Hideo Kojima’s Announcement Won’t Be “Earth Shattering”, “Curtail Your Hype Trains Accordingly”

However it will excite a lot of fans.

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Earlier today, Hideo Kojima tweeted there will be some sort of an announcement tomorrow. What is it about? Unfortunately we don’t know the answer yet. But according to Tora Shiro, a Konami employee. who posts quite often on NeoGaf stated that the announcement won’t be earth shattering.

“It’ll be a neat announcement that will be very exciting for a lot of fans,” Tora Shiro stated. “It won’t be earth shattering (no ZOE, no Snatcher, no MGS1 remake), please curtail your hype trains accordingly. I don’t want this to turn into another version of the PS4 release performance.”

So it won’t be an announcement about a MGS remake, Zone of Enders 3 or a new Snatcher game. So is it about Kerotans, a Neogaf member jokingly asked? Kerotans are cartoon frogs that are hidden in previous Metal Gear Solid games.

That is also not a possibility according to Tora Shiro. “Man, now I wish this was the announcement. “Come on, everyone knows about Kerotan.” “… Oh. OK. But what’s this frog thing doing here?””

We think that Hideo Kojima is going to announce free DLC for Ground Zeroes or an announcement of announcement. Whatever it is, we will keep you updated.

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  • SilentHashassin

    MGS V GZ : Online

  • numinex

    New IP?

  • David Eagle

    So the Zone of Enders 3/ Snatchers game will be an MGS remake??? He’s playing us like a DAMN FIDDLE!!!

  • Jason Mounce

    I’d love for some more DLC. It’d make the excessive whiners who keep calling it a ‘demo’ and keep saying it’s price is $40 when it isn’t even anymore.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Console exclusive DLC is no longer exclusive.

    Honestly I expected that to be for longer.

  • Jacey Jay

    I’m not getting my hopes up at all. I’d rather not then be surprised than hoping for something big and be disappointed.

  • Brony

    Whatever it is it’s bound to be good, Kojima has never let his fans down, he only surprises them, some people don’t like surprises, or naked men with swords but that’s their problem. i need to save up some € to get mgs5


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