Horizon Zero Dawn Took ‘Huge Effort’ To Get Devs Tech Ready For Open World

The Killzone engine was heavily modified for starters.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn

We know that Horizon: Zero Dawn is an overarching and very detailed attempt at a brand new open world RPG that we haven’t really seen before. What we know now is that putting the game together has made developer Guerrilla Games put in quite a bit of effort not just in writing the game and coming up with the theme, but also in getting the tech ready in order to produce it.

This particular game is the first of its kind when it comes to Guerrilla Games because the development team at that company has never tried to make an open world RPG before. That means not only didn’t they have a story they could lean on, they didn’t even have the framework or template to lean on in order to make Zero Dawn. Guerrilla Games Co-Founder Hermen Hulst sat down and talked about what the studio did to ready its team and tech for the open-world of Horizon.

“But also the game design elements such as RPG mechanics and story writing for this kind of game are very different and more difficult and demanding than for games that are more linear. So in those areas we have been very proactive in our recruitment effort,” Hulst told GamesRadar. Hulst added that the engine being used for the game is a version of its Killzone engine but it has been heavily changed in order to accomodate the very different method of storytelling that comes along with an open world RPG. Horizon: Zero Dawn is expected to release in 2016.

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  • Starman

    they have no open-world development experience … and the game is and will be basic …”killzone in an apocalyptic setting (theme) … not impressed nothing new(original) and or innovating

    actually it looks pretty clunky and boring …

    • gracerbonilla

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    • Duke

      – Plenty of developers go into genres they haven’t before, it’s nothing new.
      – They have hired staff who have worked on Fallout and The Witcher 3, also very plausible they have hired other staff who have worked on other open-world RPGs.
      – We know very little about the game, to call it basic before you even know everything about it is just foolish.
      – I don’t know if you have ever played Killzone, but judging from your comment. I would guess no, because this looks nothing like Killzone.
      – Nothing original? Please tell mean of the other games with its setting. (post post-apocalypse, open-world action rpg with robotic organisms (dinosaurs and other animals).

      We have only seen a small piece of what this game offers, your hatred of a game that hasn’t come out yet, a game that’s only available on PS4, screams fanboy to me (in fact, your post history does that too). I’d guarantee that if this was a Xbox One exclusive or even a multiplatform game, you would be saying something very different.

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