Here’s What Microsoft’s HoloLens Could Be Like On Xbox One

Ever wonder what Microsoft’s holographic smart glasses could mean for, say, Borderlands?

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Xbox One_HoloLens

Microsoft got our interest with its recently revealed HoloLens that functions as a smart glass with holographic capabilities. The potential for it is amazing especially in Minecraft where one can design things in their living room off the fly but one Reddit user made his own mock-up of what HoloLens could be like for Borderlands. Check it out above.

It’s interesting because it allows you to automatically select weapons from your backpack, listen to custom soundtracks or start a party – all without having to leave the actual game. Though it’s just a mock-up, it represents the potential of HoloLens for commercial games in terms of functionality, ease of use and even custom functionality.

What are your thoughts for this mock-up and what could potentially be achieved with HoloLens? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for much more more information on HoloLens in the coming weeks/months.

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  • RjK420jR

    Thanks for that… my mind takes things even further and more immersive… imagine you select map on HoloLens and its brings up a 3D map in front of you on you table, or the HUD idea is cool, or setting up seats in stadiums around the world and selling 360 degree views in 3D, live in front of you as if you were right their courtside, on the field, in the dugout, HECK they could have a digital stadium imposed on your table, and your view could be the BLIMPS view…. Then other ideas I had were, interactive cinema, and tv shows, that gives your the first person persepective of certain programming… ie new era of horror films, and horror games where you are really being chased but its all just AR/VR. Again, my mind keeps thinking of amazing experiences that only can be achieved with AR/VR

    • Nathan O

      Whats really incredible about this potential product is the creativity its sparked in the community. Everyone seems to have their ‘best use’ scenario for the Hololens. The possibilities are absolutely endless

  • Psionicinversion

    and sony peasants crying they want it to but sony to broke. Seems like there AR stuff has gone no where

    • John Doe

      Well, it looks like we finally found out that Psionicinversion is indeed a Microsoft fanboy.

      Sony is by no means broke. Sony allready has AR technology like this and Google Glass. Sony has a device similar to illumiroom also.

      I haven’t seen any Sony fans crying for hololens. All I see are Microsoft fanboys hyping up something they don’t understand, just like Kinect. Google Glass costs $800. Just imagine how much Hololens will cost. Probably $2000 to $3000. Ignorant fanboys are hyping up another Kinect failure.

      Sony is working on VR. Hololens is not VR. Hololens will fail if it can’t build an install base. Game developers can easily use VR for existing games, but Hololens is not VR and games have to be specifically designed for Hololens. We haven’t seen any good game implementation for Hololens, only gimmicky stuff that doesn’t do anything for emersion.

      Game developers are allready stating they’re more interested in Sony’s VR because Hololens is not VR. Bill Gates even stated that Hololens won’t be ready for years. Microsoft was also missleading people durring their demonstration. People who demoed Hololens stated that it was tethered to a PC they wore around their chest. The Mars demo was transparent and hooked to a PC. The holograms are transparent which breaks emersion and it was buggy and unresponsive.

      So far, Hololens has only been shown in a controlled, “best case scenario” environment and it hasn’t shown anything usefull yet besides gimmicky implemention. Who is going to pay $3000 to put on goggles to see skype or menus beside their television? lol

    • Mark

      Translucent hunh? Not acccording to ARS;

      “It looked for every bit like the holographic projection we saw depicted in Star Wars and Total Recall. Except that’s shortchanging Microsoft’s work, because these virtual objects were in fact far more convincing than the washed out, TRANSLUCENT message R2D2 projected, and much better than Sharon Stone’s virtual tennis coach. The images were bright, saturated, and reasonably OPAQUE, giving the virtual objects a real feeling of SOLIDITY”.

    • John Doe
    • Psionicinversion

      I do like MS products, apart from the ones I don’t like but I don’t really like Sony anyway. Got that ps4 and it’s garbage but at least while I got it, it’s like having the money for a free gpu upgrade sitting there.

      I know what the differences are except with AR you could potentially walk around your house and have the game projected there or something projected there and you wouldn’t be banging into everything as you’d be able to see where your going to. Google glass isn’t designed to do what hololens does. That just display it into the glass whereas MS beams it into your eye. Big difference. Also I don’t hololens will get much traction for a few years as it gets more refined and cheaper.

      It’s a good product besides Sony VR is cheap and nasty, using an interpolater to add frames because the console can’t output a frame rate anywhere close to what it needs without severe reduction in quality. If Sony keeps down sizing they won’t be around in 10 years as they will be ripe for a take over

    • John Doe

      I knew you were a Microsoft fanboy. You were hyping up Oculus Rift a while ago and now you’re hyping up Hololens. You just suck off whatever company isn’t Sony. You’re delusional and desperate. lol

    • Psionicinversion

      Oh hey up the leader of the Sony defence force saying I’m delusional, you should look at yourself hahaha. Occulus Rift will be good but I only want it for one game, star citizen will get it when I get my new rig end of next year while all of sonys games will look like crap on it.

      Hololens is good and could be the future, how is Sony going compete when there not around in 10-20 years lol

    • John Doe

      Why are you still typing? Did I ask you what you wanted?

      You can’t even form a complete sentence.

      You think Hololens could be the future? Did you even read my comment?

      You think Sony will be gone in ten years but you think I’m delusional? LOL

      You Microsoft fanboys have serious mental problems. You’re hypocrites. You bash Project Morpheus, but hype up Occulus rift. You just hype up whatever isn’t Sony. Thanks for showing us why Microsoft fanboys are a cancer. LOL

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Don’t mind him. He’s trying to shill the occulus clone for a device that has nowhere near the specs to handle it while claiming Hololens will require a high powered PC with the customary upvotes from an upset and cowardly Sony fanboy who was so angry enough to develop a macro for it.

      Sorta sad that they are holding back progress when even a $600 PC can comfortably provide the requirements for the OR experience. Especially with Direct X 12 and GL Next on the way.

    • Psionicinversion

      not if they up the resolution to 1440p and you need 75+fps really for it to make a smooth experience. Cant run any VR at 30 even 60 isnt good enough really

    • corvusmd

      So Sony is copying MS

    • Head Blackman

      not even close. that was some trash that will never make it to the ps4 just like illumaroom wouldn’t.

      hololense for the win.

    • Dr. NEGA

      sony already have that with SmartAR its the project that goes with Morpheus and still underdeveloped

    • Head Blackman

      not even close again. that’s pretty much the same half done crap that was posted earlier. this form of so called ar is limited to the tv screen which keeps it in a 1 dimensional state due to it being behind a screen. so try again sir.
      this is the tech that you was talking about. then compare it with the link that i posted for john doe and you’ll see that they are in 2 different leagues.

    • Pops

      I’m pretty sure holo lens is illumaroom

    • Head Blackman

      not even close.

    • Pops

      Sony always copy.they heard Microsoft was making VR tech.then they went and announced it first.and come to find out it wasn’t even VR it’s AR

    • John Doe

      Sony has been working on VR since 2009. Hololens is not VR and nobody knew Microsoft was working on Hololens besides a secret team. Mega fail.

    • Joshua Case

      As someone who has actually used it, I can let you know – it is pretty awesome. Prices will come down and the device will get smaller and the west will have been won. Sorry dude.

    • Pops

      Microsoft said they were messing around with it around the time oculus rift was anouced.thats way before sony announced it

    • Head Blackman

      that’s not the same or even an equivalent to hololense or the ar
      technology. that’s projection. now with this tech you can augment (which simply means to change or manipulate) what’s
      projected, but it’s not a translation of reality. things are 3
      dimensional in reality. hololense gives you true ar which can be 100%
      augmented, it’s 100% 3 dimensional like reality is, you don’t need a 1
      dimensional service to display it on, and you don’t have to worry about
      lighting to see the images. so though this tech is decent, it’s nothing
      like hololense and nor is it even close. i doubt that this tech would
      ever have anything to do with the ps4 either. i say that for the same
      reason that no one ever believed that illumaroom was ever gonna be
      possible on the x1 (it wouldn’t be economically possible)

    • lindin loubeau

      Hololens is better.

    • John Doe

      Hololens is not VR. Have you ever tried Hololens? Do you know what it is or how it works?

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      If you expect VR to work on a system that isn’t providing the 1440P and 75+ FPS needed to work effectively. You really are foolish.

      Morpehus is going nowhere as evident by it’s disappearance while OR makes massive strides even under new management.

    • John Doe

      Project Morpheus is still being worked on, just like OR, and it will also work on PCs stupid. lol

    • coolgamer

      after almost 10 years of microsoft slavery, and taking it really hard and deep, like the 60$ live gold, to play online, then, 95% of games at 720p on the x1…please tell us..
      how long and large can you take, now ?

      even my dog, if i teach him some english, during 2 or 3 months, he will be able to write much better than you do.

      seriously, kid, you should calm down with your pr0n movies, 4 hours a day, and take some english classes. because we all wonder if you’re already 15yo..

    • Psionicinversion

      So you and john doe are the same person seeing as you both like to feel people up with the same words of wisdom. Calling me a kid lol, sometimes I wonder about you to derp, go back to that little white padded cell. Think your day release needs to be cancelled

    • coolgamer

      who is john doe?

      don’t feel upset just because someone tries to help you seeing the light. but you guys are worse than a blind person. you don’t want to see.
      just look what your beloved company does, with 2.5 billion $, for you, gamer:
      instead of creating some new studios, hiring thousands of talented people, and start making 50-100 new AAA-smaller games, so you can have tons of games to play on your x1 console, instead, they buy minecraft.
      and you guys applaud it. bravo. it must feel so good, being such a patriotic.
      of course, seen from outside, we tend to forget you guys are used to giving away your rights, your freedom, everything. the government may say they’re going to put some webcams in your wc and bedroom, and record it 24h a day, and you guys will still say bravo, well done, it’s a good thing for us.

      keep on supporting your national brand, even if it means playing the inferior versions.
      i guess we can’t be more indoctrinated than that.keep on praising your national brand, you will get 10 AAA titles for free, each month, with your Live gold membership, as a way to say thank your for supporting us.

      you know, it’s not your fault, after all. it’s simply the result of all the hate propaganda from your major websites, like pol ygon, gam espot, ig n, etc, who always praise the xbox brand and games, and always bash and give low scores to all sony games.

      just look at the order 1886, and the thousands of negative articles from your amazing national press, trying to destroy the game, even before it’s out.
      “ohh, the game can be finished in 4 hours”. just some extra hate from the hate machine, to try to stop sony’s momentum. your press don’t know what to do, to stop the ps4 sales. so attacking every single ps4 exclusive title, it’s not an option, it’s a necessity.
      with all that hate and propaganda, your national press was able to make you buy a RROD console, several times, make you think it’s agood thing, paying 60 bucks a year, to play online, etc etc. and they made you hate sony more than ben la den.
      it’s just normal, if you act like that, if you keep on defending micro soft, and keep on craaping on sony. you were just the #30’000’001st guy who was indoctrinated by that press. a brainless hating machine, who will just repeat the same arguments, over and over, and will attack anyone who will try to make you see the truth. that’s a part of the indoctrination. we almost feel bad for you, you know that.
      sorry to take your time. it’s time for your meeting, with your guru. he must work harder, to convince you that 720p looks better than 1080p. but he will do it.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      I can look at the Order 1886 and say 800P 30FPS while you praise all the DRM and subscription services Sony does while Valve offers it all for free.

      You don’t need to like MS to crap on Sony, child

  • Give me Illumiroom over this any day. I don’t want to wear things 🙁

    • Arne

      I think with HoloLens you don’t need Illumiroom. Besides MSFT said its way to expensive.

    • Head Blackman

      illumiroom isn’t economically possible.

  • Toni D

    I want to use HoloLens on Project Spark.

    • Paloma_Pastiche

      I want a modified version of Red Alert!

  • Arne

    Imagine a real size holographic Cortana while playing Halo..

    I think I will notice an instant shift in consecration when she pops up.

    • Rico Alexander

      haha, you said consecration

    • Arne

      Lol, i knew something was wrong. Excuse my English. It’s not my native language.

    • John Doe

      That will probably never happen. People are getting way too hyped for Hololens and they don’t understand it. Nobody is going to pay over $1000 to put menus next to a television. Also Hololens will need to be connected to a very strong PC to do things like making holographic characters to interact with. We have another Kinect on our hands. Microsoft is good at hyping up lies and possibilities but the device never turns out to be what they show.

    • Arne

      So much misinformation here.

      HoloLens is a standalone device, that “can” be connected to a PC or XboxOne, they are investigating this as we speak.

      It is at at least powerful enough to run a holographic Minecraft, since its already doing that.

      HoloLens is a device for everyone, not only the richest or companies that at are willing to invest.

      And Cortana is cloud powered, so you don’t need a state of the art machine for back up.

  • Graeme Willy

    If it could be like glasses, I’d wear it. I don’t want a huge block on my face, though. Illumiroom was a great idea. This could be great, too, if it doesn’t turn out clunky, but rather, something like Google Glass.

    • theflew

      Google glass had a small screen in the corner of a pair of glasses and had no onboard processing. That’s a big difference to HoloLens with dual screens, sensors, sound, etc…

  • John Doe

    This is something Google Glass can allready do. People are getting way too hyped for Hololens and they don’t understand it. Nobody is going to pay over $1000 to put menus next to a television. Also Hololens will need to be connected to a very strong PC to do things like making holographic characters to interact with. We have another Kinect on our hands. Microsoft is good at hyping up lies and possibilities but the device never turns out to be what they show.

    • Mark

      Man, wow, it won’t need to connect to a PC smart guy…….it’s using a new processor called an HPU, that specialises in processing real world images, reportedly TERABYTES of data per second. Shhhh

    • John Doe

      Hololens can operate untethered but it can’t run everything without a PC. The Mars demo and Minecraft demo was connected to PCs.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Terabytes, huh? In a pair of small glasses. Tell me, where would they put the electronics, in a closet on a trolley?

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Clearly they are wrong when the 8GB GDDR5 that produces 900P and 30FPS is more than enough for next gen VR

    • Mark

      “Microsoft Hololens is able to run WITHOUT ANY WIRES while processing TeraBytes of data from the SENSORS in real time”. Boom. It’s a wonderful world Jecht_Sin.

    • Sumothong

      Hololens is a stand alone device. Doesn’t need to be hooked up to anything.

    • Fweds

      LOL @ John Doe, Hololens has a high end GPU, CPU and a MS HPU custom chip, also multi sensor recognition it needs NO extra hardware it’s all on board.
      Your FUD, damage control and non truths are getting worse, still at least your haven’t used your multi to upvote your comments today.

    • John Doe

      You Microsoft fanboys are so retarded LOL

      People who demoed Hololens had PCs strapped to their chests. The Mars demo was using a PC. Hololens requires a strong PC to run high def animations and more.

      The on board CPU, GPU, and HPU chips are there to run apps like Skype and Minecraft and to process data from the field of view sensers on the visor.

    • Head Blackman

      why wouldn’t they get hyped for this and pay 1000 or better for it? if done right, this can replace tablets and pc’s (the keywords was if done right). from the looks of it, all things that can be done on a pc or a tablet can be done with hololense. so i personally believe that people will buy this and gladly pay top dollar for this. (not for video game purposes though/unless they are rich diehard fans). this will catch on like the tablet did. it’s innovation at it’s finest.

    • Paloma_Pastiche

      Pray tell, how much does Google Glass cost?

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      The irony of a Sony fanboy telling people a peripheral has to be connected to a strong PC while shilling Sony’s Occulus clone that won’t even work on its own hardware in the same thread.

    • JahFou

      If it’s garbage why even comment on it? Like most people do when they simply don’t care about something. Your comments won’t change the minds of people who think this is cool and has potential. There are 1 million and 1 people like you on the internet. And they are all empty.

  • corvusmd

    This is awesome I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    HoloLens could completely revolutionize gaming, I can’t wait.

  • ChristopherSaxty

    Even if this never becomes a successful consumer product, the r & D they’ve put into this may usher a new era of human/computer integration. Skype will replace the phone call and text, more working from home, new entertainment experiences.

  • JerkDaNERD7

    I’m loving this more, so much options for developers to free up buttons on the remote. This will indeed be very handy. How it’ll cost, …yiishhhh!

  • Paloma_Pastiche

    That’s pretty interesting, as you essentially have more viewing real estate available for the game UI. ie, you’re not just confined to the TV screen for info and UI controls.

  • Truthhurts24

    Hololens is the future Microsoft are geniuses when it comes to software

  • I don’t care about some people’s skepticism (*cough* non-technological family *cough*), I’m really excited for the HoloLens. From what I’ve seen, it seems to have already blown the Google Glass and Oculus Rift out of the water. #Excited!


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