HoloLens Field of View “Isn’t Exactly Final”, “Won’t be Noticeably Different”

Kudo Tsunoda slightly bursts our HoloLens hype bubble.

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Enjoyed Microsoft’s presentation of HoloLens at E3 2015 but with the slightest bit of skepticism? Microsoft executive Kudo Tsunoda recently spoke to Giant Bomb and revealed that the field of view isn’t quite final yet.

“The hardware isn’t final so none of the things are completely done. I think you’re never going to get to full peripheral field of view, but certainly the hardware we have the field of view isn’t exactly final. But I wouldn’t say it’s going to be hugely noticeably different either.”

It’s likely that HoloLens manages to strike gold despite these limitations, much like Kinect did. However, Microsoft had a tough time repeating Kinect’s success later when it updated the hardware. If HoloLens indeed sees an upgrade, will it face the same problems?

Regardless, developers like Cliff Bleszinski still think HoloLens “is damned cool” but “Wish the fov was just a wee bit bigger.” What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.

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  • *Also On PC

    So this is Kinect 3.0

    And the Morpheus is Wonderbook 2.0

    How embarrassing for console peasants

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    If they forced packed it in with the Xbox One like they did with Kinect.
    We will have no choice but to like it anyway.

  • damian

    Yeah I admit the field of view complaints are a concern. That really doesn’t have much to do with Kinect 3.0 or the fact it is a self contained windows pc. It is NOT an Xbox product. Xbox will just stream to it through the app. I’m figuring that Minecraft demo game is a windows 10 version as it was played on the tablet not an Xbox.

    I still hold out for at least 80 degrees of view. I am excited for its use as a gaming peripheral, but more excited to use it for modeling and 3d art. Hope adobe jumps on board.

    This tech is holoroom without your ceiling look like a rock concert. If they can’t hit a perfect field of view in the first model maybe they will land on tolerable and subsequent versions will be better.

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