Housemarque: PS4 Is “Powerful Enough To Blow Your Pants off”, Will Use Touchpad In Unexpected Ways

We talk to the RESOGUN dev about next-gen processes and what we can expect from their PS4 launch title.

Posted By | On 15th, Sep. 2013 Under News

Keeping in mind Sony’s push for indies on its PlayStation 4, with Shuhei Yoshida even stating that they would fill the gap between big releases to ensure a steady stream of content after launch, RESOGUN developer Housemarque is definitely an anomaly of sorts. It’s been one of the few indie developers to predominantly cater to Sony with games like Dead Nation and Super Stardust Delta. We recently had a chance to speak to Harry Krueger, Lead Programmer of RESOGUN about the upcoming PS4 console, in which they revealed key differences between it and the PS3.

“We have worked on many platforms in the past. On development side the two are not all that different; only instead of hard-to-program SPUs that require assembly-level programming if you want to extract the full potential, we have compute shaders that are easy to program and most of the cumbersome scaffolding is now in the GPU hardware. One difference is that when things go wrong, PS3 GPU crashes but PS4 GPU hangs [note: you just read some coder humor].

“As for power, anyone can look up the figures on paper. It is powerful enough to blow your pants off.”

Krueger also revealed that they will be using the touchpad on the DualShock 4 and state that most users won’t expect what they have in mind for it. “We will be using the touchpad, and not only to scroll menus. We can’t go into details now but we believe people are not expecting what’s coming.”

Keeping in mind that Warframe dev Digital Extremes took only 3 months to get the game running on PS4, we asked how long it took to get RESOGUN going. “It took a little longer. I don’t know how many people were working for Warframe on PS4; we had mainly two, one long-time veteran and one relatively new hire. A few others helped, too, but the graphic engine takes the lion’s share of the effort.”

Finally, we asked Krueger about what kind of multiplayer component we can expect from RESOGUN. “For multiplayer, we’re planning on having at least the traditional online co-op mode, so you’ll be able to play through the normal game’s levels with a friend, online.

“Of course, everything that you’ll experience in single player – all the destruction, the effects, the amount of enemies, the solid framerate – all of that will remain intact in the multiplayer mode. We’re also interested in spicing up the multiplayer to make sure players keep coming back for more, so it’s possible we might add some extra features there to make things more exciting.”

RESOGUN will be launching with the PlayStation 4 on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe.

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  • Reptepent

    I’m getting more saddened by the day when it comes to these developers opening their mouths. They seem like they are trying to talk to 12-14 year olds. “Blow your pants off”. Really? PS4 has a lot of potential. Lets just put the zipper on the mouths of these developers instead of letting them turn the PS4 into a toddler’s device.

    • mathMaticks

      It’s just a figure of speech, knock your socks off, blow your pants off, -just means you will be really impressed .. No need to go all PC,. calm down.,

    • guest

      Super Stardust was one of the best and most addictive (and highest selling) downloadable shooters on PS3, Housemarque were the developers, given their pedigree, really looking forward to Resogun on PS4.

    • datdude

      Dead Nation was awesome also.

  • Dakan45

    Then stay away from pc, pc will make your head exploded and you will be erased from existance.

    Sorry but RESOGUN? REALLY? Why not that Order game or killzone shadowfall.

    • kreator

      Have to agree there!

    • andy

      This game isn’t €60 to €70. It will in fact be available launch day to everybody who has PS Plus. And for a digital title looks fantastic. Checkout the gifs on this thread.

    • Dakan45

      70 for this?

      really Ok consoles= hype to sell trash.

    • guest

      It is not $70, this game comes free with PS Plus, but standalone it will cost around $10 – $15, like most PSN games.

    • Dakan45

      Now thats more like it

  • dont hype me

    You are going to put your thumb on the touchpad and then you are going to swipe your thumb across it. That is how you use the touchpad on EVERY PS4 game. Its not like Move whiere you can use it in many ways.

    • Evan

      well assassin’s creed black flag is doing a pinch to zoom map similar to how we use our cell phones when zooming. That’t more than just thumb and swipe

  • kreator

    XBO FTW!

    • andy

      Its pronounced Xbone not Xboe.

    • Truth2013

      And you’re pronounced PauperStation N4Gtard NeoFAG!

    • Dakan45

      according to gamespot the official name is XBO.

    • Popa2caps

      Hope they both do good.

  • chrisp39

    never knew 2 netbook cpus duct taped together were that explosive

    • Dakan45

      Thumbs up.

      Jaguar= tablet dual core with 4 threads it at 1.6ghz, even a quadcore beats them.

    • Popa2caps

      GPU is the demand for gaming systems, No need for a Intel blabla something K. People don’t need to compute math for space in next gen consoles.

    • Dakan45
    • Popa2caps

      A video talking about “is next gen too weak”, not even going to watch it to say, No there not. Look at how much power is in the Xbox 360 / PS3 from 2005- 2006.

      Next gen consoles will do just fine, now PC’s to catch up will need the new APU ‘s when ever there coming. Yes you can always pay to keep up or past a console.

      For PC’s to just knock out consoles you would need game companies to follow, but they tend to follow consoles, Supply & Demand.

    • Dakan45

      Listen, x360/ps3 jump was HUGE, they were actually more powerfull than what existed on pcs.

      This time however the “next gen” are weak. It wont be the same jump as last time. Watch the video, it says specificly that they asked killer instict developers and they said that they run the game on 720p in order to maintain 60 fps and everyhing that lowers the fps is removed. Not to mention battlefield 4. The new consoles are weak, this is gonna be a small jump.

      APU are crappy laptops, nothing more. A full rig beats an apu any day, you will never see high end apus, its simply pointless.

      PC revenue reached 20 billion in 2012, thats higher than console revenue .

      But you wouldnt know anything about that either

    • Dan

      Oh no, it’s Dakan45, well known PC troll – this guy is just a big joke on Disqus constantly going on about PC gaming versus next gen consoles, even though next gen consoles have not even come out yet and nobody knows exactly what the games are going to look like and how optimised they will be.

      FACT 1: But the facts are that no $400 PC bought new is going to come close to the power of a new $400 PS4 (which includes a $50 Dualshock4 controller). To build your own PC you will need nearer $800, or >$1000 from a manufacturer. So the next gen consoles are far superior to PC in terms of price.

      FACT 2: A recent Steam survey show the vast majority of PC gamers have PC rigs which are much less powerful than the next gen consoles. So the majority next gen console gamers will be far superior to PC gamers.

      FACT 3: Console revenues at the end of generation with the ageing hardware of the PS3 and Xbox360 combined are still higher than PC, and when the next gen consoles hit (which will have record breaking sales this Xmas), they will be back to many multiples higher than PC like they were 2 years ago. So the next gen consoles are far superior to PC.

      FACT 4:Piracy, hacking and cheating are rampant on PC, which totally ruins the fun of most multiplayer PC games, there is far less hacking on consoles. So the next gen consoles are far superior to PC.

      I could go on…

      So Dakan45, go f*ck yourself and tear your PC up and spend $400 on the latest graphics card and then get killed by aimbots on any multi player game. You are the worst advert for PC gaming with your constant trolling, in fact you are best advert for next gen consoles, it’s trolls like you that put me off PC gaming for life.

    • Dakan45

      Oh no its a random faggot who has no idea about pc and thinks i troll.

      NO wait

      Itts that unclesam faggot who works for sony and CANT STFU about how ps4 costs 350 and the 50 is the dualshock 4.


      FACT 1 Why buy a new pc and not upgrade your current one you moron?


      Nowhere near the same jump as the first one.

      FACT 2 The survey included macbooks with intel gpus that cant even run current gen games but SUPRISE SUPRISE they can play pc games too, so they took the survey. 60% of the survey has a pc as powerfull as next gen consoles. How much is the install base on next gen consoels? ZERO!!!


      FACT 4


      Piracy? GTAV was leaked on ps3 and x360 many days before relaase then you talk about piracy?





      I will kill you if i find you in real life ,nuff said.

    • dan

      I’ve read your comments, arguments and trolling on other websites, you are well known PC troll and I’m afraid you are the one that most people want to kill, and knowing the way karma works, you are the one that will die very soon.

      You are a sad pathetic piece of SH*T, the kind of gamer that puts people of PC gamers.


    • Dakan45







      Thats how you sound you fucking faggot, and the fact you keep coming here and upvote your own comments shows what big of a troll your are.

      I have posted proof proving you wrong countless times you piece of shit. YOU NEVER READ EM.

      Also people want to kill YOU not me, i still remember how everyone told you to STFU and how you kept screaming “KILL DAKAN KILL HIM” and raging like a butthurt little kid. Well atleast i make you angry as hell.

      So listen pathetic dipshit, where do you live? Do you want to stop hiding and stop trolling? If yes then go ahead.

    • Dan

      OK, Truce.

      And I don’t work for Sony or Microsoft, but I am fed up of your constant trolling – what possible fun do you get out of putting other people down other than just being nasty?

      If both next gen consoles and PC gaming do well, that will be good for the gaming industry in general, will it not?

    • Dakan45

      and i am fed up wth your constant trolling as well.

      I will say it again.

      Patches release faster on pc and you can vote to kick hackers and you can report people. Hackers are dealt with faster on pc than consoles. Also you dont need a 400$ pc, if you played on pc for years, chances are you can just upgrade for 400$ or less and be ready for next gen. Pc is not as demanding as people think, my pc 5 year old and just now i need to upgrade it while all those years i was running games on superior settings than consoles.

      Not trolling, not being elitist, thats how it is. Wanna play on conosles? Thats fine, thats great, AWESOME but dont go around spewing ingorant hate missconceptions about pc, just ask someone who plays on pc to tell you how things really are. There are games on pc which cost very little and provide original and intresting gameplay, but you dont know that because consoles dont want you to know that.They want to promote their high budget games instead.

      If i told you pc revenue has grown 20 billion in 2012 which is higer than console revenue, you wouldnt believe me, becasue you live under the missconception that “pc is dead” or “filled with piracy” but its actually true. I think that deserves some recognition.

      You wanna know about that or just keep believing that pc is trash and consoles are the 100% superior in every way and apparently all those pc gamers who play on pc are morons and have no reasons as to why they play games on pc.

      Finally that the next gen consoles are weak is an issue that concerns ALL OF US.

      Watch the video, they talk on how developers said that they hit bumps right now. If developers are having problems right now, maybe the next gen consoles are not as powerfull as last gen. They specificly state that this jump wont be as big and both worry on what will happen next. Not being Pro Pc or anything, just worry as gamers. Ofcoruse sony and ms are not gonna tell you anything short of “our new systems are amazing”

      Just think about it or watch the video.

      it is interesting, it has alot of concerns, its not trolling or pro PC. You should watch it.

    • Dan

      Dakan45, the next gen consoles graphics drivers have not even been fully finished yet, so developers can’t really fully say what will be final power, why not reserve judgement until the net gen consoles and games are actually out and in a years time are fully optimised for next gen consoles.

      If you look at first set of games that came out on PS3 and X360, they look really poor compared to say The Last of Us or Halo 4 that came out this year. Console has that advantage of being one spec, so it is much easier for developers to optimise against, whereas there are millions of configurations of PC.

      But I can see next gen console gaming and PC gaming co-exisiting happily, I know a lot of PC gamers and the majority also own a console as well to play console exclusive games or games like FIFA that only work well with a controller on their couch.

    • Dakan45

      Here is the problem though, those next gen consoles suppose to last for 10 years. If they lasted 5 like the old generations, then it will be fine. But developers hit bumps already.

      It supossed to be that source of unlimited power, not having troubles already.

      Ofcourse you could argue that consoles will become more optimized in the future, but here is the problem, consoles had diffirent architecture and hardware and hard to work with em and learn them over the years.

      This time though the next gen consoles are basicly pcs, they are already familiar with that tech, so you wont see the same thing that happen with ps3, you wont see ps3 having inferior graphics than x360 on multiplatforms and at the end of the generation when developers learnd the architecture ps3 multiplats look identical or even superior than x360.

      This time they already know most of how the next gen consoles work. As it said in the video, game developers start working on pc and when ms and sony give em the consoles, they port the games there. Now the next gen consoles are basicly pcs and the developers know the achitecture, they should have such a hard time to get those games to work well on consoles.

      This gen wont be a big jump in order to be afforable and that sucks for everyone. But lets wait 2 years and see what happens. I do hope this gen lasts only 5 years.

    • Dan

      I agree with you that this next gen should only last 5 years, and I think Sony and Microsoft know that too.

      The last generation PS3/X360 lasted far too long, as the industry wanted milk the $billions$ of dollars the console industry was making at it’s peak a couple of years ago and thought it could last without updating the tech. It didn’t, and that is why current gen console game sales are down over the last couple years.

      Next gen will revive those sales given that Sony and Microsoft can’t manufacture the new consoles quick enough for the demand. Even with huge next gen sales, PC gaming will still prosper as PC gaming happily co-exists with console gaming. ‘Core couch’ gamers will buy the next gen consoles, and ‘Core core’ gamers will buy PC and also probabaly a next gen console to complement.

      What really gets me angry though is when the people compare mobile IOS and Android casual gaming to PC/Console core gaming, trying to say Angry Birds or Candy Crush is comparable to The Last of Us on PS3 or BF3 on PC… So let us not troll each other, we are all core gamers 🙂

    • Dakan45

      I thought i need a 400$ card because i am a moron to buy a console, i also thought pc is ruined by hackers, do you take those things back?

      People compare ios to console games becasue they have actually taken a large revenue from them.

      It wouldnt suprise me if in 20 years, consoles as we know them do not exist anymore and its all done with phones or handhelds.

      I never trolled anyone, just stated facts, you trolled with LIES about pc gaming and missconceptions.

    • guest

      Facts???, the next gen consoles have not even come out yet, you are trolling with pure speculation, how the hell does anyone know what the final game builds will look like on next gen? There are so many articles from developers that say the next gen are really powerful, you’ve picked on a few negative comments and based entire misconceptions around it, seriously get a life.

    • Dakan45

      Fact number 1

      Old consoles were more powerfull than pc. Than released, now they are weak as hell.

      Fact number 2, devs are already struggling to deliver 1080p and 60 fps and the games are designed for the same architecture.

      Fact number 3, did you see games gradually becoming 1080p this gen? Nope.


      Really developers said that next gen is “really powerfulll” REALLY? Di they also hyped the xbox one?

      Has anyone haped the xbox one? has anyone bashed the xbox one?

      no and no.

      So dont tell me the “Facts” Actual developers show that they hit bumps.

      Ps4 runs bf4 on medium with 720p, killer instistic also runs on 720p and when the game runs under 60 fps they lower quality of the graphics.

      They shouldnt be hitting those bumps. I next was “really powerfull” they would get a source of unlimited power to use.

      Thats not the case those.

      The one who has “misscoceptions” here is you, who think this will be the same jump as last time.

    • guest

      Absolutely No Facts in anything you have said, pure speculation and trolling based on early builds of next gen consoles and games – have you got a PS4 and playing a next gen game? No, no one has a final build – so your trash talk is pure speculation based on little comments and rumours on the web. For every negative rumour, I can give websites reporting positive things about next gen.

      People who have been hands on PS4 at shows like PAX say games like Killzone, Forza, FIFA, etc… look and play spectacular. Yes, there were some negative comments on BF4, but DICE have repeatedly said they had not fully optimised the engine for next gen, and I fear EA are castrating the PS4 version to match XboxOne. Even PC enthusiasts say the PS4 spec should be able to run BF4 on high settings easy.

      What is as fact is that no one really cares what PC trolls like you think – both PS4 and XboxOne are going to be hugely successful and sell millions of consoles, on pre-orders alone.

      Tablets are going to kill your beloved PCs in the long run, PC sales are tumbling big time, but dedicated games consoles that you can play on your couch on your big screen TV with a controller will always be a massive market..

    • Dakan45

      “Absolutely No Facts in anything you have said, pure speculation and trolling”

      Says the






      “PS4 spec should be able to run BF4 on high settings easy.


      So go fuck yourself faggot, go cuddle with your shit box.”


      Keep dreaming.

      Pc gamears know what they talk about dipshit, consoletards do not. Enjoy your shitty boxes pc pwns your asses and STOP TROLLING YOU CUNT SHIT.

    • Popa2caps

      I found out you’re Deal, You’re just a PC spec poster. One of the PC guys that do nothing than post specs about you’re hardware and do nothing with. Go benchmark you’re GPU kid lol

    • Dakan45

      Nope. Console specs matter to all of us.

    • Popa2caps

      No, games matter, The people that make the game matter. The specs let them do more. You just can’t see what kind of person you are. I bet you have thousands of comments of bullshit. And to use the words “All of us” who are you talk for others?

      “Nope. Console specs matter to me” is what you should have said. Dakan45

    • Dakan45

      Console specs matter to all of us, stop upvoting your own comments.

      New consoles are weak, watch the video, this generation is not as big jump as last time. wake the fuck up and reallize it.

    • Popa2caps

      Okay i get it you’re not happy with what people like, i get it. Do you ever go out and just see people go on just fine without you’re bad judgment.

      I’m for, ” Like what you like, but Don’t judge me ” .

      You on the other side, seem to be trying to change people minds because, (You) think its a bad item,
      let people grow up by them self. Its life, live it.


    • Dakan45

      Ps3/x360 were powerfull.

      At the economical crisis, consoles have to be affordable. Ps4 is not the beast that sony ALWAYS makes their cosnoles sound like. You are not getting such a large jump as last time. Which is fine for the price it is sold. But 10 freaking years? Come on.

    • Popa2caps

      You are heavy minded about these game consoles, Get whatever you will enjoy on earth and i’ll do the same.

      Okay first, Sony and Microsoft are both companies, same go’s for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, Corsair, and they all have the same thing in common, Make money.

      You tell people to go and make or upgrade a computer to run games, when most times these days, games don’t run all that better on a 1 k PC, Yes they might get over 60 FPS run 3 screens and be able to put modded content in those games, but compare games like from today from an old xbox or PS3, i think an investment of 400 back in 2005 was pretty good, if you ask me.

      Some people like the online that some of these game consoles have too, remember finding a game on a old PC game can be hard. IMO i think pc could get a better way of doing voice other than, VENT or TP3, c3 beta is cool, but its easy to just plug my controller in, plug mic, pop in disk. Done.

      But this is just what i think, don’t think i’m telling you how or what to have just because i say something.

      Its not hardware that makes games sell, its good games, Just fucking look at GTA 5, O and go play that on a pc right now lol

      Now to end this, i will say everyone likes to hate on others, but you have to grow up sometime. I’m not saying Sony / Microsoft / PC or bad, just saying you should get what you like.


    • Dakan45

      I dont see how keep on playing on ancient graphics is better than triple monitor with above 60 fps.

      You may not reallize this but bf3 on consoles= low pc settings. Crysis 3 and metro last light UNDER lowest pc settings.

      It is a great investment for the first 3 year, then it gets weak due to dated hardware. No console generation should last more than 5 years.

      So if you idea of investment is to remaing on ancient graphics for so many godamn years while a cheap pc can deliver vastly better graphics than ps3/x360…well you are just cheap.

      It woul seem this gen will ast longer with weaker hardware compares to pcs and a gap between ps4 and xbox one hardware.

      Regardless of your choice, this is a big issue and it should concern you.

      “remember finding a game on a old PC game can be hard.”

      I dont know what you mean, all old pc games can be found on gog or steam and are compatible with new pcs. BACKWARDS COMPABILITY. Even play n64 and gameboy games. As for mp? UNLIKE consoles, you can still find people playing online old games, such as quake 3, cod 2, unreal tourament, counter strike. Try finding someone playing cod 2 on consoles.

      Gta has always focused on playstation and then was released for xbox and pc. Since more people owned xbox 360s in 2008, they focused on both systems and messed up gta iv on pc. Its better to wait for a good pc version to come out that will be already “next gen” than a rushed one or play on 7-8 year old harwdare.

    • Popa2caps

      You say Battlefield 3 on consoles is = to PC’s with Low settings, and it may be true, but still i’m sure consoles have more people playing at a time than PC’s. It’s all about game play for me and i had a great time with Battlefield 3, and i hope to have fun with battlefield 4.

      Some people just don’t want to use a PC because of the issues you could run into, Drivers, GPU, million issues could happen. Some people don’t like to use a key-board to play First Person Shooters as well, and i’m one of them.

      I can see how if someone had a PC than upgrading would be easy but people are not ready to be doing that, New HDD easy install, try to teach someone new to computers to install a CPU and after market heatsink, forget it lol

      Trying to get people to learn how to use and upgrade computers is like, teaching people how to fix there cars.

      I have Battlefield 3 for PC and both Xbox / PS3 but i still like it on xbox as of right now because of the thumb sticks, but the look of Battlefield on max settings on a PC don’t do anything for me.

      The only reason Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 lasted so long was because of the 2008 economic crisis, and Microsoft said they would have had a new box in 2011 but that happened .

      Next set of consoles won’t last that long, as long as the world does not go to another economic crisis.

    • Dakan45

      Dice said so, and also showed it in a GDC presentation.

      I think crytek also did the same in a GDC presentation.

      “but still i’m sure consoles have more people playing at a time than PC’s’

      Well i can still go back and play cod2 or quake 3 and counter strike on pc. On consoles? Good luck finding someony playing the original halo or cod 2.

      What you want? More people playing online at the same time or more dedicated community rather moving to new games and no one can be found on old games?

      Yeah pc gaming is not plug and play, Takes some skill and knowledge insert glorious master race joke here.

      I think i heard that next gen will be just as long as this gen. I hope they dont last that long, its riddiculus.

    • Popa2caps

      There is some issues on PC’s some on consoles, but next gen consoles will rock and you know it, it might not last for 2 years or something but come on, having a share button on the PS4 or the DVR record on the Xbox, YouTube will be offline. (BF4 will be sweet) IMO

      I’m looking for a system to wish i can plug and play, Consoles are very user friendly. PC’s can be if you know where to start, but everyone knows its not that easy, Sometimes drivers, sometimes DX issue, could be anything.

      I will say that because of the next gen coming out that, PC people should be happy, happy, happy. If PC companies don’t have to port so low for PS3 and xbox 360 than PC games will jump in visuals, a win, win, i’d say.

      PC’s and Consoles, need each other.

    • Dakan45

      ” but next gen consoles will rock and you know it,”

      It is my honest opinion they gonna suck and gonna be weak. AGAIN ps3/x360 were powerfull. Next gen so far is a joke.

      Can you honestly say the xbox one “rocks” can you say the wiiu “rocks” Ps4 will be average and it has a great price.

      Thats it. I am not implying that pc will “rock” either. But if you really think next gen is gonna be amazing, i pitty you.

    • Bill E Weaver

      Damn, great points. PC has power but the negatives out weight pc positives. Plus it looks like steam sales are coming to consoles anyhow, and that’s pc’s biggest advantage imho!

    • Dakan45

      thumbs down

      Pc has far more adantages than negatives.

      Better graphics, better sound, better controls. More configuration, you can change the controls to whatever you want. If you have problems you can google to find a user mad fix while on consoles you gotta wait for the publisher to patch it. More varied exlusives, more exlusives than the consoles, cheaper games, mods, emulators.

      No need for 400 pc, just upgrade your old one and be ready for next gen.

      Most people have more powerfull or equal pcs, the macbooks with intel gpus that cant even play current multiplats do not count.

      Pc revenue is higher than the consoles, it has surpassed consoles.

      Piracy is rampant on consoles, gta v was pirated on x360/ps3 many days before release.

      A 400$ card will last you for 5 years and hackers are banned faster on pc.

    • Popa2caps

      Okay thanks i was not sure because he keeps replying to my words on here, and i’m lost why.

      And you’re facts are right, No way can someone get the same level of gaming than buy ether a Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

      PC would cost way too much to be the same as ether next gen console, and most people forget about software, but it adds up quick.

    • Dakan45

      His facts are incorrect, he is a dumb faggot that goes around and says that you need super expensive videocard and that he played killzone shadowfall and looks better than everything and plays “lovely” with the ps4 cotrolelr and ps4 is 350$ and the dualshock 4 is 50$ and he keeps talking shit that pc is filled with hackers on mp.

      He is a clueless retard and people continiously told him to STFU.

      But hey if you wanna have a missconception similar to that typical consoletard, be my guest and believe his bullshit.

      “No way can someone get the same level of gaming than buy ether a Xbox One or PlayStation 4.”

      Are you aware that current pcs beat the ps4 and xbox one?

      Are you aware that developers struggle to get the games to run on the new consoles? Are you aware how weak the hardware are on those consoles? So let me say it again WATCH THE GODDAMN VIDEO

      Ps x360 and ps3 were quite powerfull when released…STILL games looked better on pc rather on “next gen” consoles, imagine how its gonna be this time around that pcs are far ahead consoles.

      So you say pcs are too expensive but you can spend 400-500 for an upgrade and beat next gen WITH backward compability and quickly make up your money thanks to steam. If you buy say 6 games a year, it will come cheaper off steam rather on consoles. So in the long run pc gaming is cheaper.

      Face it, you are not geting 1080p 60fps and you are playing on high settings with FXAA thats how next gen will be.

    • Popa2caps

      I can see how PC got so much out of 2012 but you have to remember, if a console has no good games thin consoles have to wait. Just wait tell next gen comes out PC won’t get that much from just being PC.

      Yes i can see how next gen this time is all kinda slower than PC, but you don’t say what kinda of PC. A PC can be anything in price.

      Do games coming out really need a Titan GPU or a 7990? Its all about what devs are willing to work with, remember if they get a console or a PC and know it has a ( 7990 / titan ) they would have to spend more money.

      Okay to try to tell you this the way i see it, Do you right now see any game on PC and at least 10 times better on everything? (I’m asking and ill wait for a reply on this topic.) Is there even a game that would use a top of the line GPU in the first place?

      People want a gaming console to be able to pop a game in play, its that easy. Yes there is apps now days to check everything from Facebook to YouTube but look at those like extra things.

      For $400.00 for PlayStation 4 and $500.00 for Xbox One, can you really do better with the same price on a PC?

      I know what you’re thinking, and being like ” O my PC is much better i have bla bla 5 GZ CPU with 2100 OC ram and 3 TB of HDD and a backup SSD for OS. Cause that’s all you see in PC games, Post you’re stats here bla bla, Did anyone stop to think, that some people don’t want to check Google just to play a fucking game?

      It might sound bad to some, that there getting old tech at very low cost but damn people, who are you to tell whats better for someone you don’t even know lol

    • Dakan45

      Just watch the video.

      The video states that developers already hit bumps.

      Those “next gen” consoles are supossed to last 10 years, they suppose to have alot of power, yet developers have problems now. This “next gen” is not the same jump as last time, its a small jump. That matters to everyone.

    • guest

      No way you could buy a new $400 PC that would match the performance of a PS4. So comparing PC and consoles is just plain stupid.

    • Popa2caps

      You’re Stupid for not reading. In no way did i say, PC can compare to a PS4 and or Xbox One but you’re mind is so in rage that it thought for it self. Ever hear to term, ” you hear what you want too ” You have it, but for reading.

      Comparing a PC to a Gaming console, is like a 400$ to a mystery box.

    • guest

      NO 400$ PC CAN BEAT PS4 FACT.

      Pc gaming is very expensive and you need 1000$ and you need to upgrade all the time. Also there are hackers in mp that ruin my mp enjoyment.

      Ps4 is only 350$ since the duallshock 4 is 50$ Its a much better price.

    • Dan

      Ignore the PC trolls, let them spend $1000’s upgrading their rigs.

      Forza runs at 1080p and 60fps and looks stunning on Xbox1, and this is hardware that is apparently 50% slower than PS4, so I think most games will easily run on PS4 at 1080p and 60fps when fully optimised, especially the exclusives.

      Killzone: Shadowfall on PS4 looks as good as any high end PC game, and that is $400 for a PS4 – bargain!!!!

    • Dakan45



      STOP IT.


    • Popa2caps

      Go Cap Lock something

    • Dakan45

      still got a thumbs up.

    • Popa2caps

      Guest vote, you sign out and vote you’re own shit up? Look i can vote my self up all day lol

    • Dakan45

      I do not.

      The other troll does it though.

      As proof i upvoted the above comment.

    • Popa2caps

      Its funny how people act when they get the power of a Key-board, this Dakan45 is just Jelly of Consoles. CAP LOCK POWER RAWWWWWW LOL

      ya you’re right Dan some people just don’t want to listen, i have a friend the same way but, he would still can this dakan45 out. If you want to play at 120 HZ than PC, but everything else Next gen o ya

    • Dakan45

      dan is an asshole and a troll.

      He says the same fucking shit each time.

      Now if you gonna believe that troll, you are one giant moron, i can show you links that he goes CAPSLOCK RAGE and spamming pages and people hate him and tell him to stfu. The kid is a pathetic joke.

      But i forgot you are also in denial about next gen been weak.

      So go fuck yourself. I bothered too long with both of you dumb fucks.

    • Stranger On The Road

      You’d be surprised, those processors are good enough for many tasks, add the fact that they are by designed made to consume less power and therefore produce less heat. And you endup with a processor that can host many cores.

      ARM processors might soon make it to the desktop, and I recall a Chinese company working on making a MIPS server processor! Although, for these processors to shine, parallel programming is a must.

  • Jessenia Lopez

    %50 more raw Power

    • Truth2013

      And you are +100% more PAUPER! You look like one too, poor you!

    • Jessenia Lopez

      omg xbox fanboys are the worst

    • Truth2013

      Anything better than a pauper like you. At least Ana Helusic looked like a bangable bimbo.

    • Jessenia Lopez


    • Clarence Thompkins II

      Jess if you play more than just COD add me on pan renai_kakume

    • Dakan45

      loo at that moron, thats not even a real person you fool

    • Clarence Thompkins II

      well he added me so is jess still not real?

    • Dakan45

      its not a girl.

    • Clarence Thompkins II

      Never said she or girl…Dakan45 ^_^ read a little better next time

    • Bill E Weaver

      Funny, cause there is no noticeable difference from what Ive seen at e3/pax/gamescon. PS3 was stronger too, but the 360 ran smoother for shooters.

    • Dakan45

      thumbs down.

    • Clarence Thompkins II

      Killzone ran smoother than most 3rd party shooters. If 3rd party exclusives were 1st they could actually have taken their time to learn the CELL but hey I’m not complaining I had great experiences with my PS3

    • Fweds

      You mean you believe a claim made on a website(who thanks you for all the hit revenue) by a anonymous invisible man they called a dev ?
      Get serious and stop believing this nonsense.

      See what a real life dev says about the two machines power

      .”John Carmack” one of the biggest most respected names in the industry tells a completely different story to the anonymous mans %50..

      “If we needed more evidence that the Microsoft One and Sony
      PS4 are looking increasingly alike, here it is. Industry legend and id
      Software co-founder John Carmack gave his keynote address at Quakecon recently, and he says that despite some architectural differences, the two consoles are functionally identical in terms of what they can do.
      “It’s almost amazing how close they are in capabilities, how common
      they are,” Carmack said. “And that the capabilities that they give are
      essentially the same.”

      John Carmack credentials –

    • Clarence Thompkins II

      one versus many

    • Fweds

      No it’s not one versus many it’s one REAL one who also happens to be one of the biggest names in the industry against your few ANONYMOUS Invisible ones.

    • thestoebz

      The “few ANONYMOUS Invisible ones” that are going to help spank PC game sales. I’m a PC gamer too, but shut the fuck up, you’re just trying to start a debate.

    • Clarence Thompkins II

      Carmack is only going by specs and what he has seen…he hasn’t even touched the hardware so big name or not his words mean very little.

    • Dakan45

      Carmack also said next gen will be 1080p 30 fps while it seems to be more like 720p/900p with 60 fps.

    • Fweds

      He said that in 2012 before he had the dev kits and as far as 30 fps goes it looks like he was right with games such as ps4 Driveclub,Thief and The Crew for PS4 and Xbox One still only getting 30 fps

    • Dakan45

      Oh he was right. Its just that sony and ms dictate that their games should be 60 fps which leads to games running under 1080p native and with inferiro graphics. Considering both consoles are weak and xbox one is more, it seems to me you will be getting a toned down experiance.

    • Fweds

      Personally I’m not getting either console, it’s just annoying that these people are not interested in facts by real experts but jump on any old tat if it favours their console.

    • Dakan45

      Sure thing brah, if cerny says that ps4 is easier to learn now and then he says that there are no bottlenecks, its true.

      Despite the fact the cpu is so weak that it bottlenecks the gpu and neither the cpu and gpu will ever be able to acess all that ram.

      If cerny says “yeah well developers will be able to access more power in the future” its true, despite the fact that consoles cant get more powerfull and the only reason games looked better as years passed, was that they learn the architecture, but now the architecture is familiar and there isnt much to learn.

      But hey its not like they lower settings and resolution to make games work or they lie about console optimization.

      So many morons are up for a suprise when they reallize the “next gen” consoles are good for 2 years and then they are horrible outdated. But i dont worry at all, its a known fact that as years passed, all games on ps3/x360 gone from 720p 30 fps to 1080p 60 fps.


    • thestoebz

      You haven’t even played the PS4 or Xbox One yet, so you have no idea how powerful they are in actuality. The APU is actually a pretty advanced AMD architecture, you’re just a blind hater that can’t have BOTH a PC and a console.

    • Dakan45

      No, APU = laptop trash. THERE ARE NO HIGH END AMD APUS.

      Why? because high end needs DDR3 or you are bottlenecked.

    • HelterSkelter

      Next gen games on consoles will either be 1080p 30fps or 720p 60fps. It just depends on the developer if they want a higher framerate or higher resolution.

    • Dakan45

      My thoughts too, but too many go for 60p lately.

      They better be 30fps for maximum graphics.

  • Truth2013

    LOL at $0N¥ PauperStation developers. You look like N4Gtard NeoFAGs more and more too.

    • Elsupacabra

      What is up with the “Pauper” references…really, using the word Pauper? Like, as in the Prince & the Pauper, really? Are you from the 40s or something? Not only is it a stupid sounding word, it doesn’t make sense now. Just stahp!

  • datdude

    Yet another stellar looking title that will be free for PS4 owners. Thanks Sony!

  • Marc

    LMFAO! Xbox fanboys would call me pauper, PS fanboys call me PC elitist. This is pathetic!

    The game will be great, but I’m looking forward to Dead Nation 2 too!


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