Hideo Kojima “Still Based in Tokyo”, “All Will Soon Be Revealed” – Donna Burke

Metal Gear Solid track vocalist is “interested” in what Kojima is creating next.

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Hideo Kojima

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain director Hideo Kojima has been on the down-low a bit since the game’s release. Though we’ve heard reports of him leaving Konami and having his last day at the office (which Konami subsequently refuted), there hasn’t been any real concrete information on what Kojima has been up to, even with rumours swelling about his appearance at this Thursday’s The Game Awards.

Interestingly enough, singer Donna Burke who sang “Heaven’s Divide” for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and “Sins of the Father” for The Phantom Pain’s E3 2013 Red Band trailer provided some clues regarding the same. When speaking to MetalGearSolid.be, Burke was asked about Kojima Productions being disbanded and fans feeling left out.

She responded by saying, “I’m very interested, curious and excited to see what Hideo Kojima is going to be creating next. I’ve heard he will still be based in Tokyo. But all will soon be revealed!”

The last line is particularly interesting – why would Burke be interested in what Kojima is creating next and then say “all will soon be revealed”? Regardless, it seems that something is going on with Hideo Kojima and it’s no coincidence that such buzz is occurring when The Game Awards are around the corner. Stay tuned for more information in the meantime and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Orko


  • Dragowrath

    Kojima is making a metal gear to attack Konami!

    • Rosa Tatro

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  • thelaughingwiseman

    I really hope it’s a reveal that he is officially leaving Konami and starting up his own studio

    • JerkDaNERD7

      I hope he joins a major publisher and not some kickstarter studio.

    • thelaughingwiseman

      What I hope happens (and be most prosperous for us all) is he goes to Sony. He opens up a New Kojima Productions as a 1st party developer. This will allow Sony to have some awesome games. Kojima will have the freedom to make games, acquire a sizable crew for his development team, acquire resources to create his games. After about 2-3 exclusives and getting tons of money and experience off that, he will split off from Sony as 1st party developer and have his own studios where he can now be able to go multiplat. Sony will have had a successful run with Kojima, Kojima would have the best possible basis to start his Development team, and he would be able to stand as a multiplat developer.

  • Core Paradigm

    The biggest reveal at the PlayStation Experience will be that Sony purchased Kojima and his team.

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