How to be good at the Uncharted 3 beta; Sad truth about the game

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DON’T FUCKING AIM. Yep, you see that L1 button there on your DualShock 3? Don’t press that. That’s not the way to play the game, instead you have to blindfire your enemies into submission.

It’s not that hard. Just check out the hilarious video about how things are right now in the beta. It pains me to see how Naughty Dog has ruined the multiplayer portion of this game.

They had created a masterpiece with the Uncharted 2 multiplayer but after playing the Uncharted 3 beta, I have no clue how someone can ruin a perfectly good multiplayer component.

Oh and… yeah. DON’T FUCKING AIM. Take a look at the video below.

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  • us

    and he still lost

    uncharted 2 was overrated as well…. still have to finish that game but probably wont.

    • Uncharted 2’s multiplauer mode was so flawed that it’s not even funny talking about it.

      but it’s the single-player experience that makes the game one of the best to this date. ND should have done like RockSteady, just release a single-player game and that’s it. The online-modes such as team deathmatch are among the worst. I hate so say that about a game that I love sooo much.

    • Overrated and uncharted do not belong in the same comment, re-voice your statement sir.

  • The multiplayer was never good to begin with, that was very clear from the get go. It’s just another forced and tacked-on multiplayer so Sony can force their online multipass BS onto consumers.

  • Not sure where you lads are coming from – first, UC2’s MP was pretty solid, but it was a pure arcade shooter, rather than an arcade shooter in military clothing (CoD) or something a bit less arcade (BF3/KZ2 and KZ3), and clearly was nothing like ArmA!

    And, in a game like that, aim-down-the-sights is clearly going to be less important. Take a chill pill and have some arcade fun, UC’s MP isn’t about getting too serious (not that CoD’s is either, even though too many tweens take it far to seriously).

  • Agreed. Run at you opponent, zig and zag while blind firing, then melee them. Perfect example of gaming the gaming. It’s easy to do, they even give you perks to assist this. Oh, can’t forget the generous nade spamming and pointless use of the cover system.

    UC3 has turned into a Gsmefly rental for me. UC2’s MP lead was promoted so there is a different person in charge. It certainly shows.

    • lol at u new gen gamers and this new gen reviewer who can’t aim without auto aim.

    • Kartik Mudgal

      Well, you should support the developer. I am sure the single player will be completely worth the money. Let’s see if they fix the absurd sprint.

  • Yeah, this is a definite bargain bin buy next year.

  • YEAH DO NOT FUCKING AIM OR U FUCKIN FUcKK FUcuK I HATE YOU NAughTY DoG .. im still getting this game 😀 couse my kd is like 2.50 in it *TROLLFACE *

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