Hololens Developer: Fable Legends Won’t Release Unless It Is Perfect

Microsoft is aiming for perfection here.

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Fable Legends

You might not know Kudo Tsunoda- the man, who currently holds a creative director position at Microsoft, is a genius, and he was responsible for helming the Kinect project, and, more recently, Microsoft’s own take on virtual and augmented reality combined, the Hololens.

What I am trying to say here is, the man and what he says, hold a lot of cachet- he knows what he is talking about. So when he says that an upcoming game looks good, you have to sit up and take notice. And that is exactly what he did with the upcoming Fable Legends, the newest entry in Microsoft’s long running action RPG Fable series.

“New build [of the Fable Legends beta is] so much fun. I love playing the villain!!!” he said, referring to the game’s asymmetric multiplayer design. When a fan asked about a final release date, however, Lionhead was pretty adamant on Microsoft and their own strive for perfection.

“We won’t be releasing until we think the game is as perfect as it possibly can be – it all takes time :)” they said. So there you have it folks- the game is good enough even to mpress the likes of Tsunoda, but Microsoft won’t release it till they feel it is perfect.

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  • Mark

    Translation; 2016 release date lol. Jk. Imo, they need to bang Legends out, and move on to either the real Fable series, or new IP. I think a new Xbox 1 Fable rpg COULD be sick, with a new head guy (adios Molyneux).

    • DraftDodger

      Molyneux is not apart of Fable:Legends and FL has single player which I am sure means there is a story to it.https://www.fablelegends.com/faq

    • Mark

      Yeah I know Molyneux left (that’s why I said adios haha). Also, just because Legends has a story doesn’t make it like the original. The original first 3 followed one main character, who leveled up etc. This one follows 4 at a time, up against one villian controlling the enemies. It’s way didferent man. I am saying that Microsoft could bring us all the Fable we always wanted, and don’t think Legends will be it.

    • DraftDodger

      I like that its different then early games, also it is stated that if played single player that the other “heroes” are companions so in a sense it is like Dragon Age. One of the things I really hope they expand on is the ability to affect your surroundings by your choices as I loved that aspect. Also I don’t wanna be a mute dang hero…

    • Mark

      Do u think Legends will provide the scope of an open world rpg, that a next gen Fable could be? I guess we’d just answer this differently. So we differ here.

    • DraftDodger

      Umm FL is a next gen fable game it is for Xbox one and Windows 10 only. It is making use of Dx12, also none of the fables have had huge worlds they are not tes.

    • Mark

      Dude, what the heck? I know all about Legends brotha. I asked u that question about “scope” for a reason………..when people hear “open world rpg” they go nuts over it, because it sounds like there’ll be massive content to explore. Legends sounds different imo. It’s a mp game by nature. Way different than a classic rpg in design. C’mon my brotha. The question was simple.

      Also, what does the old Fables, being limited in scope (non huge worlds) have to do with it being made for a new system (X1) that has like 16 times the available RAM on it, have to do with anything? I said “what a next gen Fable COULD be”. That means EXPANDING beyond previous versions, u know, like the Witcher 3. Aahh. Oh well. We just disagree here my man.


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