abandoned for 2 years

    -Locke’s team is described as having more advanced tech than Blue Team, members use the “ATS” (Artermis Tracking System) on their armor to bring out points of interests in levels

    -Team banter replaces interactions with Cortana to flesh out the characters

    -There are multiple routes to take in levels/multiple ways to tackle objectives

    -Difficulty scales to the number of co-op players

    -The zealous religious Covenant are slowly abandoning Jul M’dama’s leadership from Halo 4

    -XBL Gold is not required for online co-op.

    -Halo 5 will launch with over 20 multiplayer maps

    -15 DLC maps by June 2016

    -All maps will be free

    -Teases a “completely new, epic multiplayer experience” they’ll reveal at E3. Incorporates “all aspects of the Halo sandbox for the first time ever”

    -This MP experience is described as a “dream of ours and all our fans to build something like this”

  • Reign SUPREEM

    You also forgot to mention that 20 maps ship with this game and another 15 maps will be free dlc, and the 4 player co-op does not need Xbox live gold to play. Also every future Halo release will have a beta first. Got this info from IGN since I don’t have my copy of Game informer yet.

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