How Sony Should Have Set Subscription Prices For PlayStation Now

And surprise! It’s a better deal than the current rental deal.

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PlayStation Now

Not too long ago, it was revealed that Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service would operate on a rental basis. Games like Saints Row 4 could be rented for four hours at $4.99 or for 90 days at $29.99. The deals in question raised some scepticism especially since you aren’t (a) able to access an entire library of games on a monthly basis, (b) buy the games in question or (c) any other benefits. Yes, it’s a beta but there hasn’t been much indication that Sony will not opt for a rental arrangement.

One Reddit user thus decided to come up with his own subscription deal for the Cloud-streaming service. Honestly, we prefer this better. Check it out below.

PlayStation Now subscription

It seems that PlayStation Now would be integrated with one’s PlayStation Plus account and for $99 per year, you would receive 45 hours of PS Now time, Music Unlimited and the usual litany of PS Plus features. It would be decided on an hourly basis with the ability to purchase additional hours for a fee.

What do you think about this kind of subscription deal? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Dennis Crosby

    Its a tough situation Sony has on there hands even though this is a streaming services they still have to compete with RedBox and Gamefly. With Redbox you can rent a game for two days and it cheaper then the four hour rental from PSNow and with gamefly for a month its $25 with any 2 games you want plus both offer new game. So between $5-10 a month subscription fee is the sweet spot

  • Sticky Notes

    Its really premature to say how they should have set prices when the prices haven’t been “set” yet. There has been no official announcements. Just test pricing models. Also, we have to remember that they are receiving a ton of feedback from beta participants, so we have no choice but to wait and see how it pans out.

  • Snake eyes 211

    That would be an epic fail
    They’re just going bananas

  • jent

    For Playstation 4 users, as well as people without Playstation 3s or 2s, it makes sense that Sony would charge more than some might think is reasonable. You are really at the mercy of Sony in determining the pricing since you cannot run those games locally on your machine without the original hardware. It is a real shame but it is a fact of business.

    As an Xbox One owner with no intention to buy a PS4, I am also disappointed as well since they will be very unlikely to offer any of the truly amazing games (from what I’ve read) such as TLOU or Uncharted on the service, at least not while they can re-release mastered versions to help sell PS4s.

    • DarthDiggler


      Your opinion isn’t surprising considering this…

      As an Xbox One owner with no intention to buy a PS4

      The service is in BETA I bet the pricing is in BETA too. A publisher attaching a high price to their property isn’t anything new and shouldn’t be a big reason for ire. Especially when in the framework of a service that is in BETA.

      Believe it or not Publishers understand that a price point has to be met in order to make money. This is basic economics and can’t be ignored by any business of any scale.

      Put you pitchforks and torches away and wait for the actual roll-out of the service. I would be surprised if there wasn’t any benefits for PS+ people.

    • jent

      I am a potential customer for PS Now, just not using a PS4 or a PS Vita. I want it to succeed, mostly because I would rather pay $30 to play The Last of Us or Uncharted than to pay $230 to do the same thing. I was excited when they announced that future support for PS Now would extend to tablets and televisions.

  • Eagles83

    This test pricing essentially kills off my interest in the service. Hopefully they will reduce it before it goes to release. You can buy most of the old games on the service for less than their 90 day rental which makes this a bad investment. I remember renting games as a kid for a weekend for $5 and now that nets you 4 hours. 🙂

    • DarthDiggler

      1 word — BETA.

    • Eagles83

      True…….but people in business suits still thought this was good pricing for a beta test. It certainly won’t change unless people complain about it.

    • DarthDiggler


      people in business suits still thought this was good pricing for a beta test. It certainly won’t change unless people complain about it.

      There is no evidence to suggest that Sony isn’t going to naturally change the pricing over the course of the beta. IMHO the beta is just as much about testing the streaming as it is about testing the pricing.

      My speculation is Sony isn’t relying on what my customers say the price points should be, they may be starting high with the intent of lowering them over time. Just asking the community what would they pay would likely get you a low-ball estimate. Going the route I explain above would be more precise.

      What’s wrong with business suits? 🙂

    • Eagles83

      Nothing wrong with the suits themselves. 🙂

      I just used that as a term to describe how large corporations work. To put a price like that even on a beta makes me think that it didn’t seem unreasonable to them in their board room discussions. It is a fair point that the prices could drop and I said before that hopefully they will…………..but I wouldn’t expect it to be much when this is your starting point. Remember the price attached to the Vita memory cards? Sony tends to suck at pricing things with the one exception of the PS4. Everything else is disproportional to other things on the market.

    • Guest


  • DarthDiggler

    For some reason the gaming community has forgotten what the word Beta means. If Sony is testing the waters with these prices they will likely change likely for the better until the pricing starts being attractive.

    The fact is you can’t expect your client base to come up with a logical price, because they will always lowball you. So it would be better in this instance to start your pricing high and lower them over time and see what motivates people to rent.

    The system you are suggesting would be awful as people could stream as many games as thy wanted in a 10 hour block, which would likely tax the servers higher. Also the 10 hour block treats all games equally, which some publishers would not like. I highly doubt RockStar wants to make the same money that OctoDad dev does.

  • Neco The Sergal

    “Should have”? – – – It ain’t even ‘out’ yet. Lol

  • Guest

    Actually I think the “Reddit User” deal is much better and far fairer. $50 more a yr for 45hrs a month plus Music Unlimited? Cant complain and for all the fiends that need more than 45hrs, they can pay the extra for it.

  • Guest

    Sony are a bunch of retards that like to overhype their PoS stuff and screw their low IQ community afterwards when they have fallen for it.
    They are a lying and thieving paupercompany on the way out.


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